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Dave Navarro
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See ya there. RT @Revolvermag: Today is #GOLDENGODS day in L.A.! Watch LIVE at 7PST on @amazonmp3 @Epiphone
Thanks for watching guys!
Shouldnt do that again! RT @SpikeInkMaster: @DaveNavarro winners only, never photos of the tattoos. #InkMaster
Isn’t that the point? RT @SpikeInkMaster: @DaveNavarro winners only, never photos of the tattoos. #InkMaster
@smarshalltattoo !!! Totally fair to use reference !!! #fairink !!! Scott is a good smart tattooer !!!
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RT @muh_kayla: So I saw @DaveNavarro sunday at The Church in dallas sunday and some lady told me to calm down. Ef that lady...#paraderainer
If tattoo artists didn't trace certain elements for reference ,then why do they sell SO many LIGHTBOXES #gfys #InkMaster @SpikeInkMaster
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You know what to do Jenna! RT @jenna_valentine: @DaveNavarro @BellatrixBliss i will ground you both.
@DaveNavarro the ones I have are too, but it isn't fair in a competition, especially when the 6 hour isn't really flash.
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Loved the detail in @Monroever ’s tattoo tonight
They couldn’t afford me hahahaRT @Jaex_10: @DaveNavarro Dave you made the music for #InkMaster !!??
Lets see what happens RT @Beyonkers: @DaveNavarro yes but for ink master challenges?
Most of my flash had been traced
Tracing is a huge element in tattooing… lets see how this plays out
After Best Stink RT @inkbyLydia: @DaveNavarro @kittelori @SpikeInkMaster some c.c. soft porn on the oxygen network
Then go watch something else BYE RT @kittelori: @DaveNavarro @SpikeInkMaster what is up with the judging?..never been so disappointed
With my mouth? OK RT @lucisevek_: @DaveNavarro idc if you don't tattoo, me
Can I host that show too? RT @inkbyLydia: Stick it to sausage.Pounding the sausage.Slippery little sausage @smarshalltattoo
I refuse to go in one of those again RT @inkbyLydia: @DaveNavarro Walmart works also.
Love you darling RT @ilymorgannn: Sourpuss Clothing - April 2014
Did he say he can’t wait to “stick it to Sausage"?
Fuck yes RT @lucisevek_: @DaveNavarro seems to love unif, as do I.
Those guys are hacks! RT @Gentl_jay: @DaveNavarro thanks bro!! You get it, they don't but you do...