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VIDEO: AHL hockey fight ends in player getting his head bashed into the ice by Trevor Gillies
Report: 7 Sayreville football players charged with hazing, sexual assault in alleged "violent anal sexual attacks"
Report: Jameis Winston to face disciplinary hearing on rape charge
VIDEO: Landon Donovan's final exit as a member of the U.S. national team, substituted off in the 41st minute:
Report: FSU administrators and Tallahassee police obstructed the Jameis Winston investigation.
VIDEO: Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love had a real good time at the club in Brazil.
Cops: Derrick Shelby asked for a Z-Pak after he "fucked a hooker at the club"
FIFA's $31 million propaganda movie is really something
Burger King sued over customer-stabbin' manager
Report: 49ers-paid cop was on duty and in uniform at the scene of Ray McDonald's arrest.
Chart: Where pro athletes are born in America
VIDEO: Bee on bouquet causes gymnast to freak out on podium.
The Eagles made a Halloween-themed trash-talk video about Li'l Eli Manning:
How to separate beer signal from beer noise
J├╝rgen Klinsmann wishes America would adopt promotion and relegation:
One of the best movies of 2014 is a revenge thriller about the utter stupidity of seeking revenge
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Jason Whitlock has written his magnum derpus:
Prince just put out his best song in 20 years. Don't sleep.
VIDEO: Here's a 6-foot-11 high school quarterback.
This is the best low-alcohol beer, if you're looking to pull off a smooth 60-hour bender this long weekend
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The Todd Gurley snitch was a spiteful memorabilia dealer:
It's almost been 25 years since Browns beat Steelers as favorites
Ex-NFL exec: That "hundreds and hundreds" of domestic violence coverups quote was out of context.
DeMarco Murray has been the NFL's best running back. Can he keep it up?
VIDEO: Goalkeeper tries to rearrange ref's face with haymaker
.@WhitlockJason wrote a column about the Michael Brown protests at the Cardinals game. It's bad. Read this instead:
Man with Patriots helmet tattoo arrested on synthetic weed charges:
U.S. champ Tyler Pennel tells you how to not fuck up your first marathon:
Definitively proving existence of higher power, Nike sues CrossFit:
Some fools are selling Darren Wilson Cardinals shirts:
Yao Ming makes Shaq look short:
Cash-strapped Trinidad and Tobago women's soccer team receives unexpected support from Haiti:
Hate mail (mostly) from Cardinals fans:
Timbers give fans official permission to support the Sounders tonight:
Blake Wheeler scored twice in 15 seconds:
Pissed off Oilers fan throws hoodie, and phone, onto ice:
J.J. Watt tries to hit the Nae Nae:
Report: NFL chooses Katy Perry to perform Super Bowl halftime show
Pat McAfee, all alone, making kickoffs to himself
Jan Hooks was the best
Georgia's Todd Gurley suspended indefinitely, probably for some dumb shit:
Former NFL executive claims "hundreds and hundreds" of domestic-violence incidents were ignored:
Little Manchester United fan flips out over her preschool's blue uniform:
Bad news, baseball fans:
VIDEO: John Rocker made an ass of himself on "Survivor"
We have a Halloween cereal problem, folks
MMA fighter live-tweets police standoff while holed up in house:
Adrian Peterson told his urine tester he smoked weed, for some reason
The NFL fined Colin Kaepernick $10,000 for wearing the wrong brand of headphones:
Lions catch laser-pointing jabroni, ban him indefinitely: