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VIDEO: Brady Hoke puts a dazed & injured QB back into the game after hit to the head; ESPN announcers appalled
VIDEO: Saturday Night Live opens 40th season with a discussion of NFL scandals by "Ray Lewis" and "Shannon Sharpe"
Everybody at the Missouri-South Carolina game is flipping birds
VIDEO: Idiot on the field at Ohio State gets blown up by coach:
VIDEO: There was an Idiot On The Field at last night's MTSU-ODU game, and he was totally nude & very elusive [NSFW?]
A sad, sad gallery of sad, sad Michigan fans:
UMass video board falls over during third quarter (with some video):
VIDEO: Even Australian punters have SEC Speed
VIDEO: Arkansas player staring up at Jerry World jumbotron gets hit in the face with a pass
Todd Gurley styles all over the Tennessee defense:
Middle school football team scores on "The Ugly Kardashian" play:
Northwestern defensive back Matthew Harris carted off after helmet-to-helmet collision:
Rajon Rondo has a mysterious broken hand:
Pass attempt blocked by field goal post:
The Kansas City Royals are in the playoffs for the first time since 1985:
VIDEO: Kansas State blocks UTEP punt; play called back after 12 minute delay for officials to realize they screwed up
VIDEO: Watch Manchester United's Wayne Rooney get the dumbest red card ever.
VIDEO: York Revolution's Sean Smith tears ACL on home run, hops on one foot around bases.
It's chili season, so let's make some delicious chili, and do it any damn way we please
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VIDEO: Phil Jagielka hammers home stoppage-time equalizer rocket for Everton
Paul Konerko made a thank-you video for White Sox fans:
The Angels' plan to get stadium subsidies from Anaheim isn't going so well:
Diamondbacks fire Grit Lord Kirk Gibson:
VIDEO: Mario Balotelli does helium voice trick, still has the spirit of a child:
Thom Yorke just put out a new album by "bypassing the self-elected gatekeepers." Uh, not exactly.
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VIDEO: Tiny football players try to run through banner, fail.
AUDIO: CBS radio producer gets all emotional about Derek Jeter
RT @DSconcourse: Local TV news channels try to cover Shellshock bug, fail miserably (supercut)
Coffee beverages, ranked:
GIF: Hey, come over and look at this soccer player's floppy dong real quick.
The most popular color combinations in college football
How to be a soccer fan:
That Derek Jeter screencap, with every number being two, is fake:
How Bill Simmons lost his strongest ally at ESPN:
A Redskins fan who hates the team name defends his fellow fans who want it to stay:
The oral history of the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event, Day One
Attention Wes Anderson, Spike Jonze et al: Stop name-dropping John Cassavetes
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Washington keeps serving fans skunked World Cup beer:
Old-ass, fat-ass bear roams around Canadian neighborhood:
Milwaukee Brewers eliminated; fans left with sheets of useless playoff tickets.
Steve Smith warned of "blood and guts," and DeAngelo Williams is ready:
Derek Jeter went out the way he deserved:
VIDEO: Comcast SportsNet airs live a very, very profane speech from Hunter Pence
Update: Hornets wing Jeff Taylor arrested for second time in 19 hours
VIDEO: The Daily Show goes in on the Redskins name controversy
A Deadspin investigation into Ryan Tannehill's thumbs:
VIDEO: Derek Jeter hits walk-off in final at-bat at Yankee Stadium
University of Cincinnati running back killed in motorcycle accident:
Law enforcement official: We sent the Ray Rice tape to the NFL