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Headed home to visit my cat for 2 days!
.@SSuolaka @Marlin_Sandiha @MarioSandiha you ladies sure talk about balls a lot. GG no re.
What a great way to end the EU tour... Just put on a free broadcasted show for everyone :) thanks for helpin out iTunes fest!
i like it in here. It's warm. β€œ@Nicolasmith85: @deadmau5 hiding in his cube. @lewiskayleigh_ 🎧”
Some trivia: ghosts n stuff turned 10 years old today. Where did the time go?
So if your travelling at the speed of light, and a photo is coming at you... Human "framerate" so to speak, would probably miss it.
Wait, since neurotransmitters don't travel anywhere near the speed of light... You'd never be able to "see" it anyway.
Hidding in my cube. Still thinking about photons n shit.
Hmmm okay, off to the stage.
I guess if I was moving at the speed of light... I probably wouldn't even notice... If I'm moving as fast as a photon, it'd be kinda dark.
Ugh... So if a photon has mass, even the smallest quantum amount ... Then how is light speed impossible to breech?
So do photons have a mass?
I'm going to have to guess that some kind of conversion takes place and energy charges existing particles and flings em out as photons...?
Was thinking, if say... A lightbulb emits photons... Where are those photons coming from? Surely you can't magically create new photons..?
Off to the iTunes festival for the last show on the tour! I wonder if meowingtons even misses me. Doubt it. #catparty
Off to London for one last little bonus show we've added on the tour, iTunes fest! Then that's a wrap!!! :)
I should call front desk every 5 minutes and ask for a fork until they bring one up, then tell them I wanted a chicken.
Hi... @HyattConcierge This is Joel in room 666. Can I have a fork? "No". No fork. You guys don't give a fork? TouchΓ©, neither do I.
Do I get a discount if this woom hawnted? Dis woom is haunted. Somebody died in here. Fuck you @HyattConcierge. It's haunted. Evil room.
Lovely and warm time with the Austrians tonight :) thank you so much for having me!
.@theskyknock then I will throw a @Zedd back.
.@Stijn_vergauwen whimsical anecdotes based my long voyages at sea.
.@kawaiimau5 then I'd probably have an entire keg shoved up your ass. That's what.
.@BleaklyDivine I'd take a year off and collect insurance. Why?
Since I don't have photoshoop on hand... Can someone please shoop googlie eyes on too of Dillion's scar? @DILLONFRANCIS
Wait... Hang on a sec,.. Who the fuck buys RC Cola anyway??? I'd throw that shit away too.
It's confusing!!! They both start with an S!!!! I'm sorry!!! hahahaha :D
Awe man, loved the show in Zurich today! Lots of fans and friends, good weather, great times :)
lol β€œ@DilMau5Lowlands: @deadmau5 thanks for breaking and fixing my and @flumeremix her mau5head!”
Buzzed the front of the stage as met some cool mau5fans with some cool custom mau5 heads! Broke one... But I fixed it. #canthavenicethings
Landed in Zurich.! Who's ready for tonight? Meeeee
Recorded the set, I'll get it in your hot little hands soon. ;)
"Why is he playing so much techno" - a guy that promotes a night at a nightclub in fucking ibiza. Anyone got a face I can palm?
Well... I personally feel like I gave a piece of me to amnesia tonight regardless of what big room tunes I didn't play. Cleaned the foam up.
So rad seeing my crazy ideas come to life... Dem blue calipers and blue anodized intake cover... Sexy! #mclaren650S
:( β€œ@Sekanskin: Here she is all fresh to death 😡�@deadmau5u#ripi#purrarir@Sekanskinin”
I fell in my hotel room being an idiot, smashed my back on the bed, codeine time. I'm ok tho, Just really stupid.
BCM is easily the loudest club I've ever been to. :) I had fun! With ear plugs in. :D thanks for having me malaguf!!