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Buy an android phone If you want to lose some weight... At least you'll have Internet plan to spend your money on instead of Food...
If video games have taught me anything, it’s that if you encounter enemies then you’re going the right way.
Omg!!! 30 Days in Atlanta is hilarious... AY is not of this world..Great Movie
I'm bored☹
I've kinda just given up on caring about my appearance at school lol like idc what you think #IDFWU
Darhmie follow back@cheeky_darhmie
Arsenal played draw, the media went rampant about how shitty they are. ManCity lost, LFC lost, Chelsea played draw..what happened? Nothing
Goodnight everyone! x.
2go girls will leave 2go, then come here to start asking for recharge cards via DM.
The fact that some day our generation is going to be leading the country is terrifying
When your girlfriend's dad tells you a dry joke, who are you not to laugh???
That he's using you as his dp on bbm still doesn't mean he loves you bae. His girlfriend subscription fit don expire bae!
RT:And a comfy bed to SLEEP@booty_king23: all i need is money, weed and food"
Ikr"@KrisFutter: October lasted for like 2 minutes."
The countdown till the NBA starts is real 🙌🏀
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift- that's why we call it the present
if i swallow my pride for u, it's fucking real
16 call my bro the shii is ready @TG_M16
Nino send me Irvin's number @KingScorpio2
These camera-men have got that Ozil vision when it comes picking out beautiful women from the crowd
RT:lol...puff puff pass "@deshowboy: Smoking shisha alone is boring as hell abeg"
In a relationship one person is always right and the other person is a male
When a African artist win suttin they bring everyone on stage, cousins, uncles, grandma, sister, brother, mum, dad everyone😆#BETAwards20144
In a lounge "@wiilkilz: Where did you meet your current GF/BF? #overloadbysubzilla"
RT:Eva Alordiah"@wiilkilz: Who is sexier, Tiwa savage or Eva Alordiah? #Overloadbysubzilla"
You’re looking at one of the friendliest people on #badoo!…
Just made another match! I’m the most matched on #badoo!…
Wow, I’m one of the most liked people of the week on #badoo!…
You know that I’m one of the pickiest people of the week on #badoo?…
Somewhere in US a 16 year old girl is already thinking about been the next Rihanna
I still can't forgive Steve Harvey for that. Stupid "Think like a Man" Book he wrote...Bitch ass niiga broke the Bro code ☹
I texted her "baby" and she replied "Ma nigggggggaaaaaaaaaaar" gangsta zone ☹
Dates used to mean "maybe I like this guy lemme give him a shot" now they just mean "I'm hungry and he said he was payin :(
I love doing RTs & Favs cuz I get to know what people like and what they don't like!!:)
These Girls ain't Loyal.....
I'm at that point in a semester where if a car hits me,I'd probably say thank you to the kind stranger
Haven't been on this for a while....
RT:I'll shave my legs If they do"@LEGACYfied: Can Man city win barcelona ??? #WaybacmixByDjRexyo"
Word !!"@wiilkilz: Basketball is the shiit mehn."
Nets Defense right now >>>>>>>>
So many basketball games. So few eyes.
If Your a Girl and I have more followers Than You I see No reason for you not to reply Ma dm....#fact
#AMVCA2014 Derenle is mad tbh