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Deb Cakes
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Good morning or whatever๐Ÿ’
Dude ate 8 Xl tacos
Taco night..again
Last gift to wrap!
Found it!! I'm watching #Elf until December 26th!!
So I figured a few ppl could use this right now!
Lawd bout to have 3 kids for a man you not even with & he got the gf pregnant too smh๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜’
I don't even need television w/ my family something always going on & it's a lot more drama then any tv show
Haha pretty much!
Adrianna Lima will forever be the most beautiful Victoria's Secret angel #VictoriaSecretfashionshow2014
Oh wow they had a double shooting right around the corner by my house
I don't even know why I ovulate if my body don't wanna get pregnant
Ovulation cramps are the worse!
Need to find these mini bottles of Jack Daniels & Hennessy
Walmart savings catcher is the best thing ever!
But I can't find my dvd
I wanna watch elf!!
Always wake up grumpy when I take a nap
I just text my sister & friends a picture of my butt in my new jeans lol
Wanna do this for my husband for Christmas gotta find the mini bottles tho
Let's just say I'll never eat it like that again
Never had lasagna w/o ricotta cheese until my husband bought some home
Seen the best looking lasagna on fb but they didn't use ricotta cheese
In turning the heater on
It's 59 degrees in my house
Or if you have been around anyone that has been to Africa
The hospital & doctors really ask if you have ebola or know anybody with ebola
It's too early
Been freezing all day I hope I'm not about to get sick
I need a girls day but my friends stay to far. All 3 of them lol
Certain things ppl might steal lol
I'm gonna do the outside of my house next year too maybe
Gonna buy all kinds of Christmas decorations after Christmas when it's marked down real cheap
Some ppl try to turn everything into some type of drama smh
I seen a swing bed on fb now I want one but I'm not how sure that would work when, never mind.
Probably cause most of us are fat lol
But one thing I know for sure no one in my family has any half-naked pictures uploaded
Well if they are then they're good at hiding it
I'm glad none of the women in my family are sluts
This has been my junk room for the past month
To clean my dogs room, ugh this is gonna be a job
If Mark came & told me he wanted to be a rapper I would die of laughter lol
Wth is a cho cho soul
Why am I watching doc mcstuffins
I get Cash Back when I shop online - Sign up with Ebates and you can too!โ€ฆ
Trying to get up to go pee but I'm so comfortable & warm ๐Ÿ˜ซ
Now ima be up all night