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Damodar Bashyal
#IndiaBlockadesNepal & stops supplies. Meanwhile, Indian Embassy asks Nepalese government for gasoline, pathetic! #DonateOilToIndianEmbassy
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नेपाललाई आफ्नो नठान्ने,नेपाली भाषालाई नमान्ने र भारतलाई सर्वेसर्वा ठान्नेहरुले नेपालसग पहिचान र अधिकार किन माग्नपर्यो भारतसगै मागे भो त! ;)
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अवैध हुन्डी कारोबारमा संलग्न ९ जना पक्राउ, २ करोड ६१ लाखभन्दा बढी बरामद
सुँग्दा,छाम्दा,हेर्दा,सुन्दा यो नाकाबन्दी जस्तो छ - यो नाकाबन्दी नै हो ! सम्बिधानको पहिलो गाँसमै भारतले छिराएको ढुँगा । #indiablockadesnepal
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Unnecessary interference in Nepal's internal affairs and now undeclared #IndiablockadesNepal @UN please acknowledge it! #BackOffIndia
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छिमेकीको काम "साथ" दिने हो "सात" बुदा दिने हैन भन्ने कुरा अब भारतलाई बुझाउनै पर्छ अनि भारतले बुझ्नैपर्छ !! ;) #BackOffIndia
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#BackOffIndia has became more than a trend; it's a protest against India's unnecessary intervention and dominating tendency!!
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My #Hyundai Sonata SOLD for $160. Going to buy #BMW from #target or #Kmart with that money :-)
Modi ji, Your sympathy,support & suggestion are always welcome but stop your unnecessary interference in Nepal's sovereignty! #BackOffIndia
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Watch out white van wxb-***. Driving erratically on King Georges road. @NewsTalk2UE . Almost had accident multiple times.
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World XI team to face Nepal at #KinraraOval in #BatForNepal fundraising match on August 9:
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259 x Your age x 39 = ?
Nepali Dance at Rockdale Plaza Sydney.
If u've atleast 1 #Nepali Friend Please share… Lets pause #windows10 Install & go #kirtipur
Wish you a very happy birthday @DickSmith CIO @paulkeen :-)
How I apply #Magento Patch, Suggest Yours: This should work on both versions of Magento "community and Enterprise".…
.@dbashyal your Magento updates are great. Keep it up! List of #Magento Influencers: #MLUK15
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Loved these #gmail tricks. adding + was new to me until now -…
High Alert Kali Gandaki river flooding. -
If I can motivate 100s of youths in Nepal from Sydney, why our government can't do same thing from Nepal? ;)...
यी हुन् राजधानीमा चोरका नाइकेहरू
भूकम्पपछि भ्रम फैलाएर चोरी गर्ने २३ जना पक्राउ
The shocking reason why some Nepalese workers can't go to earthquake victims' funerals
२३ जना जीवितै उद्धार गर्ने कुँवरले भने, ‘मलाई कुट्ने विप्लव माओवादी कार्यकर्तालाई कारबाह�
डकैती समूहको आक्रमणबाट दुई जना घाईते
चोरले ब्ल्याकटाउनमा घर फोरेर लाग्यो सुनदेखि लगाएका कपडासम्म – ::: MN TV ::: माइ नेपाल टिभी :::
विप्लवको पत्रकार सम्मेलनमा झडप - Single destination for National and International news from all...
The Emergency: Self motivated young people are doing far better than humanitarian workers :...

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