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Hey Guys I'm about to go Live on Fox News @Varneyco about 11:45
On the street to the big apple w NY Finest Officer Giovanni or BIG G #SelfHiFive @DDPYoga
@DDPYoga will have you jumping from the top of steel cages at the age of 43, just like @IAmJericho #itworks #ddpyoga #testimonialsinaction
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@DanHero91: @DDPYoga day two:My back feels better but my legs are shaking from Energy. Feel like Anthony is mocking me.” DO YOU MEAN ARTHUR
@TaureanMauler: @fitocracy What R the odds of making @DDPYoga trackable? We've got a whole community begging for it!” WHATS TRACKABLE MEAN
@ChrisIdol22: My back is killing me. I may have to invest in some @DDPYoga in the near future” PAIN CAN BEVA MOTIVATING FACTOR BRO @RealDDP
Just heard my buddy Sean O'Haire passed 43 last nite... I always loved his Look... GOOD Guy I called him Doc as in HYDE #RIPbrother @RealDDP
RT @realvinnocente: @RealDDP just bought @DDPYoga and I'm ready to begin. Wish me luck! @IAmJericho Awesome bro! DDP
RT @CEOmrB: The last time the US title was relevant was when @RealDDP @BretHart or @Goldberg had the title back in '98 #WCW #Nitro BANG DDP
You Wild and Crazzzzy SOB! My fellow @DDPYoga Maniac @IAmJericho STEALING the SHOW TONIGHT on RAW! #BANG #SelfHiFive #GoodGawd #DDP
People seem glad to see my on my feet again in my latest video. Thank @DDPYoga for that. Dude saved my life.
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After breaking my neck & being paralyzed this is the reason I no longer have neck pain! Go check out @DDPYoga
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Check out the latest episode of Zombie Go Boom with @Boogie2988 and yours truly! Steel Chair vs. Zombie.see who wins
@RVJJYK: @TheFatLantern @DDPYoga how can I sign up?” Goto it's all there
@ButImTylerRoach: Just died through my first @DDPYoga session. @IAmJericho” it gets Easier and You get Stronger @RealDDP
@TheFatLantern: @DDPYoga Is DDP actually coming to the NYC Yoga Workshop in January? My wife and I signed up! Can't wait!” AbsoF'nlutely :)
If you underestimate the power of @DDPYoga, I invite you to consider this:
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The thing I'm mostly looking forward to after the #dayjob? A @DDPYoga session # letsdothis #OwnYourLife
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Since the NFL season is starting this week!!
Still a couple spots open, Brighton, MI, I will see you in a couple weeks!! BANG!
Just got off the cell with @JakeSnakeDDT & @superstarbillyg it appears Jake is out of the woods! if a cats got 9 Lives a SNAKE has 13 LIVES!
So @DDPYoga can officially be referred to as the greatest purchase of my life. After (left) & Before (right). #bang
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Do it because they said you couldn't
CBS New York: Wrestling Legends Diamond Dallas Page And Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts Practice DDP Yoga
Review: 8 Unbelievable Benefits Of #DDPYoga Please share! #health #fitness
Terri's 10-year transformation in 5 seconds!
@JRsBBQ @DDPYoga @RealDDP OMG DDPyoga is TheShit! I was Shocked, blwn awy. Vry much needed(6,4).The wrstlng references lightn the mood!thnx
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I liked a @YouTube video from @DDPYoga Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's Inspirational Transformation!
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I don't always exercise but when I do, it's… #DDPYOGA |
VIDEO: Dave Richard loses a bet to Jake 'The Snake' Roberts #DDPYOGA CBS Sports Dave Richard JakeSnakeDDT
Rev Kev's Amazing 8-month Transformation in 5 Seconds!
Breakfast & a workout with Chris Jericho & DDP
Paratroopers inspirational transformation and recovery : theCHIVE #DDPYOGA
28 Days, 28 Pounds! I know I can do even better, Re-Energize! For September #BANG @DDPYoga @RealDDP #OwnYourLife
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DDPTv DDP's Crazy Strength Postions INSPIRED by ARTHUR!
DDP Teaches Forearm Stands
Thinking of ordering some #DDPYoga and go full diamond cutter on my ass. Whatcha think @DDPYoga?
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BANG! RT @eddiebravo: @RealDDP @DDPYoga on @EddieBravoRadio is now available on iTunes & Stitcher