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Davocadomon Fizzy ␌
I got Texas toast and it isn't shaped like Texas...I don't get it
Smile, even when you feel torn.
add me on snapchat to watch my SUPERRR serious, non sarcastic snapchat stories haha my username is damonfizzy
just ordered a large pizza for all of my friends...and by that i mean myself.
Embrace the weirdness, I know you got it in ya.
avocados don't have penises
You think you're so cool but you are
i sarcastically joke about me having a self esteem to make up for the fact that i actually don't. jk i'm awesome.
it's just so hard being the best person that ever existed ughh can i get a break for just once???
i'm jealous of the person i'm talking to on the phone because he's talking to someone as awesome me
A lot of you have avocados for your profile pictures. I mean I'm glad you're all healthy and eating your fruits but what am I missing here
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So many avocados in my mentions. WOW YOU GUYS ARE LOOKING TASTY. Ok this got weird
new car, more like new avoCARdo.
darling, you'll be okay.
Check my snapchat story to see how quiet my house is Lololol my username is damonfizzy ✌️
been brainstorming for my clothing line that i'm working on! something is so exciting about starting new projects :D
you can't sit still while listenin' to @thereadyset. you just can't.…
I don't understand why people think I'm crazy #stomachache
People hear the majority say something and then instantly share the same belief. Stop jumping on the bandwagon and think for yourself.
i am very very very bad at phone calls.
just ate an entire veggie platter by myself that is meant for several people....oopskies
i'm not the perfect man, but you are just so perfect and i want to be the one that holds your hand.
one day everyone will have their twitter picture of them in avocado form
i always lose my favorite shirts gosh dangit
i want to use my struggles and past experiences to help others not make the same mistakes i did.
dark blue, dark blue, have you ever been alone in a crowded room?
wrote a new bio to describe who i truly am
sometimes it's such a struggle being the best person alive.
Every time I wake up I think "wow that was a weird dream, I'll never forget that" and then moments later...boom gone
I've been having some really weird, in-depth dreams lately 😮
its so hard to be positive when you’re bleeding from your vagina
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Retweeted by Davocadomon Fizzy ␌
When you're talking on the phone but you really gotta pee...the worst
Never be afraid to express your love for avocados.
I love posting song lyrics and confusing the tits outta people haha
@BrandonTWA: remember when @deefizzy followed me?!?! Me either" I do! ✌️
If I'm falling away, don't let me go. You got something to say and I need to know.
i told my mom all about national toilet day and the avocado movement and she called me weird...I DON'T KNOW WHAT SHE'S TALKING ABOUT
momma fizzy is and will always be my best friend
When you go through my tweets, it looks like my mind is literally everywhere haha...well that's because it is wow