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Dave Winer ☮
No matter how it feels, this tweet is not about you. It's about a medium.
Debate on Twitter is pointless. No minds ever get changed. Write a blog post. Better chance of winning converts.
Exclusive Google 'Camp' Draws Elite to Sicilian Resort.
"The interface needs to be so simple that your mother could use it",
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And every shot Israel fired into Gaza was intended to kill.
Israel has cried wolf too many times.
President Obama's despicable whitewashing of torture.
Does Hosting the Olympics Actually Pay Off?
The Times of Israel and its bloggers.
Glad to see a blog start on Medium and migrate to their own independent place.…
This is what to say if you really want to cancel your Comcast service.
New evidence revives concerns that a man was wrongly put to death in 2004.
I saw a cop car disguised as a cab in NYC today.
Ohio Forgives LeBron for Leaving Cleveland.
Union Street Guest House in Hudson, NY is the shits apparently.
With hair so long he's got to calling it home.
Scripting News: Someday Flickr will die.
The ephemerality of everything as revealed by 2001 a space odyssey. "Sorry Dave.."
Everyone who's had Comcast has had to endure unprofessional shoddy service. This is why.
It's not anti-semitic to say Israel is wrong.
@davewiner @dsearls Yes, Internet reflections of our lives are convenient but can vanish like "snow on the water."…
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Scripting News: The ephemerality of online.
"I'm sorry Dave I'm afraid I can't do that."
Howard Johnson's was a ubiquitous chain of orange-topped roadside restaurants that served fried clams.
Doc Searls on the ephemerality of what we create online.
Meet Jonathan, St Helena's 182-year-old giant tortoise.
US cable: 60% of Gazans don't have acess to water and for those who do only 10% of the supply meets WHO standards…
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There's bike infrastructure... & then there's Dutch bike infrastructure. World's 1st suspended bike traffic circle:
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@davewiner I am not interested in listening to what you have to say when you don't live here. I am only interested in local IL & PA voices
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Frontline: Losing Iraq. (Skip the first half, the ending will make you think.)
Sounds like ISIS is putting Iraq back to the way it was before we invaded. Saddam 2.0?
I need an icon that means "Publish the thing the cursor points to."
@davewiner I like fa-paper-plane for this. Would fit well with the whimsy of your recent products too.
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"You're about to walk into a photographer."
"You're about to walk into a pole."
Scripting News: An icon that means Publish.
BREAKING: Powerful ad on 770WABC Radio “The Israeli actions never have & never will represent Judaism”. #NotInOurName
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Ask the question from the Palestinian point of view too.
Scripting News: Answers to Oz's questions.
Google screwed RSS over pretty badly with their "benevolence" -- @paulg.
NYT finally gets around to use the T-word, Torture This right after advocating marijuana legalization. What’s next?
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Vox: The case for medical LSD, mushrooms, and ecstasy.
1/5 I am giving @davewiner's Little Pork Chop ( a test drive.
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As Israel's assault on Gaza intensifies, it is not anti-Semitic to say: not in my name.
"Israeli intelligence eavesdropped on US Secretary of State John Kerry during Middle East peace negotiations."…
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Can We Publicly Confess to Online Piracy Crimes?
OMG @davewiner your is even more amazing than i thought! adds hashtags and links too! Fantastic tool!
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