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Epic bug in the pool is epic.
Alrighty! Bedtime. Then toronto. Gotta feed meowingtons
I don't give a fuck what the circumstances are around a photograph of 4 unloaded cdjs. know why? Coz it's still fuckin funny.
Thank you for having me Monterrey! Missed you guys since skizzo!! It's been too long
Off to hellow festival in Monterrey!
meh. fuck all this. im going to mexico. brb.… why couldnt she just be "sexy naked chick" for halloween instead? id get behind that.. er, no pun intended. wait. yes
huge congrats to @steve_duda 10 years later, its released! and DAMN its amazing :) thnks duda!
spends an hour balancing this movi rig, forgets to pop in REDmag. pops in redmag... LOL. there goes that hour.
.@McQuakenbake watch where that gets you. hhave a nice day. im busy. extort someone else.
.@McQuakenbake so you want to sell me something thats free? youre my fuckin hero.
.@McQuakenbake not nearly as interested as we are calling you out on domain squatting like a bitch.
Epic. 6k + movi m10 cam. Can't wait to get started.
Aw yeah! Funtime!
0h my g4wd!!! h3's h4x0ring teh gibson!!!
.@DOSyouUP c00l fuckin story there, acid burn. Better luck with the Gibson.
now hirring writers... and im not fucking paying you either.
im gunna start an EDM blog. seems easy enough. besides everyone else is doing it.
breaking news: a buncha twats got together in a feild and played a CD for 100,000 people. read the full review here:…
the only fucking thing that i even consider "news" or benefeicial to me is the lefsetz letter. Evrythng else is drama or some shit EDM fest.
.@Skrillex unsurpsingly, EDMs so f'n big now it has its own postal code. Big things have a gravitational pull, sucks in all sorts of shit.
.@Skrillex @thumpthump ... and yet whats actually going on, is that EDMs nearly 7 billion dollar a year industry is TMZ worthy. Thats life.
.@mattpenndotcom yeah just nailed in in AI... i use flash for quick and dirty vector work most times. bad habbit, i know.
.@FoxNewsThoughts im whatever the fuck i want to be. My craft is whatever i want it to be. Don't wonder why youre pigeonholed.
probably better to do this in AI anyway. /me exports
.@anthonyhdirksen not really keen on clicking every shape and intersection, theres thousands of them.
hey, Flash CC geniuses... is there anyway to "select all by fill color#000000" ... buncha redundant black shapes on the stage that gotta go
Get on this deal people... I need to make real music now, entropy coming up and all...
Wanted: fruityloops + woodblock samples and pirated waves plugs.
For sale: 400 module Modcan A series, 500+ euro rack modules, 1 metric tonne of rack processors, wall mounted genelec 2048A's + studio...
.@BurgerKing like what timmies did for yours!
heres the insane gold find build (work in progress... need that goldwrap still!)… @Diablo
imma put a golf club in his car... @xzibit
happy bday @xzibit !!! ill bring your present to @gumball3000 2015 :D no guessing what it is!
.@Diablo servers down for maintenence? thats okay. you just better not be nerfing my baller gold find build.
ballin outta control:… @Diablo RoS, obscene gold find.
"Wow..that's a nice lookin' pair of Crocs"...said no one ever.
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