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Dara Ó Briain
Just realised I forgot to include a joke in last night's finale. Audience, re-assemble!
God, I hope Spongy responds RT @redacted: @daraobriain @SpongyP hi, trying to surprise my fiancée at wedding. Can I please ask for a follow?
Actualy @SpongyP hasn’t tweeted in a year. And is French. It’ll be okay...
That heckling account was abbreviated there. Careful you don’t include @SpongyP in your replies! innocent bystander!
Twitter highpoint today. Arguing that anonymity reduces the strength of a stance; heckled by the account “@SpongyP*ssflaps"
All right, I broke the website for Irish people in London. Let's all visit it later. A-M names; 7-9pm. N-Z 9-11pm
And best of luck to @TaraFlynn whose book “You’re Grand" launches tonight...
Just discovered, a website for the Irish in London. Quite polished. Worth looking at, it you’re here from there.
Hey Andy, I wrote your new bio... You didn't go ridiculously over the top, did you? God, no... Via@nomadicrevery…
A little bit more empathy and maybe we can all see this consumer movement you want to be. Good night folks...
So we should be able to spot a false syllogism when we see one. Enough with the competing victimhood. 2/2
I will say this tho: Some folk have behaved appallingly. And saying that doesn't mean YOU are being attacked. We're all nerds here, 1/2
But a day of chatting about this has hardly led to more random abuse for me than a football chat, say, might.
I mean, I play games too, so I very much doubt I was insinuating anything of the sort..
Not great logic from some. RT (Redacted) "Fuck you, asshole. you're a massive idiot if you insinuate I abuse women because I play games.”
Well my mentions column is a right party now, with this gamers stuff. It would be fun to show you the abuse, but actually not representative
So true. “@EmmaKennedy: Brianna Wu kicks ass. *cheers loudly*…
The end of a lovely, lovely first week of the tour. A monorail in Athy and the venue gets an asbestos all-clear. #youhadtobethere
Just watched "Our few and Evil Days" at the @AbbeyTheatre. Brilliant cast and a powerful piece of work.
Jesus, Vicar St. That was a hot night. But we got through it together, and we'll always have Tag Rugby for Serial Killers. #youhadtobethere
Thank you Vicar St for a brilliant night 2! Zebra! Persistent genital arousal! #youhadtobethere #crowdtickler
Sorry that previous RT was a bit of a #youhadtobethere moment, from last night's show...
Passed a girl outside @daraobriain gig last night laughing (alone) at bus stop ad for pensions #sufficientprovisions 😂
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Vicar st. Thank You and Goodnight! The tour is off and running and I can only hope it'll half that fun every night! #crowdtickler
Basically, the show could be wonderful or awful, but no-one will see either because of the steam rising off the audience. #crowdtickler
Opening night of the tour. In Dublin, where it's been raining horribly all day. This is perfect! Or terrible. Or, maybe, irrelevant.
correction to You’re Fired. RT @RoiCropper: You may laugh @daraobriain, but this is a genuine warning on some paint
Watching on delay: Bloody Hell, John O'Shea! What a result!
Well that’s the last tour preview done. Thank you Epsom. Just want to do the bloody thing in Vicar st now. #getitstarted #endthephoneywar
@daraobriain What are Northern Ireland's 18 MPs worth, then?
Retweeted by Dara Ó Briain
.@EmmaKennedy Scotland votes to remain part of Britain and then finds that six of their MPs are worth less than one of Farage's...
Stickler“@GregM101: no you're not. You weren't named in the squad so Ireland would be disqualified and lose the points and goal difference.”
Better get my boots laced up, I'm going on for the last 20 minutes. #IRLvGIB
This is how "Psychic" Sally Morgan's team respond to criticism. Ugly stuff.… (via @bengoldacre)
Well, that was soooo 2012. RT @stuwaldy: @daraobriain lacking lookalikes though
Yes, Sunday night 10 pm BBC2! RT @bubbabobob: @daraobriain Damn. Is it repeated?
Definitely my favourite Mock series ever though. Braasil, Princess Monaco of Kent, Trego Mills, Naked Harp-playing and Private Browsing...
One of the strangest Mock’s yet. Here’s Col. Abrams in action. He’s a close colleague of #privatebrowsing, of course.…
If you’re just afraid you’ll pine away without seeing my lovely face on the telly, there are 2 "Apprentice; You’re Fired”s next week. phew.
People asking if the Mock series are getting shorter: Nope, we do 11 shows plus comps each year, just broken up by August/Edinburgh festival
Or at least I did in studio; who knows what made the cut. Compilation/unseen extras next week, hence this is the last “normal” show
Last normal Mock of the season tonight, 10 pm BBC2! In which i exclusively reveal the army’s top internet security expert. Plus other gags!
Oh God, this is funny. RT @AlisonMoyet: Don't shoot the messenger but this is a fab do-over #spoof via @YouTube
It’s always the quiet ones. RT @keithwebs: @daraobriain never had Keira Knightley down as a terror plot ringleader “
Of course, me and Pat only edited the @UCDObserver for a year, so that's 19 other editorial teams who kept it going. Well done all of you!
Happy 20th birthday to the @UCDObserver, the paper I founded in UCD along with the esteemed @patleahysbp. Our little baby is all grown up...
Y'know, I’m just happy that when I met David Byrne tonight I didn’t go “OMG, I’m soooo looking forward to the new episodes of Twin Peaks"
Bravo.“@wasteofgoodskin: RT "@davidbyrne: Just met @daraobriain. Blurted out Yakult & Dettol. Think I said Merry Xmas in Irish too. Morto."”
Jesus, just realised that I said "Mr. Jones" to David Byrne, when I meant "Blind". Jesus. I hope I never meet Prince. (I hope I meet Prince)