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David Monroe Jr
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I can't wait to see bae 2ma :) πŸ’œ
Your past determines your presence and your presence determines your future #Facts πŸ’―
Lmao she be having me weak :) I'm feeling it
I appreciate all my g family and friends :)
Two-Face people are meant to fuck your life up
Me and Amber might be kicking it soon πŸ˜€πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊπŸ˜šπŸ’ now that's that good ish
I love her hugs yo :)
Finna have me a second job man work is life :)
I love the way she treats me πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜
She broke a leg after she broke my heart!
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I see no need for me to tweet these bitches know my status
I hate when people try to use people
Everybody hype about Halloween fuck that shit
Niggas be dissing THOTS, but yet they still chase themπŸ˜’βœ‹
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I hate being ignored.
Some guy just randomly came to my job asking people do they sell rocks.
I've tried to please people, now I've realized I couldn't please no one but myself πŸ’―#MeAgainstTheWorldd
I hate when people tell me one thing and show another. don't Fuck with my head yo
She's a very freaky girl #Gucci
I'm high af I only took a half a pill
Father why do people put on a front? And hold on to pain instead of letting it go? They hide problems, stories, incidents, and so on. Why?
I woke up this morning, bones aching, back cracking, arms stretching, but I'm still smiling :]
I'm going to go get my ish Wednesday
Lmfao df I'm dead af
Don't be ashame of the word "Motherfucker" Cause the word motherfucker is a noun It describes a person, place, or thing
I paid 38.50 Goddamn it you scream
Death to you bitch lmao
D.L. Hughley got me dead yo #Lls
Shawty crazy lmao story telling ass
Lmfao dinner napkins
Ray Ray ain't you gonna hide? I'm already hiding lmfao
Do you know who looking for you Ray Ray? The FBI
Steve Harvey funny af yo XD
Show you give two fucks but say you don't
She acts hard af when she's not in your face lol shit funny until then that's why I can't deal
Left me at dawn like my last one #shitcontradictive
She's never wrong lmao
Lol well she's off I'm on to some new shit
This Laden shit crazy asab yo
This movie I'm watching dumb af o.o
Real Women spoil their Man
I swear people scared of hard work #nowadays work comes handy dandy for me #dedication
Real women please their men under any circumstances #True
They say through thick and thin but they quick to quit when things get heavy #df #TrustandBelieve
I dead ass thought it was a such thing as a second chance
I'm done giving my heart and trying on to the next one hopefully she actually loves me