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Whatsapp group, anyone?
Retweet if you want to gain just follow everyone who retweets and follow back who ever follows you
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This is actually my back up acc. Now, it's going to be my main acc as I have deleted my @kxrenbieber acc. This is sad. Lol
I'm gonna miss my @kxrenbieber acc. It had like 160k followers. I deleted it for no reason tbh.
New semester starts in 5 days. I don't wanna go back to college!
This is Carter's deleted tweet! "@Mr_Carterr: Some of Jacob accounts should turn into Carter accounts."
That feeling when the whole world is against you. #MTVHottest Justin Bieber
He started with a youtube page, then we found it and changed his life. Now, it's TOP 10 in the world! #MTVHottest Justin Bieber
Justin wasn't made, he was found. #MTVHottest Justin Bieber
We are 4 million votes behind! #MTVHottest Justin Bieber
It's so hot tonight.
1. One Direction: 2.8M votes 2. Justin Bieber: 966k votes #MTVHottest Justin Bieber
1. One Direction: 1,980,699 votes 2. 5 Seconds of Summer: 561,099 votes 3. Justin Bieber: 494,289 votes #MTVHottest Justin Bieber
Justin will always be Kidrauhl. #MTVHottest Justin Bieber
Let's make the world better, together. #MTVHottest Justin Bieber
My friends don't understand me. That's why I hate explaining myself.
What did I do to deserve hate?
I want a social life, but I hate talking to people. See my problem?
Sometimes you want to be really honest, but you know you can’t, cause it won’t be received the right way. 😞
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It's windy tonight.
Let's make the world better.
Are the exam results out yet? I really wanna know. I hope I passed. Otherwise, I have to re-sit or repeat the same subject again.
I choose not to participate in life.
Mourning the death of my motivation.
"Why are you always wearing black?" "Because I'm ready for your funeral."
On twitter, I follow you because I want to. But you earned my dislike by spamming my timeline, so I'm gonna unfollow you. Bye!
No best friend? No problem. *cries*
Sometimes, I just want to sit outside with someone and talk all night.
I always want something that I know I can never get.
"Why do you always wear that shirt?" "Because I own it."
Don't you just hate it when both of your best friends kick you aside?
I write all my thoughts and emotions here on twitter. Problem?
Oh yeah, I have assignments to do. Nah, I don't feel like doing them.
I'm bored. All I do is stare at the walls.
Nothing even matters.
Want any advise? Just tweet me.
Who wants a call from Cameron?
What if your idol have you on notifications?
Stop letting it bother you, just let it go.
Life isn't fair. It never was.
Deep inside, you just want to cry.
Don't walk in people's shadows.
I've been patient for a really long time. This time, I do what I want.
The ones who used to be my best friends are now using me. Most of the time, they just left me out. This is sad.
My life sucks. Literally.
There's no need to insult me.
Song #2 You shout it out, but I can't hear a word you say.