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David Axelrod
Jackie Robinson West, fighters to the end. We love you guys! Thanks for the memories!! #PrideofChicago
Go Jackie Robinson West, the Pride of Chicago! LLWS2014
Jackie Robinson is smiling down on his namesakes from Chicago tonight! Now let's beat Vegas! #LLWS
Go Jackie Robinson West! Win or lose tonight, Chicago is proud of you! (But win would be great.). #heartsofchampions
My first impressions notwithstanding, worth reading @WayneSlater of Dallas Morning News on Perry indictment.
.Thanks to @MikeBloomberg, for standing up to gun lobby bullying and devoting himself and his resources to the cause of safer communities.
That's implied by those who objected to my Tweet and would be a lot more serious. But then why haven't the prosecutors said it? 4/4
Is the charge that Perry plotted to push her out so he could put his own person in and stifle ongoing corruption probes of his allies? 3/4
I understand that if the DA had quit, as Perry demanded, the Governor would have had the authority to replace her. Correct? 2/4
I've gotten lots of unhappy emails after my Tweet that Perry indictment looked "sketchy." So here are my questions: 1/4
.Great luck to my old friend and partner @davidplouffe. A real visionary, Plouffe will make @Uber go!
Help us & @JFKLibrary find leaders under 40 who are making exceptional contributions to our world. Nominate your choice at #NewFrontier
Unless he was demonstrably trying to scrap the ethics unit for other than his stated reason, Perry indictment seems pretty sketchy.
Just to clarify: "Don't do stupid stuff" means stuff like occupying Iraq in the first place, which was a tragically bad decision.
Such sad news about Robin Williams. Let us recognize depression as a life-threatening illness, not a deficiency of character. RIP
Cleveland in Love! Can't wait for @chicagobulls and @cavs. Should be a hell of a row!
Sad to hear about Jim Brady's death. He was kind to me when I was a young reporter, and later became an inspiring voice for sane gun laws.
Polishing Tea Party apple: McConnell, who opposed Rand Paul for senate, now calls him "most credible" KY cand for POTUS "since Henry Clay!"
The perverse paradox: "The suggestion that wages could finally be on the rise contributed to a market sell-off..."
But whether or not free-spending oligarchs impact on outcome of campaigns, they surely are driving up their cost.
Welcome to new Gilded Age, where oligarchs supplant parties. Hope @markmackinnon is right, & it's just "white noise."
10 yrs ago today, I stood w/Robert Gibbs, listening to Barack Obama give DNC keynote in Boston. Proud then and now.
.@mikeallen I grew up reading Roger Angell's entrancing essays on baseball, and never stopped. Thanks for flagging!