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Dan Smith
I wanna be your Ford Cortina. I'll never rust.
The result of a poorly done 'realistic' rose, compared to the #outlines and #black I added yesterday. Which one do you prefer? #extrememakeover
Who's coming to get tattooed by me at the @LondonTattooCon at the end of the month?? Walk ups ONLY. Designs to choose from on the day.
When the storm comes raging through, it surrounds all of us. Thanks Luca from Genova, Italy. #therewillbequiet
Excited to be attending the best @londontattooconvention again this year at the end of the month September 26th 27th and 28th. Thank you to @mikivialetto for organizing such a great show year after year. I will be available to tattoo walk ups from designs I make before the show.....but what should
I want it retro but futuristic at the same time. #oh #ok
Just saw what a real wolverine looks like. What is this, some cruel joke?
....and the American ninja warriors. Talk about hiding their true disappointment after a blistering 9 second attempt. See you next year.
Do I think parkour is ridiculous because i can't do it or because it is actually ridiculous?
The GB trumpet dude is no match for the Minor Threat bottled violence. He is trembling in his skin but still maintains high hopes for change, whereas the the punk poison is all.....blehhhh pretty vacant blehhh going nowhere.
GRIFFEN GURZI will be tattooing in NEW YORK Sept 16,17 at @davincitattoostudio AND 19,20,21 at @newyorkadorned. EMAIL GRIFFEN@CAPTUREDTATTOO.COM to book in!!! DONT MISS OUT. @griffengurzi @griffengurzi @griffengurzi
Poppies on Cynthia to end the week at @capturedtattoo
Hanging from a bridge because your friends are doing it is in no way a metaphor for the whole "if your friends jumped off of a bridge" argument your parents used on you. #first50
Father of dragons.
Is evil something you are or something you do?
The baby boy is growing up! If you're not familiar with Griffens work then you NEED to be. This post is to wish him a Happy Birthday today. 34 never looked so youthful! Please follow @griffengurzi @griffengurzi @griffengurzi
Lucky me! Proud to rep for @vega_team. The perfect help if you're #vegan and #vegetarian, or if you just want to look after yourself. No more sluggy afternoons. Energy, sustain and recovery. The best I have found. Thanks @vega_team! #vega
Bottled violence on @joshjamesxxx from @stygoc Stick To Your Guns. #minorthreat #bottledviolence #sticktoyourguns
10 years ago, a guy I met on tour asked me if I wanted to hear some demos he wrote. We connected instantly with a love of Alice In Chains and quickly realized we were strangely the same exact person. Since then, we have shared vans, buses, hotels, stages, tattoos, heartache, happiness and everything
Under @joshjamesxxx's skin. #history #xxxtreme #bodymods
I may or may not have somehow just split a full measure of @VegaTeam powder all over me. You be the judge.
Yes m'lady (in a Game of Thrones styling) #queenveil @converse #chucktaylor #1970 #ultramilitance
@franzenzeflugel: @dansmithism any Chicago artists/shops you recommend to get tattooed at?” @GLT1148 the BEST!
Ok now it's getting interesting! Discontinued slipper/house shoe on my old roomie @trevor_friedrich! #tinyshoes #ohmygoth #amigosway
So much STUFF©! Thanks @stencilstuff @mikedevries! Can't wait to use this travel armrest at the @londontattooconvention this month. It's light as a feather.
Just checked out @angeldustmoney for the first time. Late I know. Super cool.
Stopped to take this at 6am then rode 43 miles. Guess you had to be there. #solo
Shark tank rules.
SUEDEHEAD. 2.0 #mylovelife
Not to mention the one and only @SacredTattooNZ!!!
There goes @alanwrench_tattoo reinventing the wheel. Thanks man!
Another #sneaker on #freak(er) @tobymorse. Not as small as some I have done and loved doing a colour version instead of black and grey. Email me if you want to get your favourite shoe! #rosherun #roshe
For those who like Moz tattoos, there's a selection I shot in LA in the @MCFC match prog today @dansmithism #mozarmy
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Replaced the standard issue monocle/top hat on this fancy cat...with a feather boa. Now what! #catcult
#nodevotion #Murica some with official_neontrees some headline! See you out there!
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#tbt to last year to a tattoo I did at @greatlakestattoo Chicago. #shiphappens
Thanks for the support @superb_tattoos. Follow them for some superb tattoos! #superb
Out of darkness into light.
I love Game of Thrones but SRSLY with the intro?
Do people really think that punkin and aks are words? How did this happen?
Thanks to Lina who drive from Fresno to get her ginger boy tattooed. @cats_of_instagram #catcult #screamingforchange
Here's a snow leopard from yesterday on @drakebell.
5 minutes of BUMMER.
You guys! It's VMA time again!!! 😳🔫
Finally got to tattoo @max_maker. She didn't even flinch once, except that one time. #ouch
"Like Radiohead on steroids" -concert goer. Blown away by Nine Inch Nails. Thank you @coldcave23.
Los Angeles, CA city scape, hills and water scene with blue Wren for Mother as a travel companion on Keira from Tazzie mate. #tazzie
Here are the both healed versions of the legendary 'stairs photos' of Lars and Alec. Super please with both of them and such cool placement for this idea. Thanks @tobymorse #minorthreat #rancid #outofstep #outofcontrol
What a package! New Zealand Vegan chocolate. Royal Crown cola (not the ghetto kind with the same name you can get in the US) and a cool shirt from @joshuaxsolomonxrhatklor. I've known Josh a very long time and now he's doing some choice as tattoos. He will be visiting @capturedtattoo this year too.