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Deon Mark
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Double cup love, you da one I lean on
Gugu Mbatha-Raw is a one beautiful woman, goodness
People can be so repulsively disrespectful
My sleeping schedule is currently on reverse
I love when people debate music. Even if their taste is crap on a stick, at least a subject that's actually positive is being discussed
Don't believe the hype. You are vulnerable.
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Pay attention to how people act when you aren't on good terms.
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unlearn the lies and learn the truth.
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Monday, the world lost a great composer, James Horner, a man responsible for scoring the music of classic films, music I'll never forget
There really is a huge difference between knowledge and intelligence
Balance is always necessary
Apple needs a feature that sorts my screenshots into their own album
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How can I stand here with you And not be moved by you
throw your hands up and embrace the madness
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I don't get how people could ornament "the cross". Would you wear a necklace of the knife used to murder your loved one?
Where a person is from doesn't make them superior or inferior. The race, culture or location you originate from is not an accomplishment.
This hasnt been a very good week to be in the world
It's honestly sad how easily persuaded and fooled young people are by information they receive on social media
Don't confuse self-obsession with self-confidence
"In the last days, critical times hard to deal with will be here. For men will be... having no natural affection" 2 Timothy 3:1-5
Lmao how he already gotta mental illness?! You know how long it's supposed to take to evaluate and come to that conclusion?! OKAY😭
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Highly attracted to British indian journalists. The reasons I watch BBC
Knowledge hungry
Bees are so dumb man how hard is it to fly out a window
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When you gotta respond to a stupid behind question nicely cause you tryna be christian
I'm so tired of seeing the ppl I follow on IG advertising products. Idc that you drink tea. Idc that you whiten your teeth. Good 4 u
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Listening to good music is intimacy
Treat yourself
Reserved for who? For pretty girls in sportscars
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Most people who entertain horoscopes don't even realize that they're embracing ancient Babylonian cults
Nothing feels more powerful than making a good point
There's something interesting about being in public and seeing faces you've never seen and knowing you'll never see them again
I love Brazilian beats. They're so off timing but it just works
Lana Del Rey is lyrically deficient. She's just artsy with it
I'd choose sleep over numerous activities
I hate speaking with philosophical people who swear they've reached some new found level of understanding
It's such a sad day when you wake up with Taylor swift stuck in your head
Starve the ego
I need a late night friend
Police brutality is just evidence that human government is and always will be deficient
I wish I was a billionaire who traveled the world collecting ancient documents
Smallville was that show!!
"The purpose of fear is to raise your awareness, not to stop your progress." - Steve Maraboli
God's Not Dead is the worst movie I've ever seen

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