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Dativa D
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especially those sugar-coated lies they think would make us feel better. :))
#drawing on the train (lalu dilanjutinnya kapan-kapan). #wip #gd
90s enough? #latepost #ootd
Little escape.
Kembali ngantor dengan kereta tadi pagi, yeay! Ditemani "Jalan Raya Pos, Jalan Daendels" oleh Pram, tentang sejarah kelam jalan raya sepanjang utara Pulau Jawa dari Anyer sampai Panarukan (sebagian besarnya adalah jalur Pantura) yang dibangun hanya dalam 1 tahun di bawah perintah Gubernur Jenderal H
Di Indonesia banyak banget sih yang bagus tapi Raja Ampat itu one of must visit sik :D
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err "@mbachelard: It's restive at the pro Prabowo constitutional court protest but Indo entrepreneurship has no fear"
How a husband-and-wife team in Tehran turned their taxi into a rolling library via @WSJ
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Jokowi for #RI1 and Ahok for #DKI1. This is the best buy-one-get-one deal!!
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Looking for good news today? Excellent final election results in world's 4th largest country #Indonesia
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Putus? :'( "@kompascom: Berbeda dengan Prabowo, Hatta Rajasa Hormati Hasil KPU"
Dan selamanya akan diingat sebagai jenderal yang mundur.
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HAHAHA "@jokoanwar: THE MOST EPIC TWEET FROM A NEWS PORTAL HAHA “@Metro_TV Jadi Salah KPU? Salah Teman-Temannya KPU?
♥ ♥ "@jokoanwar: Sampul TEMPO besok cadassss!! Begini nyenengin selalu kalau #JokowiPresidennya"
Prabowo is the man who said “losing is not an option” and whose party holds a “whatever it takes to win” attitude. Expect battle at KPU.
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Prabowo claiming victory too. Many had feared he wouldn't go gracefully. This is getting dangerous.
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Gua akan pilih pasangan nomor 2. But I don't think I stand on the right side. Just choosing the less evil side.
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Kekecean lainnya dari Florence and The Machine: bikin lagu dari nama quarks, Strangeness and Charm. :'D
People are afraid to be themselves, until they become other people, and they can never become themselves again.…
From my view, Prabowo is tapping into the lower class, focusing on money, not sustainability. Jokowi focused on system.
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Barusan baca tulisan jujur dan heart-felt dari @rayafahreza. Salut berani nulis ini, Bro. Semoga banyak yg baca.…
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if i open myself up to u.. sometimes i just fake it, for the sake of work/things i love which require me to 'network'
"@mingkki21: I'm in a good mood haha. Blackjacks! Let's have some fun tonight ;)" Щ(ºДºщ)
*kerokin* RT "@ygent_official: TAEYANG - 눈,코,입 (Eyes, Nose, Lips) M/V"
#Pixar unveil the full plot synopsis for their next film Inside Out, and it's full of emotion:
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Suf @MahardianY mau ambil tripod gue dooong, masih di kos kah? Gak lu jadiin tiang jemuran kan? DM-in nomor lu yak. Thanks! :D
The difference between Prabowo and Jokowi to me: Prabowo wants a strong 'state', Jokowi wants strong 'people'.
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((( jumpalitan )))
that take-off-your-shoes-then-jumpalitan feeling when listening to Dog Days Are Over by Florence +The Machine..
Happy Pi Day! It's March 14. Learn how integral math is to exploring space: #PiDay
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"The dots will connect in your future. Even if it doesn’t make sense right now, trust that you’re on the right path."
RT "@hurufkecil: i have two best friends money can buy. book and coffee."
Ha! "@rianurphi: The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts and the stupid ones are full of confidence."
I was like "let's move this plot along and get to the point". It's also easy to guess who the murderer is. : ( #TheCuckoosCalling
It's very well-written, but the plot moved too slow (for a mystery novel). If it was by an author I’d never read before, I’d be so impatient
I'm a big fan of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, but her mystery novel, The Cuckoo's Calling is just.. "ok". I expected more.
Satire at its best. Logika kita logika Sitok:
:)))) RT "@pandji: :)))) kamprets “@thepopoh: syiitt... main flappy bird.. susah banget syiiihh..”"