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Dan Smith
Here's one from last week. #idolikeitspicy #hotstuff #tapatiofiendclub
My Friday night. #tatlife #nofoamo #rollitout #thisishowiroll #foamlythelonely
Honored to be featured in the second #fingerwave book by @craigtoth and @the_grime. It's available this weekend at the @bayareatattooconvention. #h2oGO #messymessywaterdrops
Rare Canadian butterfly.
@thegoodbook is now available.
Halloween prints are up! Will also have some at the @bayareatattooconvention this weekend.
My hand is in this pic even though it's not. All love to my old home @highvoltagetat @thekatvond today.
Calgary crew. Such a great weekend. Thanks calgarytattooshow for having us again. #bftc
Calgary crew. Such a great weekend. Thanks @calgarytattooshow for having us again. #bftc
THE GOOD BOOK is available for purchase on Friday at, but here is how you can win The Good Book for free: 1. Follow @thegoodbook 2. Screenshot and repost this picture 3. Tag @thegoodbook 4. Hashtag #thegoodbook2014 A randomly selected winner will be posted here on Mo
Signing @thegoodbook all day with @shauntopper #thegoodbook2014
Rrrrrrrroses. #roses
Me and @shauntopper just got back from Cana-derr and we're straight into hand numbering and signing every copy of @thegoodbook today. Thursday at midnight (pacific time) online and in person at the @bayareatattooconvention on Friday. Better be quick!
Tiger (shark) style from @calgarytattooshow #toight #theyyyyyregreeeat
Totally beyond honored to be in a group show with Johnny Marr AND Ed Hardy. Worlds colliding! Join @fenderguitar and celebrate 60 years of the #strat with me and a collection of incredible artists at @Hurley HQ on Friday, October 24th. The show will feature custom guitar art pieces, live music and
@WarriorOfYouth_: @dansmithism would you like to come to Argentina? I want to get tattooed by you!" Do you have a floor I can sleep on?
@FilthyFukinPhil: I have a tribal piece I got when I was 16, it covers a quarter of my arm, any suggestions at all” The other arm.
@fuhkfrnkiero: @dansmithism would you ever come over to Ireland to tattoo?” I already did. To fix some of @ross_nagle's tattoos.
@Richard1243456: @dansmithism what do u think is the most difficult type of tattoo to do ?” Small children.
@corkeymarie: can't wait for you to come back to Chicago! I've wanted to get tattooed by you since I was 10 years old.” @GLT1148 for life
@meaghanmariaa: @dansmithism Help me with a Halloween idea for a costume...” Spray paint yourself brown and roll in the leaves. #pretzel
@realdavidmadrid: @dansmithism how much for a tattoo?” Totally.
Delayed 30 minutes. Keep me entertained. Keep me connected.
@LizWithGrenades: @dansmithism will you ever move back to the UK?” When they finish renovating my castle.
@blackpope1313: @dansmithism the tattoo on your throat the ghost skull thing. Whose design or flash is it” My man. @danielalbrigo!!!!
@inkprincess: @dansmithism Do you believe in ghosts?” People don't? .....but they believe in jesus?
@aprilusher: @dansmithism someone once asked my religion and i replied with your name” Believe in me. I believe in you.
@pasteldelaluna: @dansmithism please tattoo your signature on me I'd love you forever” One day it might be worth something.
@EllieHaughney: @dansmithism why won't you come to Dublin” Cause my ticket says Los Angeles.
@NootBear: @dansmithism you tried a pneumatic tattoo machine before? better then coil?” Never tried. No real interest in trying. No soul.
Do we have time for 10 questions while I wait to board the plane? Sure do. Let's go.....
Kicked it in Calgary this weekend. Thanks @jayskitatu! #adidas #superstar
"I can see all". #iwasonamountain #purelove #brhanffgh
Where's your head at? #SRSLY
This weekend in Sydney, Australia. Check out @dirtsqid's solo show at @chinaheights.
Wicked Wedge Pizza Pie. Season organic veggies w/ smoked tomato sauce, topped w/ coconut flakes and fresh herbs. Such a great surprise stumbling upon Nourish Bistro here in Banff, Alberta. SO good. #nourishbistro #DSdinesVegan
My piece for the @ViolentGents art show #gameon last night. Bueller.....Bueller....Bueller.....
My piece for the #gameon art show by @violentgentlemen put on last night. Got to choose one of my favourite movies - Ferris Buellers Day Off.
Remember winding on the tape by sticking a pen through one of the holes? Remember snapping the tab off the top corner of the tape so no one could dub over your mix? Remember stuffing paper in that same hole to dub over the mix you got sick of? Remember pulling out the tape that had that fold you hat
I didn't have Halloween growing up. Not sure if anyone in NZ celebrates nowadays but I doubt it. Moving to America 11 years ago and witnessing first hand what Halloween means to some people here was pretty amazing. Driving to Beverly Hills to see the insanity that some people put into decorating the
Did this snake on an awesome regular client. Danielle and her husband came from Canada to collect tattoos from us. She sat great. Knee bother at all.
Close up of a painting I did for @violentgentlemen. #sinbin
Myself, @shauntopper and @griffengurzi are having a paint day and this just happened. Thanks to my good witch @skullysmith for the early Halloween spiced apple cider. How about that presentation? #spookydarlings
Holy moly! @thegoodbook is IN! (Well....some sneaky first copies that we managed to get our hands on before the final shipment). We couldn't be happier with result. They are PERFECT. Can't wait to release these on October 24th! They will be available online aswell as at the @bayareatattooconvention
Happy Mondays. @capturedtattoo #capturedtattoo
Added rose shoulder caps to both sides of Amairani's chest roses I posted a few weeks ago. It's such a strong statement piece. Loved doing it.
Wow heart from last week.
Last day to enter the #X929FreeTattoo contest! Tweet pic of your Tat design & @dansmithism could be doing it for FREE @albertatattoos!
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