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49ers play-by-play guy suspended two games for Janay Rice remarks. Here's what he said:
VIDEO: Cam Newton gives same answer five times, refers to Ndamukong Suh as "Donkey Kong Suh."
Congress asks Roger Goodell to explain himself:
VIDEO: Keith Olbermann says Roger Goodell needs to be fired.
Roger Goodell was wrong when he said it would be illegal for the casino to hand over its Ray Rice video:
Ravens GM: "What we saw on the video was what Ray said."
Clemson women's soccer player sues school after hazing incident leads to severe brain injuries:
Former Mets exec sues team, says she was fired for being pregnant:
Per @AP, voicemail confirms NFL received Ray Rice tape: "You're right," a female voice says. "It's terrible."
The NFL issued a statement regarding the report that the league office was sent the Ray Rice video in April:
AP report: Ray Rice video was sent to an NFL executive.
VIDEO: Lil baby bear has itself a good-ass time on a golf course
P.K. Subban is smarter about corsi than most sportswriters:
Here are the questions the NFL should answer about the Ray Rice investigation.
A play in three tweets, starring Roger Goodell.
Cardinals linebacker John Abraham suffering from severe memory loss:
Don't drink Bud Light Apple-Ahhh-Rita, even as a joke
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Report: The Hawks front office is eating itself
U2 badly bungled the rollout of their new album, 'Songs of Corporate Guilt'
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How soccer's faulty new money rule hurts the clubs it was meant to protect:
Mike Tyson flips out on Canadian TV: "Fuck you, you're a piece of shit."
In a letter to owners, Roger Goodell says the NFL did not ask the casino for the Ray Rice video:
AUDIO: Angry Michigan fan calls radio station, loses his damn mind
VIDEO: Stephen A. Smith melts down over NOW's call for Roger Goodell to resign.
To prove he's not evil, Roger Goodell pleads incompetence:
AUDIO: Burger King phone mixup inspires hilarious series of pranks
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Do not buy this dumb cup with a compartment for your snacks.
How long does it take to become a Yokozuna sumo wrestler?
Someone finally wrote a song called "No One Cares About Your Fantasy Team"; you definitely need to hear it
Yes, it's pumpkin beer season already. Deal with it.
VIDEO: Jeremy Lin pulls the wax-statue prank on his mom and some other fools
Lionel Messi's hometown passes law preventing parents from naming kids "Messi":
Serial batterer Floyd Mayweather says the NFL was too tough on Ray Rice:
VIDEO: Check out these baseball dogs at the White Sox game.
Luol Deng on Danny Ferry's remark: "I'm proud to say I actually have a lot of African in me, not just 'a little.'"
VIDEO: Katie Nolan says NFL won't respect women until sports media does the same
Roger Goodell won't rule out Ray Rice returning to the NFL:
VIDEO: Roger Goodell says "no one in the NFL" viewed the Ray Rice elevator tape.
Read Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti's full email to PSL holders about Ray Rice:
Ravens owner says team halted attempts to obtain Ray Rice video:
Woman who took Jerry Jones pics files lawsuit alleging sexual assault:
Mario Balotelli gives important words of advice to today's school children:
Documents explain why prosecutors dropped charges against Thiago Silva
Poor bastard loses fantasy matchup on last-second QB kneeldown:
Wales fans get too turnt when Gareth Bale scores winner, start wrecking shit:
Yes, Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson's racist email was racist.
Here's James Harden falling off a segway:
Don't forget: Ray Rice's attorney is a piece of shit
The FCC will vote to kill NFL blackout rules:
Your fancy workout shirt is making you stink