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alright twitterverse. im going to bed. maybe tomorrow ill find out that meowingtons is a DJ now too. ... hahah that'd b.... oh.... FUUUCK
dont worry, ill probably come out of retirement after the second season.... snarf just... frustrates me.
can you still get Thundercats on DVD or itunes or something? i dont want my job anymore. im done.
of course... @kaskade has NO PROBLEM selling a gold plated Ferrari, and i can't even sell a fuckin normal white one for less than retail.
.@BradenSean what peers? i only know the one in santa monica. you know, the one with the rollercoaster.
Tonight was pretty cool! went to the falls, saw some old friends, and watched some great local talent. thanks for the invite! @NMAupdates
Ask and ye shall receive @naataliepereira there you go.
.@Jmolina3102Jose you know what else travels the world? the plague. How you like dem arguments?
.@CourtneyAnne12 I don't think they're even satanic. I'm just saying, coz they hardly ever show up to meetings.
Hahaha I suck at reading words. But congrats to all the nominees and winners here at the Niagara Music Awards! @NMAupdates
alright alright. im off for the rest of the night to do normal things. seeya guys later tonight!
barb: 576 wizard: 838 thats 1414 hours. .... holy.
okay, before i check... lets have a contest... how many hours do you think ive put into diablo 3?
omg... i dare not check.... RT @_Electrix_: @deadmau5 How many hours do you have on @Diablo 3?
sending out a memo, @dean360manage please circulate around the office. Enforcing a new dresscode. to be in effect immediatley.
i dunno why the fuck anyones even remotely surprised that this sort of shit happens when you have some fuckin 25 y/o manager who "parties"
not supposed to talk about that. RT @OhhBeeJay: @deadmau5 you in the illuminati yet?
im not sorry im not sorry. im just NOT SORRY. like at all.
.@krewellamusic24 of course i can sing. anyone can sing. do i sound good? no. do i care? no. but... THAT AUTOTUNE THO!
RIGHT. tonights plan, take a trip to Niagara to pop in at the Niagara Music Awards! Stop by and support your local artists! @NMAupdates
just some general advice. not pointed at anyone in particular.
EDM protip: if youre going to make a group / trio act... dont fire the guy who actually does shit. #themoaryouknow
.@RazihelOfficial defintiley. brb. gotta watch wapner.
lol! I love taxtherich RT @GCkiLLa: @deadmau5… Please do this in your McClaren. #hoon
RIP shell replcaements.
... the commodore is keeping up with you.
are you keeping up with the commodore? coz...
follow @verge for all the updates on the #msft event stuff if that's your thing. theyre on it.
If this doesn't convince you to go see Tycho @ISO50 then I'm not sure we can be friends...…
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I love that @deadmau5 is following the Windows event live #MSFT #Windows10
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.. @Taffingabout "riiiiiiiidggge racerrrrrr" seems to be the appropriate quote here.
shoulda just said fuckit and turn it up to 11.
windows 10 eh?
some guy named ryan sent me a disposable camera, so i took pics of meowingtons and the studio and supid selfies n sending it back. lol 10/10
Spend the morning signing all yer stuff! You'll get it back shortly!
.@Danny_NipZ is that what you talk about on your phone all day? if i were you, i'd probably call your GF. maybe go spend some time with her.
hey gurl. --> RT @juliie_tee: so ....why is my boyfriend fighting with one of the greatest djs ever... im on ur side😂�@deadmau5u5
when ppl link nem bracers after i hit a shrine. i just link em back with mine n say "i has nems, u mad bro?" @Diablo
.@MarvyMae wizard:… "epicfail" was because i thought i was gunna die in the first week. But i didn't! @Diablo
@deadmau5 I JUST did that on Saturday. "Oh shit, Rainbow Goblin!" *15 minutes later* "Whimsydale: The Area of Broken Dreams and Regret".
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.@Eric_Kauffmann it's exactly as the name implies.