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It's so hard to get your clothes off when you're drunk
I've had less than 3 hours sleep and feel like I've been hit in the face with a shovel
I love how shit my sketches are compared to my proper artwork…
Quick shitty sketch showing symbolism amongst nature✌️
Getting absolutely steaming tomorrow😂
Best snapchats I've ever sent
Lydia // I've Never Seen A Witch
So happy I don't have work till Saturday
Having a jam with @ErinTaylorBowen to Teenage Dirtbag \m/
Suicide Silence // You Can't Stop Me
Attracted to a rare personality.
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Even though I do, but still that shit's funny
"Got things to do, people to see" has to be the best excuse I've used so far lmao
The key to changing a barrel: Fill the buoy, float the boat 😂😂😂
just stare at the stars & let yourself be consumed by how overwhelmingly incredible the universe is.
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No one can deny that
Kurt Cobain had really beautiful eyes
It's gone 2am and it still feels like it's the middle of the day