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Dave Navarro
musicmusicians 260,578 followers
@DaveNavarro Raising urgent funds for my 3yr old niece Siennas aggressive cancer fight PLSRT
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Royal Machines @RoyalMachines14 Shows at the Roxy this year! Details Monday morning!
13 of PETA’s CREEPIEST Ads: @DaveNavarro’s just might be the SPOOKIEST 😱
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Still an hour left to call us on air! 855 878 4652 all questions answered
We are about to go live at 9pm PST on @TradioV call with ANY questions... Inkmaster comments welcomed 855 878 4652
Going in for Dark Matter Radio at 9pm PST on @TradioV 855-878-4652 call with any questions between 9-11
Sometimes turning the corner of a street has the same effect as making a turn in your thinking
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Thats it for me kids! I love 90% of you and really can’t stand the other 10% ;)
Bummer, womp womp
Secret Fact: _____ totally banged _____ and THEN banged _____
Secret fact: We actually can’t air most of the house drama
Human canvass jury time… Guess Ill go take a piss lol
Dragon deez nuts!
Only in the band RT @sjoyhart: @DaveNavarro dave u know u rock that black eyeliner-bring that shit back!
I invented the "spiral galaxy" camera move during the countdown! 10, 9, 8, 7...
We get some WEIRD shit tonight
More like, “Dragon these nuts across yur nose!”
We both do, at all times RT @mossmatic: @DaveNavarro do you think Peck wears a speedo when he hits the beach?
:) RT @a_julesss: @DaveNavarro OMG I AM THE HAPPIEST PERSON ALIVE WOW I LOVE YOU!!! 💓💓
I never will RT @a_julesss: Why can't @DaveNavarro acknowledge me
Secret Fact: While they were tattooing, I went to see Malificent
Oh and to those who think this is rigged? You guys are idiots!
Nahhhh RT @GACTrippin1970: @DaveNavarro Does being on tv make you nervous?
Thanks dear! RT @_thefbomb: I think the only judge I really like is @DaveNavarro #sorrynotsorry #InkMaster
Secret Fact: The Phoenix Lights are totally fake
LOL you’re fucking with me right?RT @cdryon: @DaveNavarro you listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers ?
Ya think? RT @LaurenJSharkey: You can tell it's killing @DaveNavarro to say #livemas on @SpikeInkMaster right now.
Deserved! RT @criselement: Thanks for the kind words judges!! @DaveNavarro @OLIVER_PECKer @chisnunez1
WE CRITIQUE THE ARTISTS NOT THE CANVASSES RT @Cavey10: @DaveNavarro that's kinda weak I'd want an honest critique if I was the canvas
YUP RT @Cavey10: @DaveNavarro why was everyone so nice about the elimination tattoos? Cause the canvases were there?
YEAH RT @CadensMommaBear: @DaveNavarro @TheArtOfReese Reese baby, do all of us women a favor...
I have tried!!! RT @CadensMommaBear: @TheArtOfReese @DaveNavarro girl look at you flirtin! #lolz Take that girl on a date Dave!
Can you imagine coming on the show, getting a shitty tattoo and then having to take care of it while it heals? BUMMER
I concur RT @amanda_pangburn: @DaveNavarro @TheArtOfReese you two would make a cute couple!
Blocked some motherfuckers already!
Cause your wife left them at my place RT @DaleGoers: Why is @DaveNavarro wearing the same sunglasses my wife wears?
Secret fact: I may end up marrying @TheArtOfReese
Secret Fact: I used to tell @TATUBABY her times in Spanish
Secret fact: There are two words I had to say that were a huge drag for me, but I had to be a pro about it : /
This opener was a super uncomfortable thing to shoot against green screen