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David C. Hëwitt
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Predator 2 has the best sounding score from Alan #Silvestri the themes were revived for Predators (2010) it was great to hear them again.
Hope your day is going well everyone!
Go Into The Story | Go Into The Story Script Reading & Analysis: Frankenweenie
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Behind the scenes from Mondays shoot. @JoshWhiteDoP looks like he's about to be sick
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"Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it." - George Halas
We are the new breed of film scoring outfit. You get a score written, recorded and released on iTunes ALL included! ...
The combination of the mathematics of music notation and the calculating speed of the computer are a match made in heaven!
For me the clarity of black text on a white page cannot be beaten and this is really all you get in #Sibelius.
Avoid music copyright pitfalls during film making apply here for free advice: and sign up for licensing tips!
The secret of success is to go from mistake to mistake without losing your enthusiasm. - Anonymous
Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain. ~ Lily Tomlin
Through the creation of simple macros #Sibelius has a definite edge over #Logic when it comes to comprehensive key switching.
Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils. Louis Hector Berlioz -
Success or failure is caused more by mental attitude than by mental capacity. - Sir Walter Scott
King Kong was Adolf Hitler's favourite movie! (figures)
Make your film seem as though it has a larger budget! Use music that your audience are already familiar with! Ask how!
It's now even easier to get in touch and ask questions via the new contact page:
A deeper relationship to death exists in the very syntax of Western harmony. #music
The world today doesn't make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do? - Pablo Picasso
How do we as composers express the often hidden emotions of a character through our compositions and underscores?
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Please check the updated website to get a better handle on the services AFX Industrial (film scores) offer:
Spent the last 2 days on the @IOTNQDmovie set! Here's an official still from Monday night! @indywoodFILMS #ActingHour
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Working on a 0 budget? Warner communications paid $28 million for the legal use of Happy Birthday, ouch! .... Is your film's score legal?
I'm the literary equivalent of a big mac and fries. Stephen King
Your life is your message to the world. Make it inspiring. - Lorrin L. Lee
Aesthetics are tied to temporality, music that imparted urgency during one era may be inadequate or aesthetically displeasing during another
All releases are now available on good old CD here
#Berlioz - wrote the majority of the 'Symphonie fantastique' whilst high on opium.
#Atonality and #dissonance, which are often confused, are in fact very different and have different applications. #music
If you die in an elevator, be sure to push the Up button. ~ Sam Levenson
Continuum Motion Pictures is seeking completed features from around the world for distribution in North America. All languages welcome.
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Undoubtedly, atonality can be employed to encapsulate the darker side of your score but there is also an intense beauty here.
We may even think atonality is best suited to horror films, or at the very least thrillers, to conjure up feelings of suspense.
Filmmaking Tips | Habits Of Successful Filmmakers:
#30ThingsAboutMe #8 I love pepperoni pizza (who doesn't)?
Behind every successful man is a surprised woman. - Maryon Pearson
An orchestral score does something a synth score can never do, it 'disappears' leaving the audience to focus on the dialogue & story alone.
Every time you make a typo the errorists win. - Anonymous
Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it. - Anonymous
The entire Planets CD is now available for licensing for your films and documentaries too!
“Philosophy is common sense with big words.” ― James Madison
Growing up saying you’re an artist sounded pretentious now it’s one of the only dignified things that you can call yourself. ―Marilyn Manson
I often find it hard to be inspired to write without visual stimuli - even Mozart wrote his best music for Opera
“To be alone is to be different, to be different is to be alone.” ― Suzanne Gordon
Working on a 0 budget? Warner communications paid $28 million for the legal use of Happy Birthday, ouch! .... Is your film's score legal?
Is amateur music crushing your film? Sign up for our free advice here: things not taught in film school!
“...the rarest of all human qualities is consistency.” ― Jeremy Bentham