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david berold
K I am floored! Walter's practice is trying to profiteer from this!, PR Spin IS NOT AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW OR EVER @RiverBlufDental
I will have ZERO #FOMO if I don't get an invite to Zuma's annual pool party!
.@rustyrockets, vs @Queen_UK One is excited for this!
#Ferrari files for IPO on #NYSE, so your portfolio can be as douchey as you are. #IwantaRari
Rari Files for Share Listing on the New York Stock Exchange, #Ferrari
“Here we go, yo, here we go, yoCheck the flow yo, cause this retro” — @DaveBerold…
#published “AN ODE TO AN ODE — BREAKING DOWN @bep
Before Kanye West was spitting bullshit claims, Real MC's where running their mouths like......
By heck, it in't half blustery out there!
Can't wait! so close I can hear the brum-brum-brum-brum-brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr of the chainsaws! #OhHellNO #Sharknado3
Divorce attorneys be like.....#AshleyMadisonHack
.@HelloTelkom let's see if the sm "jedi's" & "ninja's" can sort this out ... #AnotherDayAnotherIrateCustomer
Your mobile network which was faulty on Sunday evening has quadrupal charged me! @TelkomZA call center say may not be reversed..#yourmove
This Killa @bep track ain't nothing to fuck with! Straight outta yesterday. #Back2Yesterday #BlackEyedPeas
Did the worst Hip Hop band of all time,The Black Eyed Peas just drop the best Hip Hop track of all time?
Did the worst Hip Hop band of all time,The Black Eyed Peas just drop the best Hip Hop track of all time?
This happened right now at the Jbay open. Shark Attack:
Happy BDay and Bon Voyage Kimbo bae, miss you loads already #pagingmissgrey
#WorldClass2015 with the champs ! #CSAglobal
Mazel Tov Domenico,#WorldCLass2015 champ - Time to take on the world in CT!
#WorldClass2015 has been an incredible journey in search of SA's best bartender. Best of luck to the lads! One of...
Starbucks coming to compete in Cape Town? Now that's a tall order or should I say "Venti"
OOO reply's are about as relevant in 2015 as a Nokia 3310!!!! #STOPTHEOOO #SaveTheInBox
Gwennies back! This is an instant classic! #Anthem
This month at CSA we celebrate our official .Global status, open our doors to @Bizcommunity and so much more!
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If you listen to this and don't imagine yourself riding a dolphin into the summer oblivion then you don't know...
Dubsmash - The selfie for the extra extrovert. #Narcissisilliness
Ya'll gotta try this in a set, - Absolute glory! Evan, Shaun, Harael, James
Jerry Seinfeld and Trevor Noah get a cuppa.
.@helenzille @PatriciaDeLille Don’t let regulation destroy thousands of jobs #CTNeedsUber @Uber_RSA - SIGN HERE:
Can crowdfunding save Greece? I voted YES in the @MirrorTech poll! Have your say:
Apparently Alarm clock is > G-d @KirstyBisset
This morn I was like..."Please G-d let me sleep in for just another hr" thanks for nothing! @KirstyBisset
Facebook is been a tad aggressive with the "People you may know" side bar suggestions, rather feed me ads FFS!
€ 1 million reached... but 0% of the objective. Still impressive. #crowdfundgreece
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“For the first time in the @WorldClass competition’s seven-year history…” — @DaveBerold…
“Being named the best bartender in an entire city is no small accomplishment” — @DaveBerold…
“In the second challenge, classic cocktails were key, but with the mandate…” — @DaveBerold
“WORLD CLASS blew through Chicago in a flurry of cocktail mixing! Kicking…” — @DaveBerold
Thom Feeney is trying to crowdfund a @GreekBailout on @Indiegogo. He's raised 192,896 of the aimed 1.6 billion euros
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So many people are getting involved that the site has crashed. PLEASE keep trying. And @Indiegogo - please sort it! #crowdfundgreece
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Ela Re, if this works, then we probably don't need Governments anymore, | CrowdFunding a bailout fund for Greece |
"CHOWZIT" - The South African way of saying goodbye ~ Sian Bianca Moss
Wedding planners in Merica be like .......#LoveWins

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