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DC Comics
Time's getting closer as Future Flash reaches Wally West's death. Preview THE FLASH #34:
Guy Gardner takes on Atrocitus in RED LANTERNS #34. Here's your preview:
What have you, the fans, been saying about THE #MULTIVERSITY since its debut last week? Take a look:
There are at least two big shocks in FUTURES END #17. Don't miss it this Wednesday:
Kicking off two weeks of full DC Nation shorts, watch an episode of DC's Worlds Funnest here:
Are the consequences worth banishing Doomsday back to the Arcane world? INFINITE CRISIS: FIGHT FOR THE MULTIVERSE #15
Selina finds a powerful clothes-challenged man w/ memory loss in BATMAN/SUPERMAN #13. Preview
Barry Allen faces a bevy of bad guys in his constant race to protect Central City! Read THE FLASH digitally today:
Cyborg stars in SECRET ORIGINS #5, including this amazing panel.
All hail the queen. Check out this exclusive @Gotham character card of @jadapsmith as gangster boss, Fish Mooney.
He's the only thing standing between you and the other side. #Constantine
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Enter The LEGO DUPLO Grand Giveaway today!
"Hope you're feeling froggy, Batman. 'Cuz we best jump." -- Killer Croc, BATMAN ETERNAL #20
Complete your back-to-school shopping list when you enter DC Comics Fan Family's Back to School giveaway:
Batman squares off against not one but two villains, including the Phantasm, in BATMAN BEYOND 2.0 #30:
Get ready for lots of DC Nation action, with full shorts coming to every day for two weeks starting Monday.
Have you heard of the #RedCapeCrew? See them in action and keep your eyes out for them:
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So...many...multiverses... Don't forget about the Multiversity Digital Sale going on now:
Up late? Download Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga #8 now:
Make sure you know one Earth from the other with our handy interactive Map of the Multiverse:
Get ready for Monday's all-new chapter of INFINITE CRISIS: FIGHT FOR THE MULTIVERSE with this preview:
Enter the The Super Pre-K Board Book Giveaway today:
"When in doubt, smash robot." – Superman of Earth 23, MULTIVERSITY #1
Relive some classic stories with these newly digitized back-issues:
Preview tomorrow's all-new chapter of the digital-first Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga @Newsarama:
Lex Luther is always one step ahead of everyone else...except Superman. See what happens in SMALLVILLE: CHAOS #12:
.@CraveOnline has a preview of BATMAN BEYOND 2.0 Chapter 30. So get on that, why don't you?
Sure, Bat-Robot has done his job reducing crime but it's time for Batman to get back in the action in BATMAN '66 #41
Sinestro faces off against Hal Jordan. Or does he? Find out when you preview SINESTRO #5:
After the Race of Thieves, Catwoman wants to have a day off. Preview CATWOMAN #34:
A Raven tribute band? This Just Happened in TEEN TITANS #2:
Meet Captain Carrot, the breakout star of THE MULTIVERSITY #1.
"I am the Infinity Man and I am here to help you." --Infinity Man, INFINITY MAN AND THE FOREVER PEOPLE #3
It's Batman against Carmine Falcone in BATMAN ETERNAL #21. @Newsarama has your preview here:
Still left a little puzzled after THE MULTIVERSITY #1? Us too. Here are five things we're still trying to figure out:
A zombie...w/ an AK-47? @ComicVine previews of STAR SPANGLED WAR STORIES FEATURING GI ZOMBIE #2:
THE BAT | THE CAT | THE PENGUIN New & exclusive Batman Returns merchandise!
Get an exclusive look at the art for GOTHAM ACADEMY & catch an interview w/ writer @beckycloonan on @TheMarySue:
Lex's ring soldiers have plans, but he's one step ahead of everyone else (except Superman) in SMALLVILLE: CHAOS #12:
Sept. 22, citizens. Establish a #gotham viewing plan for your household. Tell us below what you decide.
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Is it time for the real Caped Crusader to take his job back from his Bat-Robot? Find out in BATMAN '66 #41:
Harley at a no-rules skate showdown? Just sit back and preview HARLEY QUINN #10:
Hey wait...That's just a month away. Can we start getting excited now? @gothamonfox
"Why Batwoman…You're even lovelier without the mask." – Nocturna, BATWOMAN #34
Will Jeremy have to sacrifice part of his humanity to end the ringleader’s carnival? Read THE VAMPIRE DIARIES #39:
What does it mean!? Tiffany chats w/ @geoffjohns to explain some of his mysterious recent tweets: #DCAllAccess
Help comes from an unexpected source as Batman continues his quest in BATMAN AND ROBIN #34:
Find out what people are saying about THE #MULTIVERSITY, where to start, what it is and more right here: