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Damon Fizzy ␌
also i look really bad in that video but just ignore that too and watch with your eyes closed
also i don't know why i kept saying YOLO in my video...plz forgive me and still be my friend ok thank you
i uploaded a new vloggity vlog vloggggg: "LET'S GET TATTOOS!"… Retweetskies...or nahhhht. just follow your dreams ok
Miss this dude and his craziness ✌️
So what I'm tryna say is I'm gonna be mad hyped up on cawfee
I ordered a coffee & I was gonna say grande but since I've ordered a venti with this girl like twice she assumed I wanted that again
ok wow thanks guys, you make me feel like i don't have a problem hahah. OK GOING AGAIN
is it acceptable to get starbucks twice in one day?
Just practicing my acting hahahahah add me on snapchat for my daily lil videos I put in my story ✌️ damonfizzy
I highly recommend adding @deefizzy on snapchat bc his stories are so funny and always make my day hahaha. btw his snapchat is: damonfizzy
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thank you for supporting me <3 without your support i wouldn't have been able to live the best summer of my life.
i miss seeing new places everyday, i miss learning so much about myself & all the wonderful experiences i had throughout those 2 months.
honestly i miss warped tour a lot. i miss the people i lived with on the bus, i miss the wonderful people i met everyday, i miss traveling
don't watch my snapchat story next to your parents hahaha
let's do a liveshow today?
i've had people say "doesn't listening to sad music make you sad?" but music with emotion/meaning just make me feel less alone & happier.
i like depressing music. does that make me depressing? WHATEVER
The chips are okay and they accepted my apology
I accidentally just walked into a display of chips at the grocery store and without thinking i quickly said sorry haha
i'm okay, just a lil' lost & stuck.
This wall between myself and the outside world is slowly driving me insane.
i'm so hungry but i'm too lazy to make anything...the struggle
I did an interview with @RockForeverMag about my experience on warped. go watch & post a comment with yo thoughts!… :D
Nothing better to start the school year then to wear some @deefizzy merch!
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I was just talking about my hair sorry
Wow I miss you a lot wow
I've known this dude since before I started my YouTube channel haha it's cool to know we're still friends after all these years but now in real life and not just the interwebz ✌️ Go follow him as he's one of the nicest people I know! @matthewlush
Bullying a bully is so unproductive. It's just displaying that you're no better.
Just ran into @TelleTWA after he tweeted me saying we should hangout soon. Sorry man, I take 'soon' very seriously.
gotta stop looking at what everyone else is doing and focus on what you wanna do :)
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Trying to sleep but it's not working lol my sleep schedule is so effed up
Come lay in my hammock with me ✌️
I'm on the phone with my brother & he casually stopped & gave a homeless person a taco he just got. Glad kindness runs in the family!!
BTW my last tweet is to support my friend @LamarrWilson. this is a big deal for him so that'd be awesome if ya could go support the video!!
@deefizzy your snapchat stories are on point today. Thnx.
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i just saw this quote randomly on the interwebz "Be the change you wish to see in the world" and it spoke to me. I want to live by this.
now my top neighbor decided to re-arrange their furniture at 2 in the morning...they're lucky i don't have a normal sleeping schedule!!
just an neighbors are still singing. well i don't even know if we can call it that...more like screaming.
my neighbors are singing at the top of their lungs & having a good ole jolly time while i'm here dare them enjoy theirselves!!
'how am i supposed to be everything they expect me to be when i feel so alone?'
i don't get when dudes try to 'bro' talk with BRO, i don't know what the tits you're trying to say right now
Twitter, get a sarcasm font please.
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spending tonight partying it up and going crazy!!!! that, i mean i went grocery shopping