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Wake up, stop dreaming!.....
I rise over them like Christ in A.D.
Nobody can touch you more than you touch yourself.
Je ne donne pas une baise.
What happen between us, stay between us.
In the end, you only regret the chance you didn't take.....… no remorse it was meant to happen.
I ain't been feel in' ya'll bitches Try and play me, I drop a brick on ya'll bitches And make em go craz.
Your opinion only matters to you not him,her or them.
If you want it, pursue it and get it.
You are born to make a mistake, not a fake perfection.
Don't make a permanent plan to temporary people.
She come first When it come first. What? Money
You change my color from black and white.
I ride and die for mine.
Getting through school can be like cutting your way through a dense jungle-but both are possible with the right tools.
Harmful gossip is like a dangerous weapon that can destroy anothers reputation.
No remorse it was meant to happen.
More bitches! More options!, More bitches! More problems!.
Not everybody you should be expecting advice cause sometimes they don't worth of asking.
Judge yourself before you judge others.
I don't push anybody to do something for me if you're ready that was meant to.
Another man GF is another man Bitches....