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check the update i did using deadmau5 @deadmau5 head as special item...
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so long! and thanks for alll the fish!
had many an opportunnity to score music for a film... just been waiting for the right one.
asked my agent if he could reach out to @alejodorowsky and his team to see if i could score Dune. work of passion. no money.
well done! RT @ANDYC_ram: All hail the king @CRAZEARONI ...smashed it!!! #RealDJing
And so it begins. #prayformoving2k14
So I'm his ghost driver.
Whaaaatever @oliverjameswebb ... What track and track time am I trying to beat here? ;)
sync button. RT @slohnmusic: @deadmau5 wait, how do u "perform" again?
oh how different things would be if "DJ's" could only "perform" music they produced themselves. :)
.@alejodorowsky if i was given the opportunnity, i would spend the rest of my days on setting music to Dune.
more info here: recommended you watch the doc:…
i want to read / view Jodorosky's Dune... and compose to that. #wishfulthinking
you know what i REALLY want to do?
not to say im going to stop. New house, new studio, new ideas. time to pave my own way through the bullshit much like i always have.
so on that note, i dont have to defend, justify, or explain anything further. So long "EDM", it was fun, but you're really fuckin lame now.
.@ZaiaxZaia its something i have to work out, and come up with something unique to me that carries my love for technoloigy and music.
but until you change or revolutionalize anything, and stop exploiting what others have already laid out for you, you're wasting space.
i think when you start blabbing about how many millions youre making "being a dj" its pretty clear you might just be in it for the money.
jealous? nah. somewhat bitter to see the EDM world stoop to new all time lows? yeah.
i suppose ill worry less about these "DJ gigs" then... just retire it while these naabs can #killit or whatever. i have a studio to build.
well... i guess its safe to say the whole "djing thing" really doesnt require much skill or talent. i think i mentioned that before.
also, this guys cover is some rad stuff:…
studios being dismantled. moving time. will be off the radar for a bit. so ill see you at HARD, and when im moved in, will have news :D
so ive been thinking... i might actually leave my house tonight.
imma go get coffee. i think thats what i was supposed to do after i finished this one.
speaking of Buttsy Butler, how does he not have a twitter account? i miss that goon. #gumball3000
then again, now that i think about it, the thought was probably "get out of bed, drink coffee"
i hate that... you get out of bed coz you were going to do something, sit down, drink a coffee, and forget what that's supposed to be
in short, installing @twibbon is like, going out on a blind date, chick shows up with 5 annoying friends, and orders everything on the menu.
id probably change your password too (which you should do monthly anyway) who knows what else they phished for. Thanks again @twibbon
sorry folks, go into your settings,… and revoke access from @twibbon to publish tweets on your behalf.
Thanks for hijacking my account @twibbon can you please disable this by default? People don't like when apps auto publish tweets.
well that was a nice nap.
oh yeah, and i finished that track i was working on the other day too.
I see Roys operation was a success! RT @inboxbygmail: Look for the golden ticket in Speed Dial.
YAY!!! i just sat here on ass for 8 hours straight messing around with a rift, fuckin around on twitter, n ate a sammich! take that #haters
"Hey Mark, this party is awesome! Have you seen Susan from accounts? She looks hot outside of work!"
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nahh im just being a dink, good work on the album @DILLONFRANCIS :D its a good fun listen
yup, i literrally pissed myself when i saw the ingame. RT @0_Vidalll: @deadmau5 lol it's paris and the dude right ?