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David C. Hëvvitt
The necessary dynamics and the rythm of music can often overshadow the actual notes themselves ...
Planning our next scenes and getting ready to shoot soon! #NotQuiteAZombieMovie #ActingHour
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2 hours to go until #ActingHour USA starts!! Get your tweets ready everyone! RETWEET and spread the word...
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@david_c_hewitt I can't imagine myself "Hey have you watched The Star Wars?" it's almost like a historical event
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A total of $380 000 worth of coffee was spent on the crew during the making of The Hobbit ...
There are 1500 cuts in the film "300", and about 1300 involved visual FX, using #bluescreen 90% of the time, and #greenscreen for 10%.
I believe the secret to great sounding audio is to bypass ''in the box' mixing altogether and use an external desk and a hard disk recorder.
A good solid harmonic foundation is the secret to powerful music.
Rather than thinking about the process, we as #composers need to concentrate on the results that we can achieve.
Listen to a favourite arrangement of mine:
Samples (especially orchestral samples) only come to life when they are manipulated in the way that a player would manipulate them.
Star Wars was originally prefixed by the definite article 'The'. Much cleaner without it.
Mendelssohn left the score for his A Midsummer Night's Dream overture in a cab, and had to rewrite every note from memory.
@david_c_hewitt They are heavy! I've been working on Olympic Lifting technique. I like to play your music at the gym. :)
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@david_c_hewitt thank you david for always being there, supporting me & my vision for a more sustainable film industry here in the UK
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Stanley Kubrick would reportedly call Stephen King at 3am to ask him questions about The Shining.
Give your film the illusion of a large budget! Use music that your audience are already familiar with! Tweet me for more info.
For the cult movie The #Terminator, O.J. Simpson was considered to play the role of the Terminator ....!
In the penultimate Ian Fleming 007 novel, You Only Live Twice, James Bond's parents are revealed to be Scottish and Swiss.
Like #trailer music? Get some massive cues here:
There's a 20 year age gap between Sam Neill and Laura Dern in Jurassic Park, with Laura aged only 26 during filming.
At the age of 20, in 1705, Bach walked 200 miles from Arnstadt, Germany to hear Dietrich Buxtenhude (1637 -1707) play the organ!
I watched Killer Clowns from Outer Space recently if that can get distribution anything can!
Fake CGI smoke always bugs me, Jesus how much does a smoke machine cost to hire? $35?
Only 12 years separates father/son duo Sean Connery and Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones franchise.
PianoWorks is now available on physical CD here:
Shooting for No Country For Old Men was interrupted due to a smoke cloud from the set of There Will Be Blood, also filming in the area.
According to the PRS/MCPS every piece of music used in your film must have a license, or your film may be denied TV broadcast opportunities.
Films are often denied screening for 2 reasons; Poor quality audio & Illegal music use, don't spend 100 K on your film & 0 on its soundtrack
Alred Hitchcock's Psycho was the first American film to show a toilet flushing.
Film's that break copyright law within the audio/music track get banned from festivals. Is your film score legal? Tweet for advice!
Schoenberg's technique is almost a century old and although shocking & scary when heard originally, it may simply sound 'old' today ...

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