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Darren Hayes
Guess those spies who helped the rebellion take down the 2nd Death Star moved into a safer line of work @starwars
Kate Bush has literally had a flawless career and entirely on her own terms. That’s to be admired.
Amazing NYT review: Kate Bush Returns to the Concert Stage
My beautiful sister returned home to Oz yesterday. Was a quick visit but look how the LA sunset bid her farewell.
In case anyone was wondering, I’m pro oxford comma.…
A pimple the size and ferociousness of mount vesuvius has appeared on my nose.
I just recorded an amazing sit down chat with my very own sister for a future podcast. We talked music, fame, family and love. Amazing.
The type of person who corrects typos on twitter. I say nothing ;)
Listening to @ladygaga ‘Artpop’ album for the first time in a while. Still think it’s a brilliant, cohesive and super strong record.
My Anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got carbs. Or possible something with maple syrup. Or cinnabon.
I love that Kate Bush is asking audiences to look up and not use phones / cameras during her shows. Preach!…
My wonderfully talented friend and musician @caseystratton has a wonderful new album out…
From earnest white rocker to acid tripping club fly. That’s a cool reinvention. #u2 #bono #eras
My favourite ever reinvention of a sound and a band was u2. From Rattle and Hum to the Achtung Baby era. Terrified and thrilled fans.
Yes. U2, Madonna, Prince come to mind. RT @MontyGail: There isn't enough appreciation of the clearly defined "era." It's a bummer.
Pop stars don’t really go away between records anymore do they? I wish they would. I want to miss them.
OK this is hilarious RT @X8Emily: make this the one you see - MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES:
My dog Wally’s favourite toy (baby) is a moose that basically looks just like him. He’s quite the narcissist.
Love when you see celebs doing normal things. Like this pic of Vader frustrated at accidentally dropping his car keys
Happy 17th Birthday to my wonderful, amazing, funny brilliant, loyal, handsome, hilarious, clever nephew Adam!
Hey @starwars spoiler people. Seriously. It’s a year away. Let me dream a little before you uncover it all.