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Damon Fizzy ␌
I'm so bad at decision making. Mom????? Where are you to do this for me mom????
Technology has taken over.
Virginia beachhh ✌️🐢😺
That moment when you're really excited to show your friends a song and they just talk through the entire thing. Wow thanks so much!!!
i really do care about you guys. don't forget that <3
i want to please everyone but i realize i can't, but oh how i wish i could :/ i just want everyone to be happy blehhh
I always get so happy when i see people with Fizzy in their name on twitter. thankya for reppin' the fizzy family, you guys are the best <3
I'm super happy where things are heading in life :D hope things are good for you, if not, i hope you can get the motivation to change it <3
i just wanna make some main channel videos again AHHHHHHHH i always feel so inspired after trips
i accidentially left my camera's on the tour bus on the last day of warped tour and the bus driver still hasn't sent them to me :S
@deefizzy dont explain the sarcasm. If people dont understand why are they following you? :P
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Wow look at this sick view on the bus
Leaving NYC and it was incredible. I most definitely wanna come back soonskies ✌️Now I'm off to Virginia beach! 🚍
((Missed my bus. Oops))
Damon Fizzy, the queen at being late and missing everything!!!
Hope for the best in people.
Shout out to the people who came & found me in NYC. You guys actually made my day ✌️
Be happy and let others be happy ✌️
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Worst part is this is the second time it's happened this week hahahah I need a haircut
This guy came into the bathroom, saw me then left, relooked at the door & came back in...he thought I was a girl & went into the wrong one
To those who were trying to find me in NYC today & are upset, I am very sorry!! To make sure you'll meet me, come to only things I announce
Central Park is so nice
You don't need makeup to be beautiful. Just keep that in mind.
At the 911 memorial feeling sad. Reading these names realizing they're real people...just gone. Blah :(
Chillin in Central Park!!! 👵🐔🚽💰🚬💵🏈🚴🍝🍌
Ran into some cool peeps in NYC ✌️
Never follow your friend who's on the phone...they go into pace mode and just aimlessly walk places haha
In NYC for the first time ✌️
There's so many vegan places in NYC! I iZ a happy boy
Searching New York City for a starbies. Hello I'm a white girl
I somehow ended up in New York City on 9/11.
Whenever you don't feel so confident or happy with how you look, push yourself to still go out. You notice what others don't.
IN NEW YORK CITY!! :D actually i think i'm in the ghetto of new jersey right now...but tomorrow i'll be staying in the city haha
Long car rides featuring my toms tan...I worked real hard on that ✌️🚘🐢
All I'm saying is take care of yourself and put your health first ❤️
PETA is great at making people feel guilty for eating animals but they fail to educate people how important eating properly as a vegan is.
When I was younger, the idea of veganism was incredible to me. What I wasn't aware of was how to properly do it & starved my body for years.
Before making any extreme diet changes, make sure to educate yourself on it & be aware of what the body needs to be healthy ✌️
Energy drinks make me feel so gross
People do not need to be eye candy to have loads of talent. Give everyone a chance to be heard.
Left St. Louis! Now driving straight to New York ✌️🚘
Is something wrong with Facebook because nobody liked my status yet...
I'm excited for New York!
The thing that thrills me about traveling is experiencing new things. I can't get enough of it ✌️
Don't worry about the world around you when it comes to doing what you enjoy ✌️