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Dave Navarro
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haha hey remember when @DaveNavarro tweeted me? cx didn't think he'd respond.
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Careful of those things! They taste like candy RT @BellatrixBliss: Just had my first Long Island iced tea. I'm impressed.
Get dirt in my nails? No way but I have guy 4 that stuff RT @h3ymurry:@DaveNavarro You're smokin' and all... But can you change a flat tire?
You and me? Of course! RT @cammy79: @DaveNavarro are we cool?
Me to we should go to Disneyland RT @Ash_Costello: I'm disgusted with everything and everyone.
Thanks Jessie! RT @JessieJessup: ALERT SUSCON Show onSaturday. Party on Sunday.Here's our beautiful interview…
LOL RT @DeVille1967: @DaveNavarro we have internet it's just the Americans are to scared to share theirs with us.
Some people just dont get it Cammy RT @cammy79: @DaveNavarro @jenlorrainegold @graceandmanners I didn't take anything to heart!?
Atta girl :) RT @cammy79: @DaveNavarro @graceandmanners for you anything 😉
No, the show is ON the Internet, that sequence of letters and numbers I posted is what is known as a “link". @cammy79 @graceandmanners
If Canada has the Internet, then yes. RT @cammy79: @DaveNavarro @jessattelberger @graceandmanners is it available in Canada?
Tonight on Dark Matter Radio: Inkmaster wrap up, Kyle & Lydia, @jessattelberger ’s News, I psychoanalyze @graceandmanners
Dark Matter Radio is LIVE tonight 9-11p PST on Call: 855-878-4652, Skype: TradioVLA
Our #spacewalk to replace a backup computer outside the #ISS is targeted for April 23:…
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That is unlikely to happen! RT @BretOwnsMyHeart: @DaveNavarro I need to get in contact with you thank you
:) RT @Magnolia_Angel: I think @DaveNavarro handles these crazy tweets with such humor and class.
Sweet! I’m in! RT @SkyLifeWarrior: @DaveNavarro just found out Mormons don't believe in Hell!! How awesome I think I'm sold lol
Whew! I can still look the world in the eye! RT @BradTender34: @DaveNavarro @dawndulaney don't worry... I still follow you. Relieved?
Call me on Dark Matter Radio tonight 9-11p PST on Call: 855-878-4652 and we will discuss last night's episode