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Christian A. Braun
Facebook’s latest algorithm tweak affects tons of brands. Here’s what you should know:
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Oh cool cops can't search your mobile phone now...... Thanks for giving us some of our freedom back. 👌
In landmark case, Supreme Court unanimously rules that police officers need warrants to search cellphones upon arrest
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Every Dad fears the moment you realize your son is gay when he says "Dad I wanna play soccer" #worstnightmare #WorldCup2014
#TBT Puerto Rico.... #carribean #puertorico
June 12 and I'm seriously cold. Wth
Votto is back in the lineup.... But I fear it may be too late to turn this season around. #RedLegs
15-year-old makes $100,000 on Bitcoin, launches startup
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Time Warner Blows... I wish I could have Direct TV back.
Yeah.....I'm gonna go buy this. This itch is unbearable. It's time. #SeaRay…
So proud of @carol_jackson84 for getting a good job right out of college! She's so smart. 😊
Clearly someone hacked my account. Sorry bout it. Please ignore any stupidity until further notified. 😩
One of my best friends popped the question tonight. Congrats to these two @cody_godsey @marinlolz 💍
Good morning! Retweet if you are headed to the ballpark this weekend. #beatthecards
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I'm still puzzled by my last tweet, I wonder if that's 100% true...if so awesome. Article seems credible.
Richmond, KY was almost chosen to be the nation's capital, but it lost out to Washington DC. due to lack of seaports.…
Dinner downtown for birthday girl Emily. #family
There’s a reason people are starting to call Johnny Cueto, “Johnny Baseball” ->
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Hot dogs anyone? This is what happens when Dad is on the grill and not me lol.
I love Manziel, but he is going to get decapitated in the AFC North. 😳
The Kentucky men’s basketball team will play in-state foe Eastern Kentucky in Rupp Arena on Sunday, Dec. 7
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Really hoping I get drafted this year.... :/
GE h.e. Washer and dryer for sale. Good condition. 2yrs old. $300. Let me know if interested.
Hopefully my luck at keeneland this year rolls over to the #KyOaks and #KyDerby.
The whole #CincinnatiClippers idea is awesome....but It's about as likely as a Cincy team winning a playoff game. :/
According to @Ogilvy, Facebook's organic reach has already decreased to 6% - 2%. #BeyondReach
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Got geared up first day back at the Cincinnati office. Nice seat cushions for #Reds games this year.