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There's a squashed spider just chilling in the corner of my room...
Carl is such a little prick on The Walking Dead
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When someone's too busy for me, I lose interest.
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Fucking ill. Yay.
I ache in places I never knew existed
I was just woken up from a beautiful nap and now I feel like going on a killing spree.
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Well great. That's scared the shit out of me.
American Dad is the shit Family Guy.
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That sigh of relief when you finally get your running shoes.
The only texts I get these days are from O2...
That Lisa from Waterloo Road is so god damn annoying.
I hate these statuses " film with the boyfriend love him so much" wanna tell us when you shit last aswell?
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I have the most messed up dreams
Get so offended when people over take is on me driving lesson hahaha AM TRYING MAN 😭
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Everyone has boyfriends or girlfriends and I'm just like 'that's a cute wood chipping'
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Can't sleep, keep thinking that crazy woman from Insidious is going to appear over me...
i hate when im ignoring someone but they dont text me or anything so they dont even know that i’m ignoring them
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You enrage me more than when I'm playing LoL and that's saying something.
Your face, your attitude, your look just you annoys me all together!
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