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•Lakshmi (Goddess)•
@TeflonGeneral Err ... No. I'm tryna get his attention not take it away lol jk
Hmmm ... RT @TeflonGeneral: Video Game console RT "deanfemme: I have no idea what to get my baby brother for his 19th birthday ..."
This Cinderella was so good nobody even questioned how in the hell do a black women and white man make a asian child
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I have no idea what to get my baby brother for his 19th birthday ...
As much as I love summer , I forgot just how much money I have to spend on sunscreen .. #lightskinproblems
Seriously trying to remind myself why the hell I took alcohol last night
Dragging myself to work with a terrible hangover .. arggh. I guess that's what happens when you let 'mean dean' take over (-_-)zZzz ...
*rotfl* :')) RT @Mr__SmartASS: you spelt horror pics wrong "@P_Jr_0000: Nobody should ever leak Lupitas' nudes. She's a young man bruh!"
People that try to make a name for themselves based on the other people's wealth and lives irritate the shit out of me. #HumanLeech
Switched up to a deity type of mood ... Don't f*** with a Goddess!
If you worked hard for something you deserve to be a cocky-mother-fucker!
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Outperforming yourself should be an every day goal. Constant growth brings you closer to your dreams.
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@Mr__SmartASS haha yeah! Between saying 'Gugglegum' (bubblegum) and 'Dwink' (drink), Supageti wasn't so bad. I think ...
If you’re not losing friends then you’re not growing up.
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Supergeti was a childhood meal lol RT @Mr__SmartASS: What's the difference between Spaghetti and Supergeti?
BBC News - Scottish referendum: Scotland votes 'No' to independence…
Remember when Eamons f*#k it was popular n used to play in clubs? You could literally see all the hurt niggas having flashbacks.
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If only The Weekend, Frank Ocean and Drake would make an album together.
”Want someone to come into my life and truly rescue me From the pain that a love selfishly has left ...
Funny enough I only ever get sick on weekends ... I don't know if that's a good or bad thing , but I never get sick on workdays. #Weird
”Work hard in silence; let success make the noise..“
Coffee is urgently needed ...
Dear Monday, I'm ready for u ... #BigPlans
When you finally date your crush you realize they are boring as fuck
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If Someone Proposed To Me Like This I Swear I'd Die!
Arrggh It pisses me off when some I hate sooooo damn much ruins a song I looooove so much! #nemesisrants
@Mr__SmartASS Oww snap!! Lol well ... Err .. I'm not in ktw (^^,) you're gonna have to wait.
When my car is sick I too start to feel sick. Argh.
I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow , a trip out of town could do me some good ... #needsomealonetime #workisannoying
My baby brother lecturing me on why Libras are awesome, then quickly adds ,”...but Geminis rock!“ ... Yeah no birthday present for you (-_-)
September babies everywhere I look ... Its like Leo season all over again!
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”Put it in the wind“
Very disappointed with SA justice system...#OSCARisGUILTY...If you cant see that then...
@Mr__SmartASS *ROTFL* :')) .. Please remind me!
5months? :/ RT @Mr__SmartASS: 5months, 8days, 11hours, 36mins and 15seconds still waiting for a reply from ...
Robin Williams , Now Joan Rivers , who's next .. ? #RipJoan