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David Axelrod
Ben Bradlee will live forever, immortalized for the courage he showed at one of America's darkest hours. RIP.
.What could be more timely than a visit from fmr Sec. of State Madeleine Albright? Looking forward to welcoming her @UChiPolitics on 10/24.
Caustic mix: Public health issue, falling news ratings and pols in the final weeks of election = unconscionable hype and demagoguery.
New wrinkle in tight IL gov race. Did Rauner use his clout to try and muzzle a senior statehouse reporter?
How czar we've come! Old czar foes now demand, and get, one.
.@gretawire No doubt there is role for media to play. But fanning unwarranted fear is more about attracting viewers than informing public.
Modern times: Having feverishly beaten the Ebola drum, the media is now turning to stories about unwarranted panic over the disease.
I remember the days when Obama was being criticized for naming too many "czars." Now the same folks are demanding one!!
Some say Scott Walker is viable '16 contender for GOP. But it looks like folks in Wisconsin could spoil the story.
Big News: Incoming chief of national retailers embracing higher min wage.
You want to know who paid for that nasty campaign ad you just saw on TV? Don't ask!
.Strong message from @HillaryClinton in Philly. If this is a preview, the coming attraction will be formidable.
.@drose looks as good as ever, scoring nine points in nine minutes for @chicagobulls against @WashWizards. Great to have him back!
Proud to welcome U.S Agriculture Tom Vilsack @UChiPolitics 2nite to discuss food and energy policy.
.Looking forward to welcoming former Gov, DNC chair and presidential candidate Howard Dean to @UChiPolitics W/@politicoroger tonight at 6.
Yes, Mr. President you heard us right. Corporate debt has fallen to the lowest level since at least 1990:
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I knew Joe Clancy when he led the presidential detail. You could not find a better person to repair the Secret Service.
Retooling America's community colleges for critical job training. A little story with big implications.
.With all the hitters @Cubs have called up lately, too little's been made of lockdown young bullpen they've developed. #waittilnextyear
Two-to-one early voting edge in Iowa and some signs elsewhere suggest superior targeting and organizing could help Ds tip senate odds.
For all the partisan shots, it is Holder's bipartisan efforts at badly-needed sentencing reforms for which he will be long remembered.
.Looking forward to @CEAChair Jason Furman and a superb panel, led by @AnnieLowrey of @NYMag, on state of middle class. @UChiPolitics 9/29.
What Ray Rice did was egregious. If the @nfl covered it up to keep him on the field, it's even worse. @espn
@RSargentShriver: The Program for Leadership in Public Service we developed w @UChiPolitics.…” Needed in pub service
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It seems impossible, but based on the endless flood of fundraising emails I'm getting, it appears that every race in the country is tied!
.Looking forward to welcoming @RepPaulRyan to @UChiPolitics on Monday, a wonderful way to launch our fall schedule!
.@ebbitt Wasn't intended as a joke. I think it's a profoundly serious matter. Someone swept it under the rug. And that is appalling.
Who at the NFL will get the flag for intentional grounding of the Rice video? And who called the play?
.Proud of Obama alums @stevekerrigan @MrMikeBlake and my old right hand man @EricLesser on big primary wins tonight!!! #yeswecan
Coach Ditka, an Alan Keyes Republican, straps on the shoulder pads for Rauner in Illinois.
Belonging to 100k wine club and calling for end to min wage? Bad week for Rauner in IL.
Should the gov have to shut down just so Marco Rubio can expiate the sin of once having been for immigration reform?
"Circumstances can change…" With GOP field unsettled, could it be Romney redux?
Jackie Robinson West, fighters to the end. We love you guys! Thanks for the memories!! #PrideofChicago
Go Jackie Robinson West, the Pride of Chicago! LLWS2014
Jackie Robinson is smiling down on his namesakes from Chicago tonight! Now let's beat Vegas! #LLWS
Go Jackie Robinson West! Win or lose tonight, Chicago is proud of you! (But win would be great.). #heartsofchampions
My first impressions notwithstanding, worth reading @WayneSlater of Dallas Morning News on Perry indictment.
.Thanks to @MikeBloomberg, for standing up to gun lobby bullying and devoting himself and his resources to the cause of safer communities.
That's implied by those who objected to my Tweet and would be a lot more serious. But then why haven't the prosecutors said it? 4/4
Is the charge that Perry plotted to push her out so he could put his own person in and stifle ongoing corruption probes of his allies? 3/4
I understand that if the DA had quit, as Perry demanded, the Governor would have had the authority to replace her. Correct? 2/4
I've gotten lots of unhappy emails after my Tweet that Perry indictment looked "sketchy." So here are my questions: 1/4
.Great luck to my old friend and partner @davidplouffe. A real visionary, Plouffe will make @Uber go!
Help us & @JFKLibrary find leaders under 40 who are making exceptional contributions to our world. Nominate your choice at #NewFrontier
Unless he was demonstrably trying to scrap the ethics unit for other than his stated reason, Perry indictment seems pretty sketchy.
Just to clarify: "Don't do stupid stuff" means stuff like occupying Iraq in the first place, which was a tragically bad decision.
Such sad news about Robin Williams. Let us recognize depression as a life-threatening illness, not a deficiency of character. RIP
Cleveland in Love! Can't wait for @chicagobulls and @cavs. Should be a hell of a row!