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Dara Ó Briain
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Thee are others, but time to intro the speakers in part 3! #TedMed #ImagineMed
Amidst the stand-outs: the app that will track electrical activity in the brain to warn people with epilepsy of possible imminent attack.
Really enjoying hosting TedMed at the Royal Albert Hall today, in my traditional role, being glib amidst the smart people. #imaginemed
@headedforhades: If this isn't @daraobriain's new avatar by tomorrow morning, I shall be severely disappointed! :)
My timeline is now filling with pictures of me and a squirrel's cock and balls.
Turns out, no. Just keeps reminding me of Jeanne Becker and Fashion TV. RT @delfinch8: you can do that?
Tonight I shall be trying to write jokes while listening to: Obsession by Animotion.
Ha! It’s the only sensible solution. RT @APB_art: @daraobriain @4b5 Nuke the site from orbit its the only way to be sure.
It’s not clear who the intruder is here. Best to shoot them both. RT @4b5: Cripes, this exists:
It’s not that it’s a Tapas bar, it’s that it’s a failing Tapas bar. No combination like football analysis and someone's imminent bankruptcy.
I enjoy the way Sky’s Spanish football studio is designed to look like an emptying Tapas bar. Gentlemen please, Have you no Casa to go to?
I would have looked like a GENIUS. Damn.
Draft tweet from 5 mins ago: "Isn't this about when Bale used to score his wonder goals? Has he done much of the for Real this year?"
@daraobriain amazing. I've never been to Antarctica but I've seen Happy Feet, so I feel a deep affinity.
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If you can bear to read this tosh, the paragraph about Africa is magnificent.…
Dubious historically and how did he talk the other lad into climbing up with him? Hmmm. RT @spreilly86: Here it is:…
Lots of people telling me Mr Devitt is really good. First Katie Taylor, now him. Bray is great for the fighters. More of a lover myself.
The Bloody Sunday, apparently, is Lifting Single undertook DDT, sometimes from the top rope. The reverse is a lifting inverted DDT.
Just found an Irish wrestler, from my home town, working in Japan whose Finishing Moves are The Bloody Sunday and the Reverse Bloody Sunday.
There's a very good recreation of the build-up to the Battle of Clontarf on @1014retold. It reads like some sort of Irish Game of Thrones...
@chrisw112: @daraobriain Why the extra i?” The delightful and easily mastered grammar of the Irish language.
@stianpride: @daraobriain Yes, come come. Nothing to worry about. We've nothing sinister planned.”
Tickets still available for "You murdered my great grandad!"* in Stockholm China Teatern 22nd, Trondheim Clarion hotel 25th. *Not real title
I'm touring Sweden and Norway next week, putting the dark burden of history behind us. 1000 years of boycott was enough, I feel.