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Damon Fizzy ␌
youtube nevershoutnever vlogs 389,077 followers
Watching @thereadyset play. So good live ✌️
Hanging out before my dawg @thereadyset plays ✌️✌️✌️✌️
im dying because my dog almost loves my 'messy hair don't care' shirt more than I do 😂
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just wanna give a big thanks to all the love and support you guys have been giving me on @VansWarpedTour This has been AMAZING <3
got a new computer cuz my other one broke on tour!! now to edit some @VansWarpedTour footage!!!! ^_^
Love hanging out at the YouTube tent all day ✌️
Who will I see at @VansWarpedTour in Milwaukee today?? :D
Hello Milwaukee!!! Today we are located next to this majestic tree right behind the Kevin says stage haha. Can't wait to meet you!!! Also I have all my shirts for sale. Buy two and get a good ole bracelet for free!! :D
@deefizzy thanks for making this old Cool Mom feel like a part of the Fizzy Family! #sweetestguyever
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Wow I meant to say you're beautiful haha I messed up big time
Nashville, you're barefoot. I really love this weather too ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
My laptop broke on tour haha so I'm buying a new one so I can edit the videos I've captured on tour :D stay tuneddddf
Hello Nashville! The warped youtubers tent today is right across the electric soul tent ✌️
Keep moving forward. Life will get better if you let it.
What I want to say overall is whatever you're going through is temporary. Don't physically hurt yourself just because you're mentally hurt.
I see people with cuts every day and I have so many things to say but I have a tough time saying what I feel.
That time of the night ✌️
I don't want this summer to be over 😢
I hate that cutting is glorified on the internet. If you never knew about it, you wouldn't do it. Please stop hurting yourself!
Be nice to others. I know this is common sense but obviously people seem to forget it.
Today was crazy packed and I feel really bad that I couldn't meet all of you! Thanks for all the love Charlotte. I'd love to come back soon!
Tent closes down at 5pm so if you want merch right now is the time! Haha. I'll be walking around so say hi!