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Darryll Monroe
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make sure you look after the important things in life
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100% of people i follow, follow back, thanks told me 1% of people i follow don't followback, whats your followers #nonfollowback score?
@darryllm thanks for following @BaaBarLeeds! Retweet this for a shooter on us! #BaaBar
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RETWEET IF YOU ✨F✨ 〡✨O✨ 〡〡✨L✨ 〡〡〡✨L✨ 〡〡〡〡✨O✨ 〡〡〡〡〡✨W✨ 〡〡〡〡〡〡✨B✨ 〡〡〡〡〡〡〡✨A✨ 〡〡〡〡〡〡〡〡✨C✨ 〡〡〡〡〡〡〡〡〡✨K✨ #MGWV #DOLLIAN FOLLOW @chuki_2000
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see Stevi does sing better each show. can't bare Andrea but it's time for stevi to go #xfactor
Tax dodger's paradise on #TheXFactor @GaryBarlow & Bob' give us yer fecking cash' Geldof Where the feck is #bono 2 complete the triad
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ffs can this show be spun out any longer for sake of a result #borednow #xfactor
and then there were 3... old men!!! #takethat #xfactor
Louis: "My 8 boys are incredible - Stereo Kicks could go all the way" @StereoKicks #XFactorResults
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well this is all a tad boring @labrinth #xfactor
Nailed with a capital k?!? Really @MelB #xfactor
Louis Walsh looks more and more confused by the whole affair!! #retirelouis #xfactor
I lost 5 followers recently and i know who they are thanks to
Omg hahahahaha actually kinda glad that Stevi is staying and Jay is going. Sick of hearing his Navy sob story #TheXFactor
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ALMOST the night when on both #XFactor and #Strictly, the shit wasn’t a hit with the fans. (Come on, Stevi should have gone weeks ago!)
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#deadlock mrwns goodbye jay I would have thoughtt xfactor
in fairness probably the best he's ever sung!!! #xfactor
eurgh I vote for a double eviction! any bets they save #stevi though :( #xfactor
Ooh sing off started a tad quick there! #xfactor
Good result tonight. agree totally #xfactor
#bandaid30 gotta love it; gotta buy it #xfactor
Can't wait for this debut #xfactor
excellent song; be dancing to this during the Christmas parties yay #xfactor
competition text cost such a rip off tut tut #xfactor
An incredible voice and an incredible performer - welcome our sha-mazing Guest @NicoleScherzy with her new track #Run! 👏�#XFactorResultsts
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whoo welcome back nicole; missed you #xfactor
Best group performance so far. #xfactor
Louis Walsh really needs to go. not on the way he fecks around with @StereoKicks #xfactor
Says summat about number of ads when you start watching #xfactor 1/2 hr late and catch up in minutes!!!
aww @laurenplatt note perfect. loved it; er yeah still a bit behind on the TiVo #xfactor
On the TiVo and a bit behind live but agree with @SimonCowell re #andrea can't bare the bloke now #xfactor
The best blow job advice I ever got was from a bottle of shampoo.
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Every UKIP vote is a vote to end the NHS is that a price worth paying simply to express your daily mail racism?
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