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You have a 90's high top cut. Original original.
Money plays it's role in making us feel good, but it's not the source of happiness.
The quality of people you keep around are a reflection of your quality
Don't prioritize people who don't prioritize you
Ocala trip, Ocala selfie
Pepper is an oral form of S&M
Super productive day
I wrote a letter to the sky saying maybe one day you'll get to kiss me
Being in a Walmart in Ocala is like being in the twilight zone
I hate when I sneak someone's food and it turns out to not even be worth
Messing around with the fam @blisskater
Diced Pineapples @blisskater
Rare ole fashioned mirror selfie
These are some serious times
"I had someone tell me I fell off, ooo I needed that"
Forever hogging the aux cord
Always felt like my vision been bigger than the bigger picture
Throwback 🙌🙌
Trini vibes 😏
Babylon the great
Stop violating my life with your horribly promoted, bad quality mixtapes.
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Doesn't make sense that a fair & just God would torment people for eternity because of a few decades of sin. The bible doesn't teach that.
I've never pictured having children in my future
Find out all the facts on a matter before you decide to go play commentator
Don't ask me to move with the 15 minutes subsequent to me eating
And if there's nothing wrong, I got this little song for you to get ready to
Prying myself from the studio to eat
Prying myself from the studio to eat. Add me on snap: deon_mark
"Mom, the American cheese is molding" "Why you say that?" "Cause its turning blue." "Nah 😤✋ its turning into a Mexican cheese blend" 😒
Come Thru x Drake is such a feel good song man
@Deon_Mark top 40's rap = Arr. Noise. But that last verse tho...
Retweeted by Deon
What absorbs most of my free time every day. #Obsessions
I really tried to like "IDFWU" by Big Sean. But it's like arrogant noise every time I hear it.
I don't have a favorite color. I think every color can look awesome under different applications
I don't entrust most people with secrets cause most people have that person who they feel they can tell anything to; hence the domino effect
"You cannot find peace by avoiding life.”
Retweeted by Deon
Chris Brown's chorus on "Only" by Nicki Minaj served no purpose.
"The one slow to anger is better than a mighty man, And the one controlling his temper than one conquering a city." - Proverbs 16:32
All I really want in the end is to spend my days yachting off the coast of Greece
I done turned Havana to Atlanta