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Dan Schneider
TOMORROW NIGHT! My new show @HenryDanger premieres! To see the stars being "ALL ABOUT THAT BASE" click HERE -->
Just saw a sneak peak of Saturday's episode of #HenryDanger w/ @DanWarp & @Jacenorman. It's gonna blow your spine out the back of your head!
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This VIDEO is making America SMILE:
This is the PERFECT video to start your day... and to prep you for Saturday night! <----WATCH IT :)
NEW VIDEO! If this video doesn't make you smile, I owe you a Coke!…
I'm proud to present this award to the fantastical @PortableShua! Congrats, Josh!
The big iPhone 6 reminds me of Freddie's giant phone from the final episode of @iCarly. P.S. My NEW show @HenryDanger starts SATURDAY NIGHT!
My new show @HenryDanger starts Saturday. But today's the 7th anniversary of another show I made. Remember this one?
i just wish i could go back to 2006 where i had no homework & i could watch drake & josh and zoey 101 when i got home from school
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THIS Saturday night! The PREMIER of @HenryDanger - LOOK:
JUST 5 DAYS AWAY! Only 5 days until the PREMIER of the new TV series @HenryDanger – Saturday night at 8PM on Nick! Tell all Earthers! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @CameronOcasio - one of the best, nicest, most professional young actors I've ever worked with! :)
I don't know this kid, but I'm proud of him:…
6 DAYS TO GO! Only 6 more days until the PREMIER of the new TV series @HenryDanger – Saturday night at 8PM on Nick! Tell the world! :)
One week from tonight! @HenryDanger BEGINS! Next Saturday night at 8:00 PM :)
What happened? Did #Nevel finally capture her?
Until @HenryDanger premiers a week from Saturday night, please enjoy THESE DRAKE & JOSH memories! :)…
Why don't dogs eat soup?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend @Iamkelmitchell! "Welcome to August 25th, it's your birthday, can I take your order?" :)
I love the song "Blinded By The Light" - but I do wish Manfred had been clearer when singing the "revved up like a deuce" part.
I love that you guys are guessing "Peruvian Puff Pepper" :) #DrakeAndJoshForever
At a farmers market. Who can identify this fruit or vegetable???
A message to @nathanfielder - YOU are hilarious! My wife (@HungryGirl) and I have been watching your show and LOVING it. :)
I'd like to be one-tenth as cool as this man. Such a brilliant performer. Watch the whole thing :)
She's "HELEN" on Drake & Josh and "SHIRLEY" on Community – HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend, Yvette Nicole Brown @YNB! :)
We lost one of the great ones today. Terribly sad. Heartfelt condolences to Robin William's family and friends.
WOW! The top actors on The Big Bang Theory are now being paid approximately $40,000 (that's forty thousand dollars) PER HOUR!!! #Wow
One of the coolest card tricks EVER:
Happy birthday, Lucille Ball - inventor of the TV sitcom. Today is also Andy Warhol's birthday. And happy b'day to you too, @moonfrye! :)
If you're an iCarly fan, you'll like this. It's very well done:
I disagree that chiz isn't acceptable. Someone needs to educate Zynga on the @DanWarp dictionary. #iCarly
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Slight #earthquake in LA? Small one???
Do people really spend $120,000 for a TV???…
Very proud of @NathanKress. (See ya soon, Nathan!)
Guess what! Due to popular demand, TONIGHT (Sunday), the #HenryDanger movie will be on NICK at 7:00 PM!!!
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THANK YOU all for watching! West Coast, YOU'RE NEXT! CONGRATS to the WHOLE CAST of #HenryDanger!
Also please follow our awesome #HenryDanger GUEST STAR, the fantastic @BenGiroux!!! #MyPlayroom_MyToys_MYRULES :)
the Rodriguez crew is loving #HenryDanger @DanWarp we think @ellaanderson4U is seriously funny!!! The show is great!!
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