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Jamie DePoy
I guess texting gets old when you're texting so many
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I need another night like last weekend 😍😏
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who wants to ride around
@depoy18 on my way, I've been waiting on this day for a while
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Who wants to cuddle😩
If someone would like to cuddle then that would be great 😏
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I just wanna cuddle
Who wants to go to reddish knob?
Augusta county fair is dead
Reddish knob tonight anyone?
Reddish knob tonight, any takers?
Everyone please say a prayer for my uncle. He is currently in emergency surgery at UVA
If mommy and daddy bought it then don't brag about it.
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Anybody wanna go out to eat tonight? Im thinking roadhouse
Time to focus on my future and slow down on partying
I wanna go somewhere this weekend
Well my day got started earlier than expected but fuck it, time to make the mulah
Goodmorning motherfuckers
I wish I could sleep:/
Ready to settle down
Ive been single forever
Poor guy is deff a second option haha
Who's going to kings dominion with me tomorrow
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I feel like at this rate I'm going to be single forever. No bullshit.
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Anybody wanna hangout?
Do I keep on keeping on, or do I keep on moving down the road?
This kid is full of shit
My head hurts so bad
Like 50 people in one car rn haha
@depoy18 @taylorburgess76 ps brad told me why you said I left early this morning 😂😂
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Seriously done with all this bs
Who wants to come drink and play pong?!
Text me real quick
Are you in elkton
Who wants to drink
even though I have no one to cuddle with :(
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a case would be nice or even a 30
You're calling her bae but she call me instead
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#oomf should bring me food