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Damon Fizzy ␌
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I like never smile in pictures but meeting you made me so freaking happy, I love you @deefizzy
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I got to meet one of my role models today 💕 I'm so grateful I got this once in a lifetime opportunity
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This is the only shirt of color I will wear by choice @deefizzy
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Meet up at the youtubers tent at 3pm today!!! :D
You can get these plus my bracelets and a tank from the youtubers tent everyday from doors open till 6pm!! :)
St Pete is the venue that I first went to warped at & throughout the years. Now I'm going there as a part of the tour #grateful #warpedtour
some of my family will be coming to tomorrow's show and then my parents will be at the st Pete show. Excited to see everyone :D #warpedtour
Chillin with @Frontporchstep on the front sidewalk waiting for our pizzzzzaaaa!!
@deefizzy i honestly can't thank you enough for coming back out to meet everyone today after the first signing!! it meant so frickin much
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My life on tour: spend the day meeting my viewers then go to my bunk and hide from everyone else haha I'm one introverted person
I will never take any of this for granted. I will forever be shocked by all the support you give me. Thank you.
Met people for like 5 hours today and i have to say, I have the best family in the world. You guys are so kind and make me so happy. Thank you <3 #fizzyfamily
I met @deefizzy at Warped Tour and it was the best thing that's ever happened to me
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@deefizzy thank you damon for making today the best ever and for bearing with my crying. love you. #fizzyfamily 💙
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I'm glad I came back & met all of you! It's crazy how many people were in the line! 3 hours later and I met ya all!! Love you :)
You have made me into a different person @deefizzy I thought was never going to make it, but I did. Thank you #damonisamazing
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My insecurities have gone through thee roof today but I am still pushin my myself to go back out there and meet more viewers #pushyourself
Chillin in the forest ✌️
I could eat all day. Probably.
You can get these as the youtubers tent :D
Hello warped tour! Today I'll have all my shirts in stock including a new one! They'll come in a lil later so be sure to check by the tent!
The AP awards were amazing!!! I'm honored I was able to be at the first one! :D