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Deb Cakes
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Oh gosh Mark talking I'm his sleep
Where this rain come from
I'm upset I never got any ultrasound pictures because apparently they only give them to you if your pregnancy is going okay
I think it's amazing what a women's body can do
I love looking at women's ultrasound pictures for some odd reason
Forgot about women's prayer group tonight
I was so tired falling asleep on the sofa come get in bed & I'm wide awake😒
Dude is really snoring😳
Why are ppl so worried about how other ppl live their lives? Keyword THEIR!
She said of her favorite white couple😂
Haven't even thought about it until marks second mom said she needed it to put up
Gotta get our pictures from when we got married printed out
I've changed so much
A 3 year old speaking Spanish is just crazy!
I hope their schools are still around if I have children
I swear some of my friends have some of the smartest children I've ever came across
Shower time!! Lord knows I need it!
Then they have cigarettes, beer & whatever else but you need two dollars😒
My husband works hard for the little bit we do have I'm not about to give it to a complete stranger.
I hate when strangers ask me for money one I don't carry cash two if I had I wouldn't give it to you anyways.
Okay they got it out of me today!
I hope my dogs don't start acting out cause I'm working again
I love having my husbands cousin & his wife living around the corner from us!
He's not getting a fish tank I know that much!
Gotta figure out what ima get Mark for his birthday
I can't get use to someone else playing Zach except Mark-Paul glosser(spell check)
I don't know about this save by the bell movie
That shower was everything
That food hit the spot
For Mark to run in here for that fightlol😂😂😂
Who didn't cook today this girl right here thanks to Mark!!
I think it gonna be easy to do except the chaise part
Think I wanna do my sofa cover in a grey and black chevron print
I wanted some mac & cheese but I ain't got nothing but noodles & shredded cheese
Gonna eat and then shower
Wish he'd hurry up with the food
All his family calls me instead of calling him
And I keep giving him marks number but he still just calls me
And every holiday he get the same answer we working & no ride
I swear my husband uncle call me every holiday & ask what we doing & if we wanna go by him.
Let me get the fire extinguisher out
BBQ ribs, chicken & smoke sausage😋
I'll never have a problem w/ doing anything for my husband because as long as we been together he would give me his last
Whoop whoop Mark gonna grill when he get home!!
It's just a struggle right now we'll be okay again
At least until he starts getting more pay