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Deion Sanders
When did it become sport to kill me? Ain't get the memo. At least give a weapon to make it really a hunt because this is really called killing. What did i do to u? U came to my home to kill me not the other way around. Now I'm on the run along with my friends & family. I can't really relax because I
RIP to former @Chiefs James Evans! Prayers go out to his family during this time! #NFLBrotherHood
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My Homeboy Richard Fain from Ft.Myers Fla. Gave me this nickname on the back of a school bus headed back to our school after i dropped 30 and had 2 dunks in a basketball game vs Lely highschool. We grew up together and played Football,baseball & basketball. I didn't run track but it was a understand
If u don't want to go thru nothing dont ask for nothing! Can u handle what you're asking God for? A husband,wife,career,a child,a friend,car,home,opportunity,Forgiveness,Love,loyalty and so much more but are you ready? Example: you want a child but u have no patience,u want a career but u always la
When a fake field goal turns into a pass to an offensive tackle... GOES WRONG. Picked off. #PITvsSEA
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@traceyeedmonds @RevJahwar #KingdomWar we must praise God together if it's gonna be a Forever! #TRUTH
@fsu @FSU_Football need i say more. #BobbyBowden #MickeyAndrews #JimmyCalloway #TRUTH
Shoe game for Dinner tonight Black Hightop leather Wingtip Clarks. Comfy but Strong. I dress from the Flo up! #Thinkaboutthat #Truth
Foreva Eva! Follow @WellOffForever for updates, verses of the day, daily motivation and sick clothes!
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@traceyeedmonds at @AAAPrimeU @ShiloSanders basketball game with a Old Grey dude. But he has a nice smile and I heard he was it back in the day. #Truth
At 1 point in my life fishing was the only thing that brought me Peace and then i surrendered to Jesus and he and made me a fisher or men,women & children of all ethnicities. #Truth @RevJahwar
I can't lie I enjoy life so much it's ridiculous! I only get 1 shot at this baby. This was a few of my teammates in the @directtv bowl at the Superbowl. #Somuchfun #Truth
When u get a call at work and yo mama tell u that some of yo relatives still ain't left yo house since Thanksgiving eve and u mad but trying to act professional at work. #Truth who's been there???? Lolololol
#21dayswithprime I got mine. What you doing the morning after all the food & fixings? I got mine baby. Let's go. #Truth
Damn! @DeionSanders awarded $2.2 mil in domestic violence defamation lawsuit against Pilar!…
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Let's not allow Thanksgiving to come and go without truly appreciating and showing gratitude to the people that never gave up on you whereas if they would've it would've also been Understood. They are your "Eventho Friend" because EVENTHO u were unkind,embarrassing,insecure,obnoxious,childish,petty
The look u give at yo Trifling relative when they show up uninvited at Thanksgiving and u catch them asking yo mama to borrow some money!!!!
You can eat but u got to work it off as well. Happy Thanksgiving now be wise. #Truth #21dayswithprime
I don't feel Good but push play. #TRUTH
Happy Thanksgiving! Mac & Cheese,rice,gravy,collard greens,peas,ham,turkey,yams,cornbread, dressing,cranberry sauce,sweet potatoe pie,red velvet cake,sweet ice tea and Lousianna hot sauce. #1stPlate #happythnksgiving #Mamacancookherbuttoff #Willbesleepagaininaminute #TRUTH
You can tell yo mama-neem don't like yo husband because they put a pic of yo ex up over the fire place beside MLK and Black Jesus! #Truth
Before the food. And football. Help welcome @MikeMayock to @twitter with a follow! #MayocksFinallyOnTwitter
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#2 state the obvious and call out the elephant in the room. It's makes the day go so much smoother. Stop acting like yall don't know. I ain't built to play like I don't know I'm sorry but Happy Thanksgiving. #TRUTH
Fellows this is the toughest 1. Why do yall put yo lady in this situation because you know yo mama-neem don't like her!!!! #Truth @nfl @nba @mlb @ncaa

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