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New Found Life Ctr
From Michael Brown to Trayvon Martin - Racism Fueled by the Drug War:
How do genes, gender and environment affect substance abuse?
RT -> Do you know someone that may have a problem with #alcohol? RT
Nursing home integrates addiction program for seniors:
The Hungry Heart is a new documentary about treating prescription #drug abuse in teens.
A blend of traditional and complementary therapies is the best avenue for those seeking a @Substance free life.
#Drug addiction is not a moral failing but a #disease of the brain that can be prevented and treated.
Parent addiction affects children's behavior, emotional & physical development & their future.
Reservist Soldiers Returning from Deployment at Great Risk for Addiction. Read more:
Governor Cuomo @CuomoUpdate Announces Free Naloxone Training Sessions across New York State
Psychology of Addiction In The Family - How did this happen?
Anti-drug #PSA well-intentioned but misses the mark:
Aggressive behaviour increases adolescent #drinking, depression doesn't:
Should pro sports players be held to a higher standard of public behavior than the general public?
Recent overdose death of @google executive Forrest Hayes has shed light on the tech industry's growing #drug problem.
Teen's Caffeine Death Raises Debate Over Regulation of Drug:
“This I Believe” an essay by a mother of a young woman who has struggled w/ heroin addiction.
Can #exercise help pass a #drug test? The answer may surprise you.
New Found Life of Delray Beach @DelrayTreatment Michael Watt, interviewed by @1290wjno – The @PalmBeaches News & Talk
#Teens using Performance Enhancing #Drugs (PEDs) has doubled in just one year. Medical ramifications can be long term and often permanent.
Elisa Hallerman offers the newest trend in recovery: The Personalized Rehab Manager
#Alcohol withdrawal should always be done under medical supervision. Here's why: