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Good morning!! :D
Mmm... Just thinking about muscles in a creamy white wine and garlic sauce with thin French fries and a crusty French stick.
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When you have a nice, cute convo with your babe/crush and you're just left there like..
@Leeyowe how are you? What happened to you??
I hate you RT "@Leeyowe: @deanfemme Young Lady how u doin? ☺"
Chelsea 6 - 0 Arsenal !!!! Lol arsenal fans tweet!! Don't go quiet!
Where are all the Arsenal fans?
You made the top of my death list. Congratulations ☺
I really need to start trying to eat breakfast
Lmfao!!! :'''D guys have zero chill RT@Mr_b_itchez: T-SEAN Is plain Gay.. He looks like Judy's young Sister..."
"@Mr_b_itchez: The Only Person to Explain where @slapdee was in #BnBAwards is the Same person to tell Everyone where the malaysian MH370 is"
"@toosexy_siiisi: #BornAndBredAwards have been through it today , aaaah Zambians make my days man :'D 😂"
"@MsKkj: I'm not even going to talk about the national anthem. Nope. It's a trap. #BornAndBredAwards"
With a shabadu lmao RT "@SaniboyDaniels: #BornandBredAwards mmmmm that's gospel song O_o. Was that chick twerking?"
"@luchi7: They couldn’t make cards they had to use papers???" #BornAndBredAwards"
"@_LukeAtMeNow: If you're gonna lip synch try to make it look real 😒 smh I hope someone's track skips lol" meanie#BornAndBredAwardss"
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:'D LOL RT"@mubbie96: Lmao Judy was steady exercising on stage :'') #BornAndBredAwards"
"@_LukeAtMeNow: You guys, is this instrumental from 'Thong Song' 😩😩😂🙀 I'm do#BornAndBredAwardsards"hahaha thot it ws jst me lol
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C'mon SHORT radio program @Miclovin47: They should have just made a short programme on radio 4 to announce all the winners. #BornAndBred.
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This last performance I shall hold my tongue #BornandBredAwards Goodnight ☺
Busy sucking up to macky II's ass *smh* shame on you #BornandBredAwards
Ruffkid surprise performance? Imwe ninshi ai? Mxxm I'm off to bed #BornandBredAwards