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Usingizi ya gari ni tamu sana
haya basi on sat will be good @Sir_Cheloti @Alfie_awiwi
#Np Mwanake - Benachi ft Kaberere
#Tbt sometime last year with my ninja djnebz254 at club R&B we use to call it the ice Thursdays.
Nione mtu akiniitisha deni yake 2015 uniambia kama we signed somewhere hehehe
People will use then leave you when you need them the most RT @amtheCollonel: Wait, so Moi wasn't at JJ Kamotho's funeral? Man, this life.
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So moi did not attend Kamotho's funeral.... This life though.
Hahah β€œ@McKym: When your phone go missing in a house party and chaps says they wanna leave”
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Now huyu dere kwa ths mat amechange mangoma hadi tukafika nkt
So if in January we bought a couple world class centre backs. Would De Gea get bored? πŸ˜‚"
Cesc Fabregas with another assist last night
my ear just had an eargasm
Back when rap was more about lifes struggles, politics, and other important issues instead of today's songs about girls, clubs, and bling.
#Np Ntampata wapi ~ Diamond i love this song
Whore crush Wednesday
Only your unemployed uncle is allowed to transfer files using Bluetooth
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When someone you owe cash starts following you on IG, all your posts have to be about poverty and struggle. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ .....LIFE.
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When your phone go missing in a house party and chaps says they wanna leave
Retweeted by IG:DjTed254
So according to the twitter standards, one is not allowed to use Bluetooth to transfer files
hehhe RT @iWateba: HAHAHAHAHAH! Okay I AM DONE!!! "@MrBonz_: vile mwass analalanga kwa hiyo bed"
he is busy!!!RT @Cess_Mbithe: Stupid signal :-/
How is delmonte juice 100% fresh and pure? That's just a marketing strategy... This shit is full of chemicals and additives.kwanza Mango
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Now that Tujuane is on Dstv, greatwall peasants are no longer ranting and raving about it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ .....
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pole sana RT @Missyjojo3: sasa mbona mnanijibu hivo and am unwell?:(
ata kama hehe RT @jambee_: Ni wimbo bruh "@DjTed254: RT @jambee_: Love is not is hehe"
RT @jambee_: Love is not is hehe
Hii net ya huyu neighbour iko fast oi downloads pap
goals for 2015: - get rich - get hot
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sasa @jambee_ ulisalimiwa na @e_ndanu hehehe
leo nimekula ugali na porko hehehehehe
kwani uko kissii heheh RT @jambee_: Wiiiiiiccccckkkeeeddd!!!!
KuHack WIFI ya neighbour thats whats up tihihihi finally unlimited hehe
"@Brabbit_2: my fav henry pic though"my saddest day maze
#np the cause-stand by me
"@LexxMontanah: I need a wifi.... Hii story ya cyber haiwezi πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’"we ni star Weka Zuku msee
The first one its allowed "@mercymash5: Some things happen so fast...."
Ma nuguu gani hao"@jambee_: Well..... "@ukiniita_: Labda weni fala "@jambee_: Lol kuna watu hunibeba ufala aki /o\"""
"@IamtheMarv: If Lukaku is 21,then am 10 years old"hehehehehehe
Why has no club won back to back champions league titles since its inception in 1992?
Manchester United are the most successful club in the Premier League with a worldwide fan base that stretches far beyond Old Trafford
Being stingy is so unattractive
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At 28, you ought to have a husband and kids NOT looking for validation from strangers online. Menopause is gradually creeping in.
Anal prolapse.. Someone should tell my parents the shit I say online .
The pressure to know Kikuyu is real.... Even my local mama mboga addresses me in Kikuyu .
It hurts to see the one you like play tricks on you