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Darren Barnard
It's so chilly this morning that farmers in the free state would reported to be wearing to pares of shorts. :-)
Living one day at a time, with a fresh baked cookie. Okay. And with a coffee. And maybe some chocolate. But I promise to take my vitamins.
ITS MONDAY- Cant it be Friday already..... :-/
HAve u Seen My Baseball ????
The paper arab - our new addition to our office.
To all u peeps who finished their theises at uct. If you wondered what happened to it. I found it. Its…
January 2013: This shall be my year! November 2013: Well, shit...
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what it takes to get a credit card from @FNBSA , visit bank 6 times, phone 10 times and wait almost 3 months, and then say they cant find it
it's already the end of November.. 2013 went by so fast
The person sleeping next to you is statistically more likely to murder you than any other person on the entire planet. Do the dishes. #lol
It seems like today should just not be a work day. #naptime
My bed likes me. It doesn't let me go in the morning
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Goooooood Morning. How is everyone this morning? #Monday
Thanks for all the B Day wishes peeps. Really awesome :-)
Top of the morning to you. :-)
I've always wanted to get in a taxi and yell, "FOLLOW THAT CAR!!"
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Please check this out - The 1 Generous Thing Mobile Providers Could Do To Help Kids All Over The World -…
Cant i just go back to BED PLEASE :'-)
Am I the only one who closes the silverware drawer with an epic pelvic thrust?
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Good morning everyone. Have a Grrrreat Wednesday :):)
This is a public announcement ..... HAS ANY ONE SEEN MY ZEBRA?
“Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Know what I mean?”
I don't like that tone of voice you're texting me in.
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The lottery gives you a 1 in 200 million chance of not going to work tomorrow. Alcohol gives you 1 in 5. You play your game; I'll play mine.
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Making money online is so easy. Just press ctrl + F4
My Instagram is just firework firework firework firework firework selfy firework firework..
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I want a sandwich, Get sandwich, Hey every body i am eating a sandwich. - This concludes this episode of lunch time with Darren :-)
Anyone who believes that children are our future has clearly not been to a mall recently.
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The longest five seconds of anyone's life is waiting to press the "Skip Ad" button on YouTube.
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Such a beautiful day :-) afternoon nap time
If spiders start flying im leaving this planet.
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whats every one up to this weekend?
Sexually molesting the wall while looking for the light switch.
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@DarrenCBarnard @jamescapetown I actually had no issue with the bikini, the trench coat had me worried. What is this, the matrix?
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What happened to summer one sec i am in my bikini reflecting and the next sec back in a trench coat
A group of international investors, creating 100s of jobs in Cape Town, walked into the middle of the ANCYL mayhem.. ANCYL = job losses.
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