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Darth Vader
humourstar wars 554,305 followers
Star Wars movies are like pizza, even when they're bad, they are still pretty good.
When you hang out with your ugly friend
Chewbacca noodles, your argument is invalid
When you realize tomorrow is Monday
When you find out your dad is Darth Vader
If you love someone set them free, or join the Dark Side to stop them from dying
Life is hard, use the force
This could be us, but I switched to the Dark Side and force choked you
When your friends are fighting and you're not involved
Teach a man to fish he'll eat for a lifetime, give a man a lightsaber and people will fish for him.
Terrifying Vintage Halloween Costumes (PHOTOS)
Use the force for good and buy a #memorytee to help fight Alzeimers, 100% to charity #HFC
If Star Wars is your favorite movie, you're the Obi-Wan for me
My face when I realize I brought balance to the force
When you have to check your bag at the airport
When your friend says your crush is too good looking for you
How do Hutts program their computers? Jabba-script
You can be cool, but you'll never be Darth Batman cool
Hey girl, let's cuddle and watch Star Wars
That awkward moment when you forget to wear pants
If you don't like Star Wars, may the force have mercy on your soul.