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David C. Hëwitt
Accenting notes is the only way to seriously bring your score alive. @david_c_hewitt
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Great history at the studio here, I'm just across the corridor from #Hitchcock's old screening room. V. Cool
Imagine spending 200k on your film then having it rejected & then having to pay a 500k fine for illegal music use ...
A film with an incorrectly licensed score = REJECTION from festivals! You NEED to know this sign up for my free guide
The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart ~ Helen Keller
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So where and when is the optimal time to use dissonance and what are the real world applications of dissonance for us as composers?
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For building up ethereal otherworldly textures to supplement my #Sibelius orchestral creations #Logic is undoubtedly a necessity.
Writing idiomatically is taught during music studies, applying idiomatic techniques is a way of thinning the act of process ...
What we are aiming for with the #trailer genre is a heightened sense of reality and animation.
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The most subtle element in conveying the flavour and style of your music is the articulation and phrasing ..
The term 'classical music' was coined in the early 19th century to describe the period from Bach to Beethoven.
I'm the audience I don't know what a soft #synth or what musical form is, all I know I'm not connecting with the #narrative & that bores me.
The largest musical instrument in the world is the organ in the Municipal Auditorium, in Atlantic City.
In The Taking of Pelham 123 score Shire captures the musical aesthetics of the 70s urban landscape in #Schoenberg's web.
Expressive techniques (pp, ff, cresc, rit, rubato) add character to our music, their absence makes a composition sound immature & lifeless.
Question. Anybody know which notes were banned by the Church in the 16th C?
Upon his dismissal from St. Stephen's cathedral for cutting a choirboy's ponytail Joseph Haydn had nothing but a few shirts to his name.
Paganini's violin virtuosity was thought by many people to be diabolical ...
During Bach's lifetime he was most famous as an organ virtuoso, rather than a composer.
Haydn died in 1809, but in 1820 his body was exhumed to have his remains moved. It was discovered that his head was missing.
For post-production work #Logic is an absolute necessity!