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David Lynch
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Dear Twitter Friends, do any of you know where Everett McGill is? I'd really like to talk to him. Thank you.
Dear Twitter friends, check out the David Lynch MA in Film. There's still time to apply for September.
Dear Twitter Friends, each pic u post w/a peace sign & #peacerocks for @ringostarrmusic's bday, @johnvarvatos gives $1 to @LynchFoundation!
Dear Twitter Friends, check out the great Harry Dean on iTunes. The Partly Fiction doc & soundtrack are both there!
Dear Twitter friends, here's a video from my chat with Moby (@thelittleidiot) from #IMSengage
Dear Twitter Friends, @PAFAcademy presents first major @DAVID_LYNCH museum exhibition in U.S. #PAFADavidLynch
Dear Twitter Friends, @thelittleidiot did a reversion of The Big Dream. Out on 12" for @recordstoreday. Check it out:
Dear Twitter Friends, donate $15 to help teach vets/at-risk youth to meditate. U could win tix to A Night of Harmony:
Dear Twitter Friends, today is the release of The Big Dream Super Deluxe Boxset. Limited to just 500 copies worldwide
Dear Twitter Friends, If this lights your fire join us as we honor Ringo in Los Angeles:
Dear Twitter Friends, Happy New Year 2014. I hope it's a good year for all of us. Your friend, David
Dear Twitter Friends, please check out this @ESQTV video. Hopefully there will be some good news there for you.
Dear Twitter Friends, if you want to submerge into it, get The Big Dream Digital Deluxe ft. new tracks & remixes
Dear Twitter Friends, for those of you in LA my show of paintings & drawings opens Saturday night:
Dear Twitter Friends, pnly 4 days left to help 1,000 vets suffering from PTSD. Please help make this a reality.
Dear Twitter Friends, I just love the spirit of these Ugandan filmmakers and want to lend my support.
Dear Twitter Friends, check out this link to help the @LynchFoundation help 1,000 veterans with PTSD:
Log in NOW for a special concert w/ @SPACEHOG, @LivTyler, @seanonolennon. Pay what you can to heal traumatic stress:
This is great! A concert streamed from a rooftop to help first responders. Thanks @SPACEHOG @LivTyler @seanonolennon:
Beautiful! @SPACEHOG, @LivTyler & @seanonolennon beam a concert to heal traumatic stress. Pay what you can:
Dear Twitter Friends, I will be at the @RizomaFestival on Oct 15 and 16. Hope to see you there!
Dear Twitter Friends in New York, "Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction" is still playing: