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Dave Zinczenko
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT We've got the BEST yogurt brands for the entire family:
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#Repost from @AdamRosante Honored to have you on the mensfitnessmag team, Adam. You're the real…
RT @EatThisNotThat: Build a salad at home that will keep the late-night snacking at bay:
Nearly HALF of Americans eat at least one sandwich per day. And they're also taking in a lot more sodium.
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Thanks to the neighborhood, the Secret Service, the NYPD and everyone involved with all the hard work…
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WHITE HOUSE @ WHITE ST: Congrats! to the @whitestreetnyc team for an extraordinary performance hosting…
BANISH UNDER EYE CIRCLES Eat these 10 Best Foods for Your Skin to address wrinkles, dry skin, acne, and more!
#Repost from caecole --- @whitestreetnyc ready for the president!! @ White Street
Got to tell you @BarackObama your Secret Service team extremely respectful, efficient and dedicated #amazing #POTUS
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.@whitestreetnyc chef @floydcardoz on hosting #POTUS: "We’re going to cook our asses off. ‘Cause that’s what we do."
INDULGE! (IT’S HEALTHY) These fatty foods actually make you skinny, so grab one tonight:
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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT Snack, reward yourself, and lose weight. These habits make it EASY:
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Tweet yourself thin? Several studies suggest that social networks can help BOLSTER WEIGHT LOSS
Happy Monday! These morning rituals will change EVERYTHING from your health to your paycheck:
KICKSTART YOUR DAY 6 easy ways to fire up your metabolism early and and feel the effects all day:
RT @MensFitness: The perfect workout for when you're hungover. Yes, for real.
Cornell Study finds that the size of your dinner partner - or those sitting near you - influences how much YOU eat
BE AN INSIDER Get tips, tricks, and diet hacks delivered right to your inbox by signing up for our FREE newsletter.
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Would you like fries w/ that smoothie? Smoothies That Are Worse Than A Big Mac
BOOB FOODS Share the 5 Foods for Healthier Breasts with someone you love, fight cancer now.
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Did I mention we were hiring? We're looking for a savvy Social Media Manager for @EatThisNotThat Know anyone?
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Great News! We're hiring a Researcher/Writer for @EatThisNotThat Click here for details:
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What affects your perception of food most: Packaging, Color, or Taste? The answer may surprise you
#Repost from @PeterRahbar --- Another great dinner at @whitestreetnyc - am adding the squid ink…
How To Pack the Perfect School Lunch: Your kid can be the envy of every mystery meat-eating student at school
MARVEL-OUS MUSCLES One of the strangest fitness trends of late, fitness programs based on comic book characters
RT @EatThisNotThat: HELLO CLEAR SKIN Give your face some glow just by eating these foods.
PALEO NO-NOs Did you know these delicious foods technically aren't #PaleoDiet friendly?
MT @EatThisNotThat: Stop at the store after work & stock up on 5 Foods that will Supercharge your Sex Drive
Curious about all the Paleo hype? @RobinRoberts and I discussed the pros/cons on @GMA this morning
Happy National Coffee Day. Here's 6 surprising benefits to drinking a cup of Joe:
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TAKE A HIKE Study says 3 five-min walks over 3 hrs can reverse adverse effects of prolonged sitting #getmoving
ROUGH WEEKEND? Here's a one-day #detox plan to get you back on track and feeling GREAT.
@RobinRoberts @DaveZinczenko mom's been an MD for 40 years. Different food lifestyles work for different people. we are all uniquely wired
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@RobinRoberts @DaveZinczenko I live a Paleo lifestyle. 3.5 yrs since I went Paleo, best thing I've done for myself, never going back!
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@RobinRoberts @DaveZinczenko I felt great doing it, but it is very hard to stay on and easy too fall off.
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Have you tried the #PaleoDiet? Would you try it? @DaveZinczenko will have the pro’s & con’s. It’s not just a diet…it’s a lifestyle.
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@RobinRoberts @DaveZinczenko #PaleoDiet we lost over 65 lbs this summer just off a simple lifestyle change! #anyonecandoit
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@RobinRoberts @DaveZinczenko No, I never recommend deleting healthful carbs. It is too restrictive with some other foods also
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FLINTSTONE FITNESS Is #Paleo full of promise or prehistoric hype? Join me on @GMA in about 20 minutes to find out
Good Morning America! Thinking of going #Paleo? Tune-in to @GMA this morning, I’ll break down the pros & cons W/ @RobinRoberts