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Hi @RealDDP I remember the first time I saw you in 1999 when watching WCW! I liked to watch your matches! Russian fan
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#FBF-Grappling with a true legend, the one and only @MuhammadAli
#TBT-Back in the WCW days, giving love to @JimKellyInc hope you are well my friend!!! DDP
REMEMBER to take your (6) ORIGINAL pictures! @RealDDP can't emphasize this enough! Here are the 6 sample pics!
#WellnessWednesday-There are a lot of elements to get you where you need to be...start with these 4 steps!
Check out our #DDPY mats! Comes in (4) colors AND they are longer than normal yoga mats!
#TransformationTuesday-Let's check out Chris, who's owning his life with #DDPY What could YOU do??
#MotivationalMonday-Tesla shows that you can't always get what you want on the first try..but it'll be worth it later
#FBF-I'm glad that professional wrestling and #DDPY panned out, cause the glamour shots are questionable!!! DDP
#WellnessWednesday-Often times we forget that "wellness" isn't just eating right & exercise, there are other elements
#TransformationTuesday-Chris, is another example of what owning your life with #DDPY can do for you!!
#MotivationalMonday-When @BillGates has some insight or advice, it's probably a good thing to take note!
#FBF-Back in the day, hanging out with one of the reasons I wanted to get into wrestling, @GovJVentura
#WellnessWednesday- @BodyRebooted stated that people should do more research on your 5-HTP, could make a difference!
#TransformationTuesday-Want to be inspired? Check out Jared, who is KILLING it on #DDPY What could YOU do??
I KNOW that @BodyRebooted put them through a KICKASS workout, they also tested out our DDPY heart rate display app!!
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I'm in LA, but I couldn't be more stoked that we officially opened the #DDPYPC for sneak peek classes today!
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#MotivationalMonday-there's this little company called @Nike that just took 3 words & one logo and made it there own!
#FBF-giving diamond cutters with hollywood tough guy, #MickeyRourke
#TBT-hanging with my buddy, @adamcarolla after doing his podcast!
#WellnessWednesday-Want to know about 5 foods that will help give you healthy skin..check this out!!
#TransformationTuesday-Check out Justin, who is owning his life with #DDPY If he could do it, what could YOU do??
#MotivationalMonday-This is one of @RealDDP favorite quotes that he LIVES by!

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