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Dudda Dash
You're a force to be reckoned with today, especially if someon... More for Cancer
You crave immediate acknowledgment from your close friends and... More for Cancer
Although you're quite patient when there's a good reason, you ... More for Cancer
You are being asked to reevaluate your objectives at work beca... More for Cancer
Your sensitivity is a mixed blessing today because you can't a... More for Cancer
Nothing brings you more pleasure now than hanging out in your ... More for Cancer
Although you may blast through your regular self-imposed limit... More for Cancer
Stepping back from an explosive situation is smart, but you ma... More for Cancer
Having the time to add some spontaneous fun to your day is a t... More for Cancer
Your current sense of optimism has you believing that anything... More for Cancer
Sometimes, knowing what to do in life doesn't mean that you're... More for Cancer
Your personal life takes a surprising twist as an emotionally ... More for Cancer
Your circles of communication are growing as a new wave of fas... More for Cancer
Unexpressed feelings at home complicate family dynamics in mor... More for Cancer
You might be required to make a decision that greatly affects ... More for Cancer
You are stepping into a new phase of your life where what you ... More for Cancer
Tinkering with your calendar one more time still won't enable ... More for Cancer
It seems as if you're lingering in a dream state and have lost... More for Cancer
You know in your heart you're about to do something outrageous... More for Cancer
You may seem overly moody to others today, especially if you'r... More for Cancer
You seem rather distracted today, yet it's wise to acknowledge... More for Cancer
You still may be hooked on old tapes when it comes to receivin... More for Cancer
Your brain may win out over your heart in an internal struggle... More for Cancer
Your desire for solitude clashes with your social obligations ... More for Cancer
You are such a pro at turning your home into a safe haven that... More for Cancer
You might feel like a baby bird that's being poked and prodded... More for Cancer
The spotlight is on you today, whether or not you're ready for... More for Cancer
You're not as resistant to change as everyone thinks. After al... More for Cancer
A thorough reassessment of your philosophical beliefs could le... More for Cancer
Forget all the reasons why you shouldn't take a risk now; just... More for Cancer
Toss out your inhibitions today as you dream about an exciting... More for Cancer
Teds tonight ...
Your highest hopes can be so outrageous now that it's more lik... More for Cancer
You are at the top of your social game because nearly everyone... More for Cancer
She just wanna look good for me ...
People may want to lean on your shoulder because you have a te... More for Cancer
You might fantasize about breaking out of your regular routine... More for Cancer
You might believe that you can fit a lot more into your day if... More for Cancer
Attempting to draw a definitive line between the objective fac... More for Cancer
You may believe someone is being too critical of your work sty... More for Cancer
White girls dance so funny sometimes lol #uconn
Unreasonable demands are stretching your personal resources to... More for Cancer
In your own quiet way, you are desperately seeking the lightni... More for Cancer
Your peers are pressuring you to actively contribute to their ... More for Cancer
A recent shift of plans might have been somewhat upsetting, ev... More for Cancer
It's essential to say exactly what you mean today or a miscomm... More for Cancer
It's hard to hide your inner beauty today. Even if you're not ... More for Cancer
You can prevent a problem before it even happens by taking str... More for Cancer
Your current fascination with being different reveals a surpri... More for Cancer
You secretly harbor fantasies of breaking loose and doing some... More for Cancer

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