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Darrell Riddle
Most Management Advice Is Useless. Here's What You Really Need to Know.
Why Richard Branson Once Prank-Called His Own Company Demanding To Speak To Richard Branson… via @BI_Strategy
ISIS cyber capability judged more 'aspirational' than operational
Skullcandy Amps Up Data Center Performance With Pure Storage
Customer Experience Now Main Driver in Enterprise Workforce Optimization Adoption
Microsoft wants Minecraft to make it cool. Good luck.… via @MotherJones
Gigaom Research webinar: Big storage for big data: the right storage approach for the job
Quorum onQ Prime: DraaS for Small Environments
"We'll be back." Waking up HR from a dead sleep and firing complete departments takes time. Thanks for your patience.
i was naked and vulnerable in the shower listening to songs on shuffle and it started playing the new U2 album i feel so violated by apple
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Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the the #Apple #Store #Langauge #Screensaver? I would like to add it to my Mac permanently.
I have spent a good chunk of this week standing by...
Steve Jobs would have fired at least 9 people in the last ten minutes.
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First headphones to use Lightning port announced – and they’re not from Beats…
I have an original #Apple iPhone 5 (+2 years) - can justify a 6 128GB. I don't think a 6+ is for me. Just too big. Excited for Watch!
Watched some #underthedome and #extant tonight... both great shows I am catching up on. ;-)
I offer myself up for #belowdeck - would love to be on that reality show! ;-)
About to give up on #applelive. Chinese translator seems happy though. Like listening to a happy chipmunk.
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Is this a bad joke? WTF @Apple? #applelive is out of sync, keeps crashing and rewinding and is loudly dubbed in Chinese. STEVE WOULD NEVER!!
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#AppleEvent Video started working for a minute, choppy and now I am hearing the english and Japanese translation at the same time. Odd!
#AppleEvent Well at least I know the Apple TV Truck Schedule... how disappointing. Wasn't this thoroughly tested?
Google's Perks Are So Amazing, Employees Have Found Ways To Secretly Live On Campus And Avoid Paying Rent
iCloud celebrity photo hack: texts, address books and more 'also accessible'
This is an interesting read answered some of the questions I had about network television.
The 10 Worst Body Language Mistakes People Make While Giving Presentations
Google starts quantum computing research project with NASA and USRA
On Sept. 15, Google Will Make A Massive Bet Against Apple's iPhone 6 Strategy
The 12 Most Important Things Everyone Should Know About Money
Simplify, Simplify, Simplify
EatSleepDraw • It Began With A Song. It Never Ended
I'm at Frozen Gold in New Smyrna Beach, FL…
And Finally - The Animated Articulated Cerebus Action Figure - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movie, TV News
The 18 most innovative cities on earth - The Times of India
Bustler: Cities for Our Time: Practical Ideas for Equitable and Sustainable Cities
5 Little-Known Ways To Save Money On Amazon
Eyes on Apple for next big thing on September 9
EA Announces EA Access on Xbox One - EA News
Apple thinks you need a bigger iPad
One of my faves, Jennifer Anniston has a movie out! I love everything she does #LifeOfCrime #ad
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