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The lyrics said "My friend left college cause he felt like a JOB!" Literally ME YOU @5SOS !! OMG i love this bitchin song #SHESKINDAHOT 😍💞🙈
@Smallzy @5SOS what's the website of your radio?
@Calum5SOS I CANT LISTEN NOW! My connection KINDA DEAD HELP! 😭😭😭😭
I can't listen to #SHESKINDAHOT from @5SOS bc my Internet connection kinda dead 😿
@AndyHemmings66 why Luke's father like dog so much, but Luke doesn't really like dog that much 😕
Michael Gordon Clifford should dye his hair with Yellow and Black/White just like a pikachu your idol. Or Red and Black like a pikachu ball
@Michael5SOS yellow and white you punk!!! Michael i know you never tried YELLOW AND WHITE OR BLACK LIKE A PIKACHU! :3
@Michael5SOS consult with your MOM and DAD maybe
@Michael5SOS go with yellow and black like a pikachu MICHAEL CLIFFOORD
@Michael5SOS or maybe browny like an instagram icon :p
@Michael5SOS white and red maybe, like a pikachu ball :3
@Michael5SOS yellow and black! like a pikachu :3
@Michael5SOS just get your blonde hair ok? its pretty than ever
@bandatsunset i'm hungry, can i eat you? :(
i need to go outside! and find some food for my stomach!!!
i'm sick, you sick, everyone sick, get well soon. lol
@5SOSPunkSquad oh three weeks ago i was making those sick clothes 😭 that clothes making me crazy, still remember how i sewing all day alnite
@TheTideLevi @Ashton5SOS lol you say happy birthday to this guy! 😍
@Luke5SOS why people keep asking you and said hello but you didnt answer any lol
@Luke5SOS why you didnt meet @Caradelevingne in Sydney? 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰
@Smallzy would you tell them if I want to make clothes for them? Bc I went to college in fashion,didn't mean to use u to get their attention
@Iashtondimples have a nice dream dear ❤️ oh lol i did sometimes too
@Smallzy oh why they didn't? :( but Luke idolized her, i bet so...
@Smallzy @Caradelevingne did 5sos had a chance to meet them too?
@Iashtondimples woww go to sleep, get some rest dear ❤️
@JordanJansen @Caradelevingne woww really? Omg she's in Sydney? Congrats boy! 🎉😍🙈❤️
Gak sahur gak apah apah, yang penting masih bisa online dan liat apdetan about my idols 😹
@Angus_OL my eyes blurry, can't read normally lol jk 🙈 have a nice day big man!❤️
@Luke5SOSloljoke WHO THE HELL IS ZENDAYA? Its edited ok i know it bfore
@Angus_OL when i saw your ig account i thought your name was August_LOL 😝 sorry 😕
@Dem5SOS_Updates yes its only deradero 😹 sorry for that 😹
@INDONESIA_5SOS taman suropati itu dikota mana min? Sapatau aku bisa kesana, soalny mungkin itu pas lg belanja k jkt 😅
@Dem5SOS_Updates i forgot that i already have kik ID, but i writedown another ID lol, and my old ID is same as my twitter and ig account 😹
@5SOSPunkSquad how can i DM you ? 😹
Hey @5SOS i've been seen your tourbook just now, you miss the London day two and the Auckland ? #ROWYSOLONDON #ROWYSOAUCKLAND #ROWYSOTour
@5sosViaUpdates i would be date Luke bc he seems like a loyal boy and cuddle, as everyone know what he's feeling when he breakup w his ex 😭
im hungry af, can i eat you please @Michael5SOS ? :(
im hungry af, can i eat you please @Calum5SOS ? :(
@insomnia_trans yg ikutan reality shownya cuman artis doang min? Pingin ikutan nih
ROWYSO TODAY!! Cant wait their photo to just re-upload in instagram 😹
Gatauk ah betek cok😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿
@aaroncarter i did it :( long time ago :( but you're not :( poor me :')
@Calum5SOS what about in Asia 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
5SOS Start's tour today and tonight. no i just feel dissapointed cause they will not come tour in my country af :'3

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