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I need this in my life. RT @TruShane69:… @deadmau5 Upgrade time Joel :DD
.@dadalife lol... amazing! in your FACE netherlands.
what the fuck am i even doing here. this actually hurts.
HAHAH... why did i even stop what iw as working on to read that... "hes the real deal" said nervo... fuckin blind leading the deaf.. oh god
happy diwali my indian friends :D
.@Greggyboi13 @afrojack ill make it easy... how about "last car standing"
. @RoknSpock does it have an e brake? beacuse thats the great equalizer in hatchback vs. supercar. just as much fun!
as if theres a right one. RT @Johnnymanee_: @deadmau5 @afrojack @JamesHadouken You tagged the wrong Afrojack btw lol
seriously, i found like 5 bucks in change i didnt even know i had... only cost me a set of tires and possibly a clutch to get it.
yeah, everyone but @afrojack RT @JamesHadouken: @deadmau5 lots of people relating to this tight now
3. slam on brake, floor the gas and turn left. 4. all the loose change under the seats, should now be on your dashboard.
Ferrari Protip #32: Finding change.... 1. set break differential alll the way to the front. 2. get it up to about 20mph (with LOTS of room)
WHOS EXCITED FOR @projectcarsgame ???? meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@deadmau5 thanks dude!! You where with us in spirit for the 2014 season! πŸ†οΏ½
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wow. really? just caught meowingtons chewing on one of the propellors of my DJi phantom... why dont you tell us how you really feel... cat.
OH IT WILL BE. one sec. RT @Tobalayer: @deadmau5 @JoeyGodsey It's not on your store
DAT SHIRT amazing.please tell me thats one of mine RT @JoeyGodsey: Hey look at me, I'm Joel Zimmerman. #edm @deadmau5
jokes aside, its still kinda interesting to see how streaming music services / digital services rekt the shit out of physical sales. #future
They even built a shelf to hold all the fucks nobody gives.…
Now now ladies, kiss and make up, or settle it with a bikini jello pit fight. @RadiantEdits @badgirIsarah
Alright. I'm off Twitter for the next 12 hours. Which is coincidently the amount of time slow people still give a fuck about @djmagtop100
.@jordansituation congrats. You might actually be the last person on earth to find out that I'm not a DJ.
You know what matters? Ordered me some Swiss chalet. More stoked about that than anything else at the moment.
Finally, a Mclaren 12c I can actually drive in the winter
@Zedd its a little shaky, but it does fly
nobody gives a fuck. really. not one. RT @clintixe: @deadmau5 @DJmag #Top100DJs results getting displayed in the reverse order..
I almost feel like this work of art is almost too good to take out of the box. @razer
.@feedme was listening to some Spor today... can you bring it back? plz? just one track or 2. :D
how should i know? they don't bother talking to their artists. RT @DJ_DanCee: @deadmau5 @Astralwerks You fallen out with them?
πŸ‘ get to work :)@Z_A_C_musicc:@deadmau55 it came 😁😁 thank you so”
OMG YES!!!! Id like to thank my fans, and infant baby jesus. thank you SO much everyone! @bottom100DJS
The winner of the first-ever #Bottom100DJs poll, as voted entirely by YOU, is the one-and-only @deadmau5! Congrats!
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okay okay... lol... staaahhhp. im stahpd.
.@djafrojack @diegunder1 how bout i just buy you a monkey. he'd probably be a better driver than you. #chaufferstatus
Nick. RT @TatsssBlanco: If @deadmau5 were to buy a monkey... What would he name it?
WHATEVER. GO BUY A MONKEY. RT @djbr3akdown: @deadmau5 I heard that you were a piece of shite lol
Playing some Hardcore @Diablo with @deadmau5 @CM_Nevalistis and Majier. Tune in at 2PM PST!
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Ferrari gives me shit for kittys... meanwhile afrojack cant even keep his in one piece for a whole 2 months. strike 2. get driving lessons.
.@Bitwig NIIIIIICEEEE job on the 1.1 beta!!! PDC fixed, and ext ins. delay FIIIIXED! amazing. digging in deep today :D