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Jamie DePoy
Ready for bed
What happened to the good ol' days
So irritated rn
And thats all she wrote
The temptation
Past my breaking point
I'm just a big ball of stress right now. πŸ˜­πŸ’”
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Maybe i should have taken that advice from you in the beginning
Why would I wanna hear that someone talked shit on me everyday?
Actually I lied. I need it for pandora
Turning my phone off till i wake up tomorrow. Time for a road trip
And if youre talking down about me, i feel for you that you dont have anything else better to do
If you did idk how you know
Did anyone know I have a gf?
I hate talking about family probs so dont take it personal if i dont talk about it
It feels fake
I hate days like this bc all I do is think
I have so much on me but I hide it from everyone
I would give anything to be at home
I wish i could rewind to this time last year
I hope I have enough gas to get to the gas station
this is gettin old real quick
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Sorry about my language btw but im tired of it
I need something to do to get my mind off shit
Most of the shit they talk about is like 4 years old
When will people grow up and stop talking shit about me
So tired of the bs
Today has been shitty
More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren't so busy denying them
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The past is the past. The future is what you make of it.
It always feels so good to take my shoes off when I get off work 😌
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I hate allergies
Currently dying from coughing too much
somebodys heart is always more in it than the other
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Give and expect nothing in return
This Five Guys is on point
I really wanna play cornhole
Thats where its at
Its gonna be a long day im afraid
Time to fire the cobalt up
Feeling stressed today and idk why. I wish i could just take a nap
Im hungryyyyyyyy