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David Archuleta
Good talking to all of you! Thanks for the positive feedback and vibes, and I'll let you know when you can see the video for Glorious :)
'Tis true! "@Shell_eeeyyy: If you haven't you can download Glorious by @DavidArchie here "
I hope you all have enjoyed the new song #Glorious! Glad to see a lot of you liking it! :)
It has been a while since I have had a recording come out, but tomorrow you can tune in to hear a preview of the song 'Glorious'! I was asked to record it for the new film Meet the Mormons and I'll give you more of the scoop tomorrow in the interview :). Just go to t
For all who've been waiting to hear new music, don't forget tomorrow, new song #GLORIOUS! at 12, 2, and 4 PM MST! :)…
"I fought all through the night; Oh, oh but I made it alive. The sun is starting to rise. Oh, oh these are beautiful times." 🌅
In honor of the new Legend of Zelda game that came out today... #weareZeldafans
How did I just barely find out that a new Legend of Zelda game was coming out today!? #excitingtimes
:) tune in this Sunday if you'd like to hear the song! #Glorious…
Some songs take more time to write than others, but it's fun to see the way it shapes and grows. Day #3 on this one with @stephaniemabey
Feliz 18 de septiembre a los chilenos!! :) Que disfruten estas fiestas patrias comiendo artas empanadas y bailando cuecas! Today is the Chilean Independence Day. My thoughts go to my home of 2 years and I wish the best to all of the Chileans as they celebrate today. I wish I was there to join in
Feliz 18 de septiembre a los chilenos!! :) Que disfruten estas fiestas patrias comiendo artas empanadas y bailando cuecas! #Chile
Remembering being at Station 54 in Manhattan on the 1st #911anniversary. God bless the families of those heroes.…
The world is noisy. How much time do we take to get rid of distractions and actually be still, & listen to our own instincts & thoughts?
Congrats to Crush Kids' Cancer - David Archuleta's Angels for reaching your goal! #StandUpToCancer is on tonight!
Feels good to have control over my own life. Wow, I love learning, and creating my own learning environments. #forwardwithfaith #best2years
Hope you're all enjoying Labor Day 😬
So this must be what it feels like to really write music from the heart. Feels good. Takes time to realize some things.
@marieosmond: Just landed in Chicago. Such a fun day in Nashville catching up with dear friends like @DavidArchie 😊”
Good writing comes out of Nashville 👍. Glad to be in one of my favorite towns working with some mighty talented writers.
Watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 with my family, and I can't get over how much I loved it.
Got nominated by my sister @jahzey . Not sure who has already been nominated, but I nominate David Cook, @JennetteMcCurdy and @thePianoGuysofficial ! for more info. #ALSicebucketchallenge #strikeoutALS
Just sent off these 2 sisters to start their first day of this year of school 😭. One attending high school for her first year and the other for her last year. So glad I got to spend the Summer with them after 2 years. This is the most time I have gotten to spend with them in 7 years. Got asked l
Sending off these 2 sisters for the first day of high school. 1st year for one and last year for the other. They're getting so big 😭
Good luck to @1VoiceChildrens Choir tonight on America's Got Talent!!
“The past is to be learned from but not lived in." - Jeffrey R. Holland
Saw this good man, @johnondrasik , in concert here in Park City, Utah. Always have loved Five For Fighting music 👍
Five For Fighting concert here in Utah was amazing. Good seeing this good man, John Ondrasik, again. What a talented guy who keeps the good music coming. #fiveforfighting #parkcityutah
Saw this on the wall the other day while waiting in line for lunch. #truewords
Saw this on the wall the other day waiting in line for lunch. #truewords
Checking out the menu at a restaurant in Little Saigon. #prizesfromquartermachines #doyouthinkthewaiternoticed?
"Build a team-- success is a team sport. No one can do it alone. Let people be in your life the way you try to be there for them."
Hollywood. Welcomed a friend back home this weekend who got back from his mission. Took a walk around the Griffith Observatory after. 🌞🌙⭐️
"I've learned that the purpose of faith isn't to change the world to match what I want; rather, the purpose of faith is to change my heart."
Watching some amazing performers tonight! Up next @MsGladysKnight
...but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have." - Frederick Keonig
"We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have...
Fun getting to see this familiar face over the weekend :). @brookewhite as happy and as full of that light as ever. #reunions #idoldays #BrookeWhiteandherglow
Pretty grand getting to see a familiar face @brookewhite this weekend :)
Remembering a friend this weekend, Michael Johns, and keeping his family in my prayers. You'll be missed, Australian buddy. #RIPMichaelJohns
"What you choose to think and do when you are alone and you believe no one is watching is a strong measure of your virtue." #virtue
Saw this tonight. #wicked #goodshow
French toast truck with the sis = happy days. #foodtruck #familyfun
Went and saw my good friend Mr. @thedavidcook tonight here in Utah. Full of surprises that man. Loves putting me on the spot lol.
Posted a 2nd blog to finish up the Middle East Military Tour! Read here:
After traveling to Bahrain, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Djibouti, and Ethiopia I got a quick snap of the welcome sign to home. This Military Tribute Tour has been incredible. I have gained an even greater level of appreciation for the troops and their families, and I will miss everyone that we got to mee
After one of the greatest trips I have ever experienced, we are back home. A successful military tribute tour.
In Ethiopia. At a local restaurant when one of the workers recognizes me. Next thing I know the owner comes ask me to sing, so I did lol.
Annnd the EOD specialists in Djibouti with their bomb-diffusing robots. Thanks guys for what you do. #iampuny #iwanttobelikethemwhenigrowup