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Dave Navarro
musicmusicians 256,774 followers
Cause you are the luckiest girl in the world? RT @jenna_valentine: Why is cops the only thing ever on when I'm in a hotel? @DaveNavarro
Why is cops the only thing ever on when I'm in a hotel? Help @DaveNavarro help.
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You’re sure they aren’t nightmares? RT @nikkilipstick: i keep having dreams about @DaveNavarro ;) <3
Going thru photos from last weekend and came across this shot of @DaveNavarro! None can play guitar the way he does!
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HAHAHA RT @dancleary79: "Take this, old man!" says davenavarro as we entertain ourselves on a flight. Don't judge.
Photo: The gorgeous ladies of suspension, Baltimore!
The gorgeous ladies of suspension, Baltimore!
That was fun! RT @MizzMurrgan: @DaveNavarro is on this episode of SVU and I'm just like 😍😍😍
Our good friend, @DaveNavarro is less than $1,400 away from his goal. Please donate if you can! Its a great cause!…
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@DaveNavarro using a Vibrator For FX >> Jane's Addiction - Ted Just Admit It (Three Days Movie)
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Hey guys. Please help my buddy, @DaveNavarro hit his goal! He's almost there & it's for a great cause!…
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Anytime you like! RT @MsJackieCruz: @DaveNavarro @OITNB after season 3 is out, we should interview again ✌️
Worst Choir ever? nope, the BEST: via @YouTube
Who are the top 100 most collectible living artists? Take a look:
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I don't get Dave Grohl haters. If you'd done like 5% of what he's done, you'd still be the most amazing person you'd ever heard of.
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So much! RT @ohaliiceblack: I miss Lou Reed. :(
Photo: Dark Matter crew tonight!
Going live on @TradioV in a few minutes! Call in 855 878 4652
Dark Matter Radio on @TradioV tonight at 9p PST with Body modification legends @Steve_Truitt and @SteveJoyner of @WeAreCoRE
Yup RT @Profound_Menace: @DaveNavarro ayyye Yooo you guys playing Nothing's Shocking in Baltimore?
Am I gonna fall for @nikkilipstick next week? Tune in to find out
I’m in! RT @BrooklynAllman: 10/4 @chainreaction w/ @TKLband is coming up. Get your tix -->
My prayers are with all the young film makers scrambling to get an edit together for final submission to Sundance! Right there with ya!
Thank you!!RT @TerrenceGrenier: Trust No One by @DaveNavarro is such a great album
“There’s something that’s haunting & sad about this one, and I find that beautiful.”– @DaveNavarro on Julia's tattoo.
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He's so close to his goal! Let's help @DaveNavarro reach $24K today To Change Smiles of 100 Kids via @samaritanmag
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I don't write it, I just say it! RT @admirimo: @DaveNavarro what happened to "no more ink"? Why "no more tattooing"?
Thank you @LancomeUSA and @mwmakeup for hosting a special day of beauty for our St. Jude patients!
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Always loved that record! RT @rushtheband: Today, 1975. "Caress of Steel" released.
Currently engrossed in "Don't try this at Home" by @DaveNavarro seriously cannot put it down
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Missed last week's episode? Catch it and see your tweets on @SpikeTV in 5 minutes! #InkRivals (tat: @Aaronistattoo)
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Amazing cause! RT @RealKidPoker: Raising money for an incredible cause, The St. Judes children's hospital
:) RT @CatRavyn: <3 hey, can't get there w/o music ;) It's all thanks to u @DaveNavarro @SSMF @janesaddiction