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David Axelrod
Could not agree more @davidaxelrod. Putin has made several bad moves in eastern Ukraine that have damaged the Russian economy & image
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Remember not long ago when some folks in DC were almost in awe of Putin's moxy and cunning? He's not looking so slick now.
Fun fact: Jobs growth FASTER in states that raised min wage. #RaiseTheWage
Congress won't act on the border crisis. They won't act on the hwy fund crisis. There's no time! They need to go home & ask for reelection.
.@jonlovett Striking, isn't it? In wish they'd just spare us!
Another case of gutter politics:
“Everybody says, ‘I don’t want to raise taxes,’ but they also don’t want to see their bridges fall in." Gov. Bill Harlem, R-TN. #timetoact
Thrilled to welcome @paugasol to @chicagobulls. We're Melo-er with Pau! Should be a fun year.
.@KingJames taking his talents back to the banks of Lake Erie! The prodigal son returns to @cavs to make things right. Hell of a yarn!
'The Giver' to Screen in 250 Theaters Across the U.S. During Premiere (Exclusive) via @THR
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Congrats to @UChiPolitics advisory board member @JulianCastro on his confirmation as HUD secretary. We will miss him!
Shouldn't the Republican National Committee pick up the tab for this one?
The tragic events in the Middle East make peace between Israel and Palestinians seem even more remote and all the more urgent.
.@MLB And while you're there, cast a ballot for @Cubs Rizzo, too!! 17 homers. High on base percentage. Also worthy!
.@MLB Excited that Abreu and Ramirez of @whitesox are All Stars. Well deserved. But how about Sale? 8-1, 2.16 ERA??? Vote him in!!!!! 1/2
As the grateful son of an immigrant who fled oppression & found freedom & opportunity in the USA, I wish you all a Happy 4th!
Encouraging: 1.4 m jobs added in first six months, most robust period of job growth since the Clinton years.
.@NYTimesDowd These folks are only happy when SOMETHING'S exploding!
Shouldn't it be taxpayers suing Congress for LACK of action, instead of Congress suing the President for doing too much?
In other words, were black votes in MS for Cochran just a temp marriage of convenience, or will their votes Tuesday impact on his in Senate?
Wondering if Cochran's much-ballyhooed outreach to black voters in MS will in any way impact on his approach to issues in Senate?
Hillary-Mitt analogy in Post story is absurd. It's not about what you have, but what you've done. HRC's record, roots speak for themselves.
Wonder what George Orwell would have said about the phrase "voter integrity project?"