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Dawn Chavez
Teen finishes 40-mile walk while carrying brother… via @YahooNews
ROLL CALL! Who's watching #OITNB Season 2 right now?
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A Tornado WARNING has been issued for Douglas County until 2:23 p.m. We're on the air.
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ALERT: TORNADO WARNING for central Douglas County until 2:15pm, from National Weather Service. #9WX
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I am so excited @OITNB is back!!!!!
I can't wait to see this !!!!! Exclusive: The Best of Me - Teaser Trailer Debut #Fandango…
Facebook's new feature has users thoroughly creeped out… via @YahooFinance
Finally caught up with #Fargo
I think I need a mental health day..
when listening to @johnjayandrich the ppl who tell their stories need to hurry and get straight to the point. #talktomuch @seconddateupdate
went back to the gym yesterday and I am feeling the burn today!! #feelsgood
I have to say I am loving my new work schedule!
EwwwwwRT @UberFacts: Studies have proven that taking the underarm sweat of a man and putting it on a woman’s lips can boost her mood.
Woo hoo! 101 dogs and cats lives' saved so far at Foothills Animal Shelter FREE adoption even today!
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Poisoned meatballs for pets found in Longmont front yard via @DenverChannel
"[@ReachOutWW] could potentially be around well after I leave this's a good feeling." - #PaulWalker
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“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” - Joseph Campbell Happy Memorial Day. - #TeamPW
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Sometimes customer service is everything!
I need a new cell phone carrier!!
Not sure why everyone is getting a deal from @TMobile and not me..timetoswitch #nothappy
EDITORIAL: Squeezing the gunsmiths - Washington Times: via @WashTimes
whoa this weather is crazy!
I hope someday when @BillRancic and @GiulianaRancic are in Denver I get to meet them!! I <3 them!!!
laundry day, glad i got my @Gain Mile Hi Mommy -
#amazing #stopbullying Most inspirational kids! Bars & Melody Amazing Bullying Rap Britain's Go...: via @YouTube
YAY!! today is my Friday!!!
From Skip Martin to Brian O'Conner and all in between -- who's your favorite PW character and why? - #TeamPW
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Thank you for your continued support of Paul, his family/friends, and @ReachOutWW! - #TeamPW (Pic Credit: @missez817)
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