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well that was a nice nap.
oh yeah, and i finished that track i was working on the other day too.
I see Roys operation was a success! RT @inboxbygmail: Look for the golden ticket in Speed Dial.
YAY!!! i just sat here on ass for 8 hours straight messing around with a rift, fuckin around on twitter, n ate a sammich! take that #haters
"Hey Mark, this party is awesome! Have you seen Susan from accounts? She looks hot outside of work!"
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nahh im just being a dink, good work on the album @DILLONFRANCIS :D its a good fun listen
yup, i literrally pissed myself when i saw the ingame. RT @0_Vidalll: @deadmau5 lol it's paris and the dude right ?
I just backed Ghosts ’n DJs: EDM retro arcade lampoon. on @kickstarter @DrKucho
.@minliangtan @Razer im really hoping its the modular pc... but, who knows! we'll just wait and see.
.@minliangtan @Razer WHAT THE HELL IS IT!!!??????
.@aaronpaul_8 @ToysRUs eh.. that does suck... but could be worse.least yours don't have big ears on em... then you'd really be in some shit.
☑ ʀekt ☐ ɴot ʀekt
she got you YOU. RT @MahmoudAzharii: @deadmau5 I love my mom too, but she got me nothing
i could tell she was kinda mad at me for that epic burn tweet... but thats cool. moms forgive that kinda shit.
i love my mom. she just got me coffee.
Boom! Look at that pro wirring job. Yeah, that's right, I just fitted and wired a DJI Lightbridge on my phantom. You're just jealous.
.@RobotComplicate i am! dude... dual monitors bro. #1999
.@OnlineHilton eh. why is this about money again? money money... makes more money. money. im talking about validity here.
.@QueenFairyMe nah, amnesia isnt paying her a million. Just saying, i know this other DJ that used to frequent that place and knows a thing.
thats it. im jelly. im never ever ever playing another song Paris produced. ever again.
hey! i gotta go finish this track tho real quick... have a chat with @mynameisEvanG .. he loves people.
.@kiloton10 moog voyager, virus TI, Cypher (VST), Strobe (VST), a little ARP Oddesy in there too iirc.
god i love twitter.
.@ParisHilton also, dont fuck with my twitter.
.@ParisHilton if i wanted attention, id put out a sex tape, fuck a dentist, then charge a million for root canals. For now, imma just be me.
aaaand now you're creeping me out jake. lol. f'n jake. being jake. RT @killthenoise: @deadmau5 hehe
was just dragged by a glowing pit by some evil cultists.... fuck sake, second time this week too.
im renaming my cats to Fat and Stupid.… took the @DJIGlobal Phantom up to make sure all the shingles were on properly :D
learning to tweet.... lets try one mroe time...
there, thats sorted.
B/c Mis-information got out by us re: mau5 v Prydz they've agreed to extend their set to 2 hrs! Thx 4 saving the day @deadmau5 @ericprydz
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how about this... we all show up, play some music and have a good time. hows that. :P
why is this so difficult.. and why is this landing on me? its not my fuckin festival, i shouldnt have to worry about this shit. so i wont.
so HARD decided to tell everyone we were playing for 3 hours? and yet i was booked for 2 hours. someone over there doesnt know wtf is up.
what do you mean what happened to the 3 hours set? you tell me...? what happened to the 3 hour set? fuckin calm down.
Brb in a month.
sorry, was just tired of fucking hearing about it.
Anyway... Whatever ... Leave your "mau5 head" at home if you're coming to HARD next week. P.s. Happy Halloween.