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Deb Cakes
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Old people problems in bed at 7
She's just too much!! My piggyšŸ·
What is going on with my hair this morning? Look like I'd be touching a static ball lol
Me & my favorites little cousin
Gonna kill my sister but first let me take a selfiešŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
Can't function w/o it I think I have a new addiction
Prepped a pizza for Mark to make when he gets home can't wait to eat it hurry up 10!!
I think I have new favorite drink
I think I'm destined to be a fatty forever being that as active I've been and as little as I've been eating for the past month & I only lost 3 lbsšŸ˜‘
My hair is all poofy cause I didn't brush it after I washed it
So while supposed to be cleaning I found our box of hats of course I hat to put each one on & this is why nothing gets done #SuchAProcrastinator
My leggings thošŸŽ€
My only day off is spent cleaningšŸ˜’(Created with @tweegram app)
Finally home & about to eat this roast!!
Clocking back in from lunch but first #LetMeTakeASelfie
I need my wings before work!! 2:30-10 I hope it flys by since I'm off tomorrow #BlueberryRedbull
#Netflix kind of night, #Coneheads until I fall asleep
How your finger gains weight too?? Smh gonna start taking them jogging too lol
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#Suggestions #SamsungGalaxyTab3 #Ipad2 (Created with @tweegram app)
Flower crowns before they were popular lol don't mind David hasselhoff back there lol
Them customers drove me today
@quotestags_app #life #truecolors #deception #reality #truth #people #enemies #mask #fake #wise #wisdom #experience #quote #quotestags
The woman I'm named after, my grandmašŸ’›
I used to call this my license and try to steal it from my mom lol, do they even still make these?
My first job used to give us these envelopes with money every Chinese New Year, those baby things look creepy
I'm pretty sure Mark's a vampire he doesn't age lol
Guess I better get startedšŸ˜’ (Created with @tweegram app)
Bringing it back to 8th grade, I was the only kid in my family that passed that test & above average! #TrumanMiddle #SmartGirl #8thgrade #LeapTest
#thewalkingdead @_50shadesoffrankie_ made this lol
šŸ˜‚ #thewalkingdead