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Every day is God's day for a divine encounter, but the day that you are set is your day! #ChooseYourDay
If it is in your heart, God will put it in your hand. What is in your heart?
Greatness is not transferable,accomplishments are not inheritable, anyone that must make a mark in life must make it himself!
When God honours you, no man can dishonour you!
Poverty is not a gift from God but a result of your action!
Your parents will live long to reap the fruits of her labour.
We must never mistake schooling for education. It is possible to spend years in school & still not be educated!
If your life is powerless, your salvation is doubtful!
If you pray in the morning you won't be duped in the afternoon! #Godfirst
If you love God, you will love people.
You don't grow big to manage well, you manage well to grow big. #LifeRules
It's not what you earn that makes you rich, it's the blessings of God that makes you rich.
Carry God in your heart and He will carry you on His shoulders.
Grace makes Great but exceeding Grace makes Exceeding Great!
Only changed people can change the world.
Early to rise, early to shine! #LifeRules
You are either consciously building a library or you are unconsciously building a mortuary for yourself.
Education is forever inferior to revelation! Season's Greetings!!
Whatever is too big for your Mind is too big for your Hand.
Soon there's coming an economic holocaust on the earth and wicked governments shall be humbled before God! #Shiloh2013
Love is a choice. It is the choice of the wise. #Shiloh2013
The wisdom of man always has a limitation. That is why a Doctor also has a Doctor. #Shiloh2013
The Bible is the best Book which God has given to man. - Abraham Lincoln