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Me and @nicolegenevieve w the pres. He hadn't heard of @thefaketower.
All of a sudden shit has gotten really weird ... #cua
I actually literally cannot even come up with a caption. #thisexists #asiantourists
Finding my inner piece and a calorie deficit and shit at 8:30 AM.
Punctuation is important.
He's so handsome! #happy1.333333yearsbub #thispicwouldbebetterifiwereinit @cfishe1227
Mediocre macarons with my best friend.
Thanks @bigron1229 and @kathykellypeterson! Really helping me to justify extending my birthday celebrations for as long as possible.
We are artistes! #craftysunday
This wine is pretty much a #basicbitch. Pairs well alone or with takeout. #dontjudgeawinebyitslabel
#fbf that time I was born and massive. @kathykellypeterson @bigron1229
Productivity level: Friday. #downtonabbey
How I feel rn about Amanda's DUI
#cultural #veryproficient
Bring on the lols @cfishe1227
Forget the boots. This phone case with a stripper sloth is officially my favorite purchase of F/W 2014.
Hi I love you, you're mine. @alexanderwangny
Breakfast of champions. #sorryvegans 🐷🏆
Back alley fun #latergram
Extreme outfit envy right now. #chic #quiche
Thirteen years time cannot and will not shake the memory of September 11th. Despite the horrors and tragedies that lower our flags today, I hold my head higher with love and devotion for the city that raised me and the country that allows us to to live our lives in freedom. #proudnewyorker #proudame
#smh def thought it said 3 cheese pizzas. #hangry #trifles
Um @Zara plagiarizing my #rbf?
Just watching House of Cards getting filmed with @tinajanco. #iknowyourejealous
#fbf - your live tweeting nightmares, #CUA. #readyforHOCO #ourlegslookgewd @
All the losers with droids and blackberries, feel free to flush 'em.
Nails reflect my Friday work performance- spotty. #notd
Sometimes DC looks aight. 🌈
ATT: lil mama, this ain't south beach.
Vintage finds with my best.
How people with OCD procrastinate.
Me rn going to work. #RIPFinn #Mondays
#latergram #mutanthand
Hateeeeeeee cleaning out my desk at the end of the week. #watermelon #kitchenappliances #15outfitsbecausecostumechangeshappenoffbroadwaytoo
Just another mediocre offering from the office cafeteria.
Fell asleep on a magazine. Can't get it off.
The keys to our filet mignon. #marcusandmarissa @rjpeterson you just can't sit with us. @cfishe1227
Garden al desko. #Producetive
Sandwich + Netflix = all I need.
👋goodbye, calorie deficit 👋
Casual cooling eye mask on the road w my ride or die @cfishe1227
Sodastream on ice > goose on ice. #23goingon78 #domestiKated
The cutest lil bell pepper!!!!!
#buttondownforwhat v good looks from last night
I don't understand. Props for rockin the wig on your walk of shame
Livin tha life. #SPF
Love going to the farmers market for groceries and only getting #flowers 💁💐
Perfect day. #goodreadwhitewine #rihjoke
Working late just got a little more interesting. #sorryfortheslurredemails #justkidding Drink [at your desk] responsibly.
Sorry, boss. I will not be returning to the office today. #becauseimafuckingprofessional