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New Found Life Ctr
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Need more to fund education, prevention & #substance abuse #treatment prog., call your senate & house rep. today.
Sat.,12/20 @DelrayTreatment hosts "Alumni & Friends of Sobriety #Ugly #Sweater Holiday Party" @noon. Have you RSVP'd?
If you are in an emotional or mental “rut,” seek a #therapist or #counselor and a support group. You are not alone.
Find yourself experiencing dramatic mood swings, are you #depressed, #lonely? Take charge for better mental #health.
#Teens & depression is scary for a #parent but it is even more frightening to be in the midst of #depression.
#LGBT ppl are slightly more likely than the general population to abuse #drugs or #alcohol - more @ risk of developing #substance abuse.
If someone you love is struggling w/ #addiction, it can be hard to know when #compassion is important & when to be tough is the right answer
Using #drugs & #alcohol in #teenage yrs is common. Teen #addiction affects not only the teen but it also families.
If you believe your mom or dad is an #addict, please don’t suffer in silence. Your job is to simply ask for help.
Waiting to hit #addiction bottom before you get help can be deadly. Don’t wait for some “aha” moment before you can make a #recovery.
Understanding the 5 stages of recovery: Please RT
5 Things You Can Do Today to Help Emotional and Physical Withdrawal:
You can start to heal your mind and your body and live a life without #drugs or #alcohol, while managing your #PTSD.
Attend sponsored mini golf event for #Suicide Prevention Awareness? RT &/or fav this tweet.
4th Annual Lifestyle Intervention National Conference #2014LIC almost done. Booth 304. Stop by if you can.
Come see us at Booth 304 at the 4th Annual Lifestyle Intervention National Conference #2014LIC.
Working hard & enjoying the 4th Annual Lifestyle Intervention National Conference #2014LIC. Come see us at Booth 304
Hope all attendees of #2014LIC had a good, productive day. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow at Booth 304. Enjoy your evening in @Vegas.
4th Annual Lifestyle Intervention Conference #2014LIC Las Vegas! Come get your Vegas chips at Booth 304!
Are you attending the 4th Annual Lifestyle Intervention Conference #2014LIC Las Vegas? Come see us at Booth 304!
Health / personal problems led the #PhilCollins to fall to #addiction to #alcohol and prescription #drugs.
New research has concluded that #teens who abuse #alcohol earlier in life have more chance of becoming alcoholic.
If you are an alcoholic at an airport & feel tempted to #drink have 'Bill W.' paged. @AASerenity person will help you stay out of the bar.
Depression during #addiction recovery: Am I #depressed or just down?
A new study suggests that @sex addiction may work a lot like #drug addiction in the brain.
Prescription painkillers have the highest rates of accidental fatal overdose, surpassing #cocaine and #heroin rates combined.
RT- We encourage parents to have open honest conversations with teens Re: the dangers of #drinking & #binge drinking.
9/10/2014 - World Suicide Prevention Day. Theme - "Suicide Prevention: One World Connected" 10 true things: suicide
Know a senior addicted to #alcohol prescription, medications or illegal #drugs, CLICK HERE ->
Is someone close to you addicted to #marijuana? Are you perhaps an addict yourself?
CVS Pharmacy ends #tobacco sales and changes its name to CVS Health.
CVS changes name, announces plan to stop selling #tobacco products:
Last Friday, we had a site visit from Bob Jordan from New Found Life of Delray Beach. @DelrayTreatment
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True Fact: #Alcohol kills more people than all illegal drugs combined.
Combination of #depression & #addiction are risk factors associated with suicide. CLICK thru to read @facts and myths
Death by alcohol - preventable. What are the risks of drinking? How can they be avoided?
Why painkiller addicts turn to heroin. WATCH NOW how heroin affects the body. RT THIS pls.
Reclassification of #Vicodin – Will it Help? Click through to read more:
Do you or a loved one need a change of scenery? See how to reengage and strengthen your commitment to your #sobriety.