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Dara Ó Briain
UK followers: Extra time in a true epic of a Gaelic Football match - Kerry v Mayo in the All-Ireland semi-final replay - on Sky Sports 4 now
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'Tis. RT @lage1984: tis mighty shtuff
Not sure I’ll survive another 20 minutes of this Mayo-Kerry game. #gaa
Oh, and @chortle, there are 98 tours upcoming, will send you my dates when I get them...
I think this a great, great time for live comedy. Go see shows! “@chortle: there are 97 forthcoming comedy tours…
I know that any canny business man would only use his twitter account to promote his own work, and I am on tour next year, BUT 1/2
He probably shouldn’t have smuggled a phone in, but @michaellegge is doing a wonderful job live-tweeting the Kate bush gig.
A friend was at Kate Bush dress rehearsal y'day. Amazing show. She sings "Ghostbusters" 8 times, runs around in a little circle, leaves.
And this is the correct Dublin response. RT @garethjflynn: game ball Dara
Dzeko's mother still insists on calling him Dzeklan. #Dublinjoke
@Gareth_Tigre: Is @daraobriain angry or drunk? Either way, good to read a rant in an Irish accent” neither! Writing and needed displacement
But hey! You like a parlour game, so we'll do the parlour games. (Shrugs, hands out invisible points, waits for chance to riff)
P.s. Does anyone think comedians want to have rounds and points and questions interrupting the jokes? Of course we don't...
....but we only do telly to lure you into coming to our tour shows that we spend months writing. Maybe David should start attending more 3/3
We don't even record Mock during August because everyone is onstage in Edinburgh for the month. Don't tell the telly people.... 2/3
Strange piece from David Quantick in the Telegraph saying stand-ups should get off the telly and back on stage. ALL telly stand-ups tour 1/3
So, some of shows I loved at the #Edfringe: Sara Pascoe, Cardinal Burns, David O'Doherty, Beasts, James Acaster, Nick Mohammed...
Farewell then, #edfringe. So many brilliant shows, so much inspiration. And one night so late my room service bill said "Breakfast drinks"
Irish tour starts in Oct, dates on; UK tour in 2015, dates TBA, although some theatres may already be selling them..
Big thanks to the audiences who came along to my little preview shows in Edinburgh! A pleasure, and a help, to try the stuff out on you...
A great night attending shows at #edfringe. I heartily recommend @phlaimeaux, @Rubberbandits, David Trent and "Choose your own Documentary"
Masterful show from @phlaimeaux as ever... #edfringe
I'm doing a tiny bit, in a brilliant line-up, at this charity gig, midnight tonight. Some tickets left, apparently.
Enjoying how many people are complaining that I haven't taken the tram.
In less sarcastic news, I'm in a taxi from Edinburgh airport to the city and almost giddy with excitement.
Actually, no. New policy. I will attend the shows but loudly cough "loser" into my clenched fist during the first quiet moment.
Don't want to waste my time on comedy acts that can't win awards. It would be hollow laughter.
Arrived in Edinburgh to find 10 of the 12 shows I have tickets for, have NOT been nominated for an award. Better tear up those tickets now.
@daraobriain This page has a lovely list of alternate names for the game:… "Ducks in a Row"
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Jesus, it is, isn't it! “@RyanDomville: @daraobriain Yeah, its on assassin's creed 3, funnily enough”
Thanks to all who said Nine Men's Morris! Other people, less likely... RT“@walkiw10: foxy boxing”
We seem to be going with Nine Men's Morris. Bizarrely, in a child's lunch deal pack on Brittany ferries, without rules.
Hey, does anyone know what game this is? Trying to find the rules...
The tour starts in Ireland on Oct 15th and in the UK in 2015. More previews in September/Oct in Walton, Bracknell, Tring and Epsom
and yes that Edinburgh next week show is at 12 noon, not midnight… @AssemblyFest
Obviously you should make sure to see actual Fringe shows first. You get loads of chances to see me. But still, if you’re free at midday...
Going to Edinburgh next week to see shows; have blagged a room to do some messing-around previews for the new tour:…
There are people who can offer help; without judgement or obligation.
Let’s not let this news bolster the dumb, pat cliche about “Tears of a clown”. Depression is an illness that strikes anywhere in society 1/2
Here it is. Had to watch it first. Jesus, I have quoted this so often. #RipRobinWilliams…
I should post that "you do an eclectic celebration of the dance" clip from The Birdcage. An utterly perfect comedy routine.
Well, that is a proper gut-punch of news to wake up to. What a loss Robin Williams is.
Aaargh RT @AdamRutherford: Why, if Buzz thought he was a real spaceman, did he go all floppy when Andy came in the room LIKE THE OTHER TOYS?
@daraobriain It's nothing compared with the time I've spent getting wound up by the holes in the Stuart Little plot.
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There is literally no chance that we’re over-thinking this.
Fair enough. RT @ed_son: Or you'd at least work for Monsters Inc for a few years, build up contacts and a reputation, then go self-employed.
So many issues raised here. RT @mhk2171: there's got to be more than 1 company scaring? Monster monopolies commission anyone?
God, the ending of Monsters U. is so sad! “We’re going to be Scarers!” Nope, I’ve seen Monster Inc. You didn’t make it. None of you made it.
Yep, unfortunate. Also childishly funny if you’re Irish. RT @edquilty: Our friends in the UK are so innocent...