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Damon Fizzy ␌
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I don't even have a blender
I love my blender, it's my favorite piece in my kitchen
can my hair grow faster? plz and thanks!!!
A cute girl smiled at me & we started talking & I was like 'wow this is the first' and then she proceeded to try to sell me something
Just trying to fit in ok
Cuz the hipster life is the life for meee
GOODNIGHT HOMESLICES <3 (i realized that i started saying homeslice in 5th grade and i still sometimes say it. WOW GROW UP DAMON!!!!)
if you missed it, i announced some awesome news for this summer!!!…
i'm like such a non serious person but my tweets are always so deep and serious hahaha i guess i just tweet when i'm thinking a lot
damn it feels good to be a gangster
@deefizzy I drew this lil cartoon you, sorry it's not some crazy drawing. But I like this. 💁
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@deefizzy look at da drawing that I made for you c: I can't wait to give it to ya at warped tour this summer!!
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Most of my tweets are just messages to myself haha i mean what...i don't talk to myself that'd be weird...
Location won't change who you are. You can run away all you want, but eventually you'll have to face your problems.
Slept really well last night. Eating some breakfast and then gonna make this a productive day :D HOPE YOU'RE DOING GOOD!!!
Today was good and I actually woke up early this morning so I lived a full day haha now to go to sleepskies. Goodnight homedawg
Wow I actually ate at home for once with my baby gurl peace tea!
With that said, I fan girl all the time. Hate on it.
Everyone handles excitement differently and I don't see how bashing them for that is necessary.
It bums me out when I see some "fans" hating on others because they "fan girl"...what is so wrong with expressing themselves & being happy
I dislike when people talk down on "fan girls" as if they're above them. You wouldn't be anywhere without those "fan girls"
love each and everyone of you <3