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Dara Ó Briain
Man, this lightning storm over London would have worked great with a “yes” win.
Finally. RT @improbresearch: The first #IgNobel prize is for PHYSICS! For measuring the friction between a shoe, a banana skin, and a floor.
This is all published research, people. Proper science.
RT @improbresearch: The #IgNobel prize for PSYCHOLOGY goes to team who showed that people who stay up late are more likely to be psychopaths
The #IgNobel prize for ECONOMICS goes to the Italian government for including prostitution and drug sales in their economic figures.
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Also happening right now: the wonderful Ig-Nobel awards, rewarding the most bizarre corners of Science, live tweeted at @improbresearch
Well this whisky chat has energised my mentions column no end. I haven’t had a drink yet because of it.
Also an excellent choice. RT @eimearsmack: @daraobriain Bunnahabhain for me!
Far healthier to join the “With which whisky shall I watch the results come in” game? The Bruichladdich, I think
Em yes, I was being sarcastic about retweeting that CNN thing, people. It’s become the Gangnam style of RTs.
Just waiting for the right time to retweet that CNN 110% picture.
Scotland: DON'T OPEN THE BOXES! Encase them in concrete, uncounted & uncountable. BE THE ONLY QUANTUM-STATE STATE ON EARTH! #VoteSchrodinger
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I don't remember approving this. Rt“@MockTheWeek: Guess who's back?… RT @JordanSharpie: Love the @MockTheWeek ad!
Mock's on at 10 tonight, featuring neither results nor debate. In fact, we really don't shed light on anything. But no nudity this week!
5 years on twitter, no-one has ever done this in an argument. I’m disgusted. RT @Nickipedia101: See your point though....
Best of luck Scotland, whichever way you lean tomorrow. Your friends, worldwide, will be thinking of you. x
WHUT?! RT @AdamRutherford: Well isn't this joyous. Man races tube train between stops, and gets on the same train…
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@daraobriain There's a joke here somewhere about price of car tax getting out of hand .. <.<
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Went online for a tax disc and now I’m on the NHS organ donor list. Feeling very virtuous.
Went to the premiere of NOBLE @NOBLEmovie last night. A sustained and deserved standing ovation at the end. Highly recommended.
Thank you to all who enjoyed tonight's Mock The Week. It was a special, touching moment. #nakedharp #playedwithanorgan #youhadtobethere
All the dates of the Irish tour incl. Dublin/Killarney/Castlebar/Kilkenny and Cork should be on UK dates soon!
. @daraobriain 5 extra dates added due to popular demand! Nov 20 21 27 28 & 29 Tickets priced €30 on sale Thurs 18th
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@golding2014: Any idea when MTW is back on for new series?” Tomorrow Night! Recorded y'day, particularly insightful on NATO. Some nudity.
@Merrion: @daraobriain - so is there a difference between being free and being pro Bono?” Bravo, sir. Bravo.
Seriously, I met them. Three young women, still in school, but will. Be. Running. The. Place. Soon.
Irish young Scientist winners are now in the final of a global science fair! Great project, vote for it here…
These last few tweets have only managed to confuse people who knew neither about U2 or my free puppy giveaway of 2008.
The inventor of the anagram has died. May he erect a penis.
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The puppies are in the cloud now. “@quietbatpeople: @daraobriain THE PUPPIES DARA. THE FREE PUPPIES.”
Jesus. Remind me never to give any of you people something for free. You get no thanks for it.
New iPhone: will I still have to crouch near a plug to phone someone while re-charging? A good look in, say, Airport lounges.
I had a dream I was a famous comedian and @daraobriain walked onstage just before I could, stealing my audience and forcing me to retire.
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Thanks folks. Going to crash, after an intense weekend in Ireland. Well done Limerick on the Granny (!), Tipp and KK on the hurling.
Thanks for that folks. Do-able, but a bit of a mad dash to airport. Oh, the bitter reality of life as an immigrant...
The replay of the All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Final will be on Saturday September 27th at 5pm @KilkennyCLG v @TipperaryGAA
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Looking for some confirmation that the Hurling replay is on at 5pm on the 27th. Does anyone have an authoritative link?
A fine, fine film. UK/US release to follow “@DeirdreOKane1: Noble in cinemas from sep 19th nationwide (Ireland) x
70 minutes of brilliance from both teams and then...“@cailinrua1: it all came down to this...heartstopping stuff...
Well, that was just majestic. And, best of all, we get to watch them do it all over again in three weeks time. #GAA
Well, it couldn't be a more beautiful day for an All-Ireland Hurling Final. Here's hoping it's a classic. #GAA
140 characters is no place to fully explain the genius of it, but it was a privilege to watch Joan Rivers and learn. Sad news.
She did a joke that only did okay at one point; the way she turned it around…wow. They were standing to applaud at the end. It was beautiful
Joan Rivers hosted a show I did in Montreal once, and it was like watching a stand-up masterclass. An absolute queen of the art.
I’m going to have read back over my last few tweets and puzzle out why people thought I was being sarcastic/making a joke about Joan Rivers
Yeah yeah, some of you don’t care. Stop rushing to tell me.
Ah, shite, now Joan Rivers is dead.
Daily Mail helpfully tells its readers that the iCloud isn't an actual cloud in the sky: via @BenBlack
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