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god damn... lol... my fuckin sides hurt from laughing.
"Do you dare me to eat this plant? I'll do it, I'm crazy!"
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okay, this is by far my most favorite twitter account.... @CrapTaxidermy how did i not know of this? thanks gareth!
.@Garethmcgrillen the thought alone that you might even follow @CrapTaxidermy is lolsworthy.
oh, DOTA stuff. i never really got into that for some strange reason... seems pretty popular tho
whats up with sandstorm all of a sudden? lol.... i miss something?
How much caffeine did Rob Ford consume compared to Deadmau5? We break it down: #TOpoli
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been using "i cant... i would, but, it's my cats birthday today." as an excuse all day, and will continue to do so.
This is his sitting spot. I don't even know how he fits up there... @meowingtons_pHd
can you carbon date a cat? i don't actually know how old he is.
its @meowingtons_pHd 's birthday today. happy birthday, cat.
well... maybe i should learn to even... interview, if im gunna keep doing these... i dunno. i got the driving part down... baby steps.
next time he's in town, i should get Barack Obama on a coffee run... he seems pretty chill.
streaming on just woke up, enjoying a coffee, project surfing... maybe some inspiration? who knows.
.@trevoclark of course i care about my website! shes my baby!
@deadmau5 bet I can count on one hand the number of musicians that actually know/give a shit about their website! Thx for being cool
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... you can still listen to it tho.
argh! the download buttons on the site are gone... hahah oopsie! we'll fix it... need to wait for site admin guy to wake up. my bad!
finished mastering a new one. "Parts and Labour" i call it... download the lossless wav on ... free for everyone :D
.@tomgreenlive have a joyous occaision on todays date, which coinsides with the day of your birth.
:D @aTinyRabbit i could totally care less to say that i couldn't care any less for that.
.@Diablo I've only got eyes... For youuuuu...... deeeeaarrr....