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•Lakshmi (Goddess)•
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I really hope 2015 and I make a cute couple
Growing up is all about developing a greater tolerance of BS.
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"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work." - Emile Zola
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I wouldnt air out a persons dirty laundry after we fall out. Thats petty.
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Only My Mutuals Can Judge Me👩
You can't be an ally then kick and scream when critiqued. how will you be able to conduct any form of dialogue if yr constantly defensive?
It says a lot about people who claim to be "allies" but cry when given the slightest critique and scream "not all of us tho!"
Ditch the internalized misogyny, folks.
Point of this tweet isn't that men are dumb it's that he literally refused to believe that me, a woman, could be right and him, a man, wrong
I went out w a guy who thought mark zuckerberg invented the internet & still defended the lie after I provided proof that he didn't. men, eh
I wonder if people know they're making the biggest mistake of their existence when they click the unfollow button. I wonder if they know
Where is stevie nicks to give me a soft & comforting embrace & remind me (preferably in song) that it'll all be alright??
@mazy1990 Im just gonna retweet that so your fellow losers can see ...
Tell that to your n#8 spot!! 😂 RT@mazy19900:@deanfemmee go away...that was a lucky win..the gods are just not on our side this season”
I was hoping I'd be in Windoek by then 🙈 RT @DD_eeyanacc:@deanfemmee Deanie, are you home this holiday? ☺”
🙊 RT @Margstaliciouss: "I'm pressing charges for theft." I am so finished!”
#AaliyahMovie is what happens when executive producers are more interested in fattening their pockets than honest, passionate story telling.
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How big would this movie have been w/ her family's blessings, real actors, and at theatres the way it should've been smh #aaliyahmovie
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I haven't felt this disrespected by television since they had a darkskin Claire on My Wife & Kids 😒✋ #aaliyahmoviee
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Every single person in the world should be fired for the #aaliyahmovie. Delete it. How dare y'all respect baby girl like that!! Insulting!😤
Like Tyra B can still get it😩👏 she always could
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They could've got Tyra B to do this. Hell, at least she can REALLY sing and dance #AaliyahMovie
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If we break up or stop being friends your secrets are still my secrets, i'll stick to my word regardless
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Forget what you heard, onesies are very comfy
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Like I get it , you're so stupid. But even that needs a reason behind it sometimes. Come on
I'm so bloody irritated right now!
Examples? Well ... They're everywhere! Like you don't know one guy? If not then you're probably him 😐😏
Speaking of psychos, a lot of men really are psychotic, they revel moments that never even happened in order to feel better about themselves
I searched up 'how to get away with murder' ,bc my friend doesn't know the show she thinks I'm a psychotic lunatic thats gonna kill someone😹
I thinks it's super disgusting when a guy claims to be your man. Approach this person and see what happens ...
The fact that at this point in my life i still feel compelled to complete dares says enough about me 🙈
Keep your masculinsecurity to yrself bro dude ... 😤
I almost used the word 'bromance' but remembered it's a word made for insecure dweebs threatened by words they believe de-masculinise them.
Petition to ban grown adults from riding children's scooters on the pavement or any other public location😒
Meet a girl today, tomorrow she'll be telling you that on Friday is her birthday. Haha that's never flying in my raduis
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It's raining!! Ooh baby it's raining!! *singing* 😃🙉😺☔️
This has got to be the most disrespectful moment of my entire life 😐
Kim K got 43 million for those photos, you be sending them for free and not even gettin a text back
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I guess it's about to be nothing but Kim K on my TL for the next two weeks. *sips coffee*
@FunnyPicsDepot: “@imsteezus: where are the dudes that dress like dis 😢” dating each other