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Dativa D
Berduka sedalamnya atas wafatnya Pak Raden. Semoga diberi tempat terbaik di sisiNya. Terima kasih atas karya2mu Pak!
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sorry @qisthinarani, but the music really disturbs us who are still working in the office one floor below yours. :)…
Facebook announces TechPrep, new initiative to bring underrepresented groups to tech. Can't be what you can't see!
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Cieeeh, Affan sekarang udah cukuran dan jadi supir Uber.. :3 (with Affan) [pic] —
*kemudian muncul Dementor di Beleja*
Hidup perut black hole! 🙌 (with Annisa) [pic] —
Ulang tahunku dinyanyiin om om cocobi. 😂🙈
Macetnya Jalan Panjang hari ini bikin yang naik bus Transjak jadi sarden kaleng dan yang naik ojek jadi medium-rare bacon.
Sekali-sekali begadangnya sama cecewek badass. 💪…i
:)) "@nixcraft LOL. In case of fire... "
I used to be an INTJ then grew up to be the dreamy logician INTP 😱. How about you? (a question to ask a crush)…j
Ada yang setelah diketawain karena kasih buku kumpulan puisi jadinya kasih buku-buku macam ini. 😂#gratisanhoreeq
"You think creating responsive newsletter is that easy? Let it render in me and see how it looks now", scumbag Outlook said.
#happybirthday @NASA! Today in 1958, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration was formed, absorbing the NACA
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99% aja cantiknya udah gak karuan.…
Details on tonight's eclipse: Thank you, Michele Whitlow, for the cool eclipse composite!
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Isn't staring at you while riding ojek romantic enough, dear beautiful supermoon?
Bukti bahwa tidur sama saya itu cukup berbahaya. 😑H
yg kehabisan tiket, konsernya ditambahin 1 hari lagi nih, tanggal 25. Yihaa!… @kuckec @sszh_ @VannieRichi @ppeoQgayo
💪�#awesome9e9 (at Teras Rimbun Cibubur) [pic]
Kantornya romantis ya hari ini. 😍#awesome99#repathh (with odrie at Aitindo) [pic] —
In case you missed it: here's what you need to know about Google's massive restructuring…
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guess "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" phrase was also made for people who do HIIT workout while having flu. #dying 😂
A bright light in the sky? Could be the @Space_Station if you know when to look! We can help:
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anyone from @FemaleDev joined #iLookLikeAnEngineer campaign to challenge stereotypes in tech industry? ;D…
Relationship status: having a crush on #Churros. #foodporn #jktfoodies #coffeeshop
"Oh? Woot? Really? Mwahaha" #coffeeshop #interior #vscocam
Bob minta dibawa pulang bangeeeet. :3 ★ Minions (at @fXSudirman) —
It has been a while since I last saw you, but I still can't forget the way you melted me. #eww #cheesy #Gili #Lombok
Bob's last #officeselfie before got hardly beaten (with a banana) by an angry caveminion. :( #minion #minions #vscocam, a free resource for the JavaScript community, just launched!…
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being a lonely child in the library is my favorite hobby.
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The biggest mistake you can make is removing jewels from your crown to make it easier for a man to carry.
Watch Elon Musk announce the Powerwall home battery from Tesla Energy.…
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Bigbang konsernya di Tangerang. Suruh mampir ke rumah, apa? (with Murni, Bella, and 4 others) [pic] —
Just posted a photo —
One of the most common mistakes people make in life: losing precious diamonds while they are too busy collecting worthless stones.
Duyung-duyung Aitindo. 😆 (with verina, Michelle, and 17 others at Gili Air) [pic] —
Selamat pagi dari Tangerang yang berasa masih di Gili. :p (at Gili Trawangan) [pic] —
Sepedaan cantik mengejar sunset. :p (with Yona Intan, Rhere, and Annisa at Gili Trawangan ) [pic] —
Sinful dinner. #diskonanhore (at Kimchi Grandma PIK) [pic] —

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