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Darren Rowse
Thanks everyone for your support over the last few days on the plagiarism issues. Looks like we have found resolution.
The only way his little sausage legs get cuter is in slow motion
<< He's written over 1900 posts claiming his expertise in blogging/online and says most were ghost written! Somedays I hate this niche.
Frustrated: plagiarising blogger says copied posts were 'ghost written' & I should spend the time working out which ones he should remove!
How rewriting over 50 posts of another person and publishing them as your own ideas could be an oversight I do not know.
Good morning. Sadly last nights plagiarism issues were not a dream. The person concerned denies it and says it could be an 'oversite'!
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Hitting the sack. Hopefully I wake up and find the last hour was it a dream :-)
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Never seen such blatant and wide scale ripping off of my content as those examples.
wow - now I find @dukeo completely rewrote every post in my 31 Days to Build a Better Blog series...
.@vegeTARAian @dukeo His byline says he's 'written' over 1900 posts - I wonder how many are plagiarised if I can find so many so quick
<< @dukeo those were just 23 posts you plagiarised I found in 10 minutes searching - how many more are there???
Hey @dukeo why are so many posts on your blog using identical titles/structure with rewritten content to @problogger?
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I used this #quote 3 times today with different people so thought I should share it wider.
The past 7 wks of biz have felt like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Thankfully it's slowly coming together at last!
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This morning while walking my boys to school noticed Mr 6 limping. He said he had a sore foot. On investigation it was because he was smuggling this Lego in his sock!
Excited to be speaking next year at SocialMediaWorld in SanDiego! What an great lineup!…
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3 quarters of the #qanda panel have no idea what is going on
Tonight's is any parents worst nightmare #4corners
LOL - @theprojecttv must be loving this Bachelor saga - ratings!!!!
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Catching up on Beauty and the Geek from last night #GuiltyPleasures
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Beautiful morning in the Yarra Valley #BalgownieEstate
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