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Nothing worse than a women that is satisfied with nothing they bring misery to those that try to love them
Inside the church /library is also done there will be lots of work to do inside let's see what @thomdoesstuff and I decide to do :) #minecraft
Ok outside of this church/ library is done there are some small errors to fix #minecraft
Outside of the church or library looks good, look at the floor :) #Minecraft
The interior of the library or church is almost done #Minecraft will add real lights later
TNAOWTP - Pooh Skies Pt. 1 Favorite Winnie the Pooh he fixes the sky he breaks :)
A great fill with great dialogue and good music
. @denmark98 i Do the same!!! if by you spiders you mean a socket and bite mean electric jolt and by hand mean penis....
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@denmark98 You should b a comedian, u would do as well as others, here.
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I keep sticking my hand into spiders hoping one bites me and I get some amazing powers
It only took 2 hrs before the eldest shot out a warning in the form of 6, that my alone time in my very clean kitchen is coming to an end.
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Both teen & 6 just voluntarily ditched their electronics & now are in the actual sun! What witchcraft is this?!(Hides unplugged router cord)
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Cleaning up after dinner this is my routine
@senorlumpy @rebekacj bearded dork. You mean me, get my hands dirty!?!?!, ehw. I'm Mexican but not that Mexican!
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"@denmark98: I am the only one the feels broken?" No, you're among pieces. :-)
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I am the only one the feels broken?
Sweet little revenge, I poked a hole in the bottom of every doggie bag in the draw. I hope you get many handfuls of shit
@denmark98 well we have different styles and thats what makes it fun to follow other peeps work 😃
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@denmark98 looking forward to follow your progress 😃
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@denmark98 Let's see if they'll accept an invitation to my interrogation party. #Castle
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Not a bad follow week what about you?