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.@Myspace holy shit, you guys are still here? How's the other side of the internet? Say hi to geocities and bonzai buddy for me!
pasting from a blog coz im lazy:… i think they link to it somewhere in there.
anyway... go download my album for free if you want. were giving it away. gunna go back to making some new shit.
lol... what a waste of time... funny tho. an hour in, and im im dutch. undutching myself.
lmfao... even my cpu was like... joel pls. *crash*
commentary is in the chatroom. im about to sidechain bro
.@noisesandstuff of fucking course. every top100 dj track is a nexus preset. stardom here i come.
@deadmau5 dude just got your 4x4=12 album from google play, awesome deal of $0!
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who wants to make a huge cheesy top100 "EDM" uber hit? me!!! i got mad fuckin bills to pay.
Took a few pointers from the pros
"I’ve outlived Jesus. It’s logical to infer that I’m smarter than him, made better life decisions and you'd do better to listen to me."
That depressing place you go to when you realize you can't reach the pedals.
#advicewithdillonfrancisbitchass your tinder game is weak as fuck. get me that chandelier. @DILLONFRANCIS
epic twitter hindsight, "wouldn't be the first monkey in space either."
.@armanaydin holy shit, i didnt even think of that.... just had a COD "Odin" moment.
don't worry about being first, focus on being best. Look at the wright brothers... they're dead. #toosoon?
DJs in spaaaaace...meanwhile, the guys on the ISS have probably been using their ipods in space since 2002. so much for that "first"
no gravity. no oxygen. no sound. just pure beats baby. just pure beats.
.@davidguetta if you can talk @djafrojack as your opener, i will personally invest in a spacestation for a permanent residency up there.
i just dont think humans were ever really intended to leave earths gravitational pull. space is neat and all. but still.
old news... i think he's been in space before... or possibly further than that by the looks of it:…
.@dancingastro "WHAT!? what do you mean they dont like 128bpm F# kicks anymore" you're fucked now buddy. gg no fuckin re.
.@dancingastro saw this coming 4 years ago at least... i just wish it would sink already so the resurgance will weed these new tools out.
.@Aaron_Claycomb4 "EDM" is the absolute definintion of "poor sound design skills". who the fuck is this pro? lol
hey, we stuck that shirt up on the store soo you just order it there if ya want:…
I need this in my life. RT @TruShane69:… @deadmau5 Upgrade time Joel :DD
.@dadalife lol... amazing! in your FACE netherlands.
what the fuck am i even doing here. this actually hurts.
HAHAH... why did i even stop what iw as working on to read that... "hes the real deal" said nervo... fuckin blind leading the deaf.. oh god
happy diwali my indian friends :D
.@Greggyboi13 @afrojack ill make it easy... how about "last car standing"
. @RoknSpock does it have an e brake? beacuse thats the great equalizer in hatchback vs. supercar. just as much fun!
as if theres a right one. RT @Johnnymanee_: @deadmau5 @afrojack @JamesHadouken You tagged the wrong Afrojack btw lol
seriously, i found like 5 bucks in change i didnt even know i had... only cost me a set of tires and possibly a clutch to get it.
yeah, everyone but @afrojack RT @JamesHadouken: @deadmau5 lots of people relating to this tight now
3. slam on brake, floor the gas and turn left. 4. all the loose change under the seats, should now be on your dashboard.
Ferrari Protip #32: Finding change.... 1. set break differential alll the way to the front. 2. get it up to about 20mph (with LOTS of room)
WHOS EXCITED FOR @projectcarsgame ???? meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@deadmau5 thanks dude!! You where with us in spirit for the 2014 season! 🏆�
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wow. really? just caught meowingtons chewing on one of the propellors of my DJi phantom... why dont you tell us how you really feel... cat.
OH IT WILL BE. one sec. RT @Tobalayer: @deadmau5 @JoeyGodsey It's not on your store