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david berold
iOS peeps, is it possible to load whatsapp on an iPad?
No phone for a couple of hrs, inbox ex oh ex oh
#AboutLastNight Mixed up my very own Beetroot Bloody Mary, mother will be so proud. #drinkingmyveggies #ketelonebloodymary #WorldClass2015 thanks @ketelone_justinsmyth
Cheerio workbook, timeto prep for the finest soiree Africa has ever seen. WORLD CLASS House
Guess McDonald's secret ingredient is it #WEAKSAUCE....lame response :P
#bourbon #onfleek bulleitwhiskey juleps been prepare by gingerbitters #worldclass2015
#bourbon #onfleek @bulleitwhiskey juleps been prepare by @gingerbitters #worldclass2015 #reserveba #HPSAmixitup
My friend and esteemed mixologist gingerbitters will be mixing us up some of his renowned
Sooo #instabrag, my friend and esteemed mixologist @gingerbitters will be mixing us up some of his renowned #MintJuleps @csa_gram's office #WorldClass2015 #HPSAmixitup #reserveba photo cred: @gingerbitters
Run to the hills! Iron Maiden are to SA in 2016! \m/ — feeling fabulous
A 10 day@worldclass cocktail soirée, yes that's a fine way to get through the final days of winter.…
A 10 day@worldclass cocktail soirée, yes that's a fine way to get through the final days of winter. #WorldClass2015 #lovecapetown
A real life Rick Roll, now that's ROCK n ROLL \m/ - #EpicTroll, Foo Fighters are legend!
#Regram @worldclasssa, The Worlds finest are to set upon #CapeTown to mix it out for the title of the Worlds Best Bartender.#WorldClass2015
6 Day's to go as we usher in the next level of cocktail experience into the Mother City! #BeverageOnFleek...
Cape Town be's not like the Duchess got hacked.
A lag at the Baxter then a jive to lundun ne' #JiveTakeMeToLondon
.....with them attitudes.
Hi @numetro, I see Straight Outta Compton only releases in October, surely with all the hype we can do better.. #CanNotWait
Cinephiles - watch this now, incredible tribute to #TheBadGuys, And for reference, each scene origin here:...
Cold Press Ginger shot > Flu
Watched #Sharknado3 - my fav moments | spoilers below | Frankie Muniz has all limbs chomped off - left with...
Jeans without rips are merely pants.....
Definitely the coolest spot in Jozi Town!
#GoodIdea - paintball with friends #BadIdea - Wearing a Tshirt with "honorable" presidents face #Zuma
A thousand thanks! Dovy is a real Mensch.
The organizers of the Cecil hunt seem relatively unscathed by the internet whilst Walter takes the brunt....Cut...
Wonder homany would "rock" up for Kanye West? *crickets
@phoebekon We came! #JerrysSloth
@JeremyClarkson @AmazonVideo Fabulous news. I have a parcel that has been missing since Christmas from my mum in the UK, can you help?!
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Since ya'll are Dog people and Grumpy Cat don't cut it no more.....Laura, Jen, Simona, Emily #SOGRUMPYICOULDDIE !
K I am floored! Walter's practice is trying to profiteer from this!, PR Spin IS NOT AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW OR EVER @RiverBlufDental
I will have ZERO #FOMO if I don't get an invite to Zuma's annual pool party!
.@rustyrockets, vs @Queen_UK One is excited for this!
#Ferrari files for IPO on #NYSE, so your portfolio can be as douchey as you are. #IwantaRari
Rari Files for Share Listing on the New York Stock Exchange, #Ferrari
“Here we go, yo, here we go, yoCheck the flow yo, cause this retro” — @DaveBerold…
#published “AN ODE TO AN ODE — BREAKING DOWN @bep
Before Kanye West was spitting bullshit claims, Real MC's where running their mouths like......
By heck, it in't half blustery out there!
Can't wait! so close I can hear the brum-brum-brum-brum-brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr of the chainsaws! #OhHellNO #Sharknado3
Divorce attorneys be like.....#AshleyMadisonHack
.@HelloTelkom let's see if the sm "jedi's" & "ninja's" can sort this out ... #AnotherDayAnotherIrateCustomer
Your mobile network which was faulty on Sunday evening has quadrupal charged me! @TelkomZA call center say may not be reversed..#yourmove

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