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LJ Connell
"Ignorance may not actually be bliss, but it is certainly less work." #mondaymood @NightValeRadio @CecilBaldwinIII
How I did on Twitter this week: 32.6K New Followers, 2 Mentions, 1 Retweets. How'd your week go? via
Getting really sick and tired of the out-of-control disrespect being shown to or police officers! #stopthemadness…
Eek! I dont know about this one. Ok...I'll try it...maybe..…
I blame lawyers for #politicalcorrectness . Can't legislate #morality and they know that. It's just another money making venture.
We should often feel ashamed of our best actions if the world could see all the motives which produced them. François de la Rochefoucauld
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Please check out and follow @mdgravecare #RT
Please send prayers for a Louisiana State Trooper who was shot during a traffic stop today.
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Super impressed with #business #smallbusiness #biztips So easy to use and affordable.
My best RTs this week came from: @govtdude #thankSAll Who were yours?
NOW TRENDING ‼️The POLITICAL CORRECT FARSE is nowOUT of FASHION✔️ Straight talk now in vogue @GaetaSusan #tcot
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@dcoutlet great to connect. If you like our content on twitter, please visit our website community as well
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It feels good to know I'm not alone in feeling the stress of transition. Great article. #veterans…… The truth hurts. That is why it isn't Black Lives Matter, it is more appropriately called Black LIES Matter.
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Police Officers DESERVE RESPECT & GRATITUDE for their outstanding protection every day! #PJNET #TCOT
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I have a hard time arguing with this one...…
Works on firearms, not email servers. In stores now. #clean #fun
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Supporters of YOUTH COURT in New Bedford and Fall River Fighting to Keep Program Alive.…
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The shockwave is a tradition for our family. Will be pretty sad to see it go. @Misforamore…
Are you kidding me??! From #capitalism to #communism just like that. Come on #dems, knock it off.…
I firmly believe #AllLivesMatter ...except for that guy who cut me off in traffic this morning. He's on his own. #HumpDayHumor
Shop Owner? #Local Retailer? Know of a Great Small Business Owner? Social N Supports Local!
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One of the best things I've every heard is "there is therefore no condemnation for those who are in #Christ.." takes a little stress away
I love using @Square to run my business! Process $1000 without fees when you activate with my link
#racedoesntmatter When will people see that its not about race, its more about the culture you decide to embrace. #AllLivesMatter
Yes, I'm sorry, white folks are the ones perpetuating #RacismInAmerica . Why can't we move forward already people!!!…
VIDEO: Heavily Armed New Black Panthers Threaten Deputies Outside of Jail Where...… #racists #sandrabland #hate #jail
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The rediculousness of people never cease to amaze me…
Awesome idea! But may be one more way for rich to exploit the poor if allowed to. ATM for drinking water.… #water
#Iran to get billions w/o paying its US terror victims a cent. Another oops. #IranDeal
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One year anniversary marked by terrorism and intimidation, not peace or constructive protests. Hatred. Not love.…
One year anniversary of Ferguson shooting marked by terrorism and intimidation tactics...not peace. via @FRANCE24

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