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Dan Rubin
Check out all the runner up dubblers of our latest @Impossible_HQ competition - judged by @danrubin - #dubbleapp
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Anyone in Germany interested in buying me some Paradies 400 ISO film? Can't seem to get it outside of Germany.…
Years after discussions with @mjacksonw about a minimum dress code for air travel, it's still needed. Sweat pants are not appropriate.
Love to the @ImpossibleUSA team today. Thank you for all you have done for the Instant Community, we are forever in your debt. #Polaroid
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*checks the news* "More people shot by police in the US" *stops checking the news*
9 minutes by train from Zurich HB to the airport. 5 more minutes and bag checked. Is there a major city that can beat this?
Instagram Users Are Obsessed With Recreating Its Logo, and the Results Are Quite Wonderful -
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Switzerland feels so rational. I may have found my next home. South of France: You have been warned.
Many thanks to the @frontendconfch team for having me this week. One of my favourite events two years running (and now I want to move here).
Three years ago today we published our first interview featuring @danrubin—still love this wisdom from him...
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Love this shot of Ian Mckellen by Agatha Nitecka, one of our talented speakers at @BIRDIEconf in a few weeks:
Snapchat is the MySpace of app interfaces.
#FEC14 @tkadlec "Performance is an essential part of the user experience."
#FEC14 @tkadlec and by animation I mean UI-related, e.g. CSS transitions — most take far too long, especially on hover or click.
#FEC14 I wonder what @tkadlec thinks about animation speed on the web as it relates to perceived performance (I feel it's all too slow).
#FEC14 @tkadlec is absolutely killing it with Deliberate Performance. Everyone who builds & designs for the web needs to listen to this.
#FEC14 @tkadlec "If you only take away one thing from this presentation, make sure you check out"
#FEC14 @tkadlec is giving a fantastic closing presentation — watch it now, live:
#FEC14 @tkadlec "Web performance isn't a technical issue, it's a cultural one."
Tim discussing getting lost in a snowy wilderness at #FEC14 @tkadlec
Pilatus, Luzern, Switzerland. #VSCOGrid
Our natural tendency is to separate, but it only takes a little awareness to protect the team communication. @danrubin #fec
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The problem: The larger the group, the easier it is to excuse ourselves from communicating. #FEC14 .@danrubin
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"We come up with easy excuses to NOT communicate" - @danrubin #FEC14
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The more specific we get w/ roles, human behaviour kicks in/ we start separating, dilute what we're trying to accomplish #FEC14 .@danrubin
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The ride up Pilatus was fantastically misty on Tuesday. #VSCOGrid
A shot of Tim (@tkadlec) from Tuesday's adventures. #VSCOGrid
Yesterday afternoon on Lake Zurich with @aboutflo and @tkadlec.
@danrubin Reminds me of the story on @petapixel… People really respond to Analogue cameras
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Very small photowalk so far, but nice weather :) Up at the university now, about to walk down to Cafe Grande, then to Henrici...
Mr @danrubin has judged and we have a winner! Congratulations @kristyk who wins the @Impossible_HQ Instantlab! --->>
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Enjoyed judging the recent @dubbleapp/@Impossible_HQ contest — hard to pick the finalists and winner, but so good:
I was interviewed for @FoundersGrid and I talked a bit about setting up Tito:
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@danrubin has judged and we have a winner! Congratulations @kristyk who wins the @Impossible_HQ Instantlab! --->>
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Zurich! I'm running a photowalk today at 2pm — come along! Start: Bürkliplatz ( @frontendconfch #FEC14
Two things I'm not looking forward to if the iPhone 6 leaked images are real: Rounded edges and the lock button on the side vs. top.
Passionate about photography? Join us at BIRDIE Conf & hear our awesome speakers share their personal stories!…
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Pilatus, Luzern, Switzerland. #VSCOGrid
Today: Mountains.
Photographer Accused of Posting ‘Pornographic’ Photos of His 2-Year-Old, Here’s How He Responded…
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Listen to this Spoolcast with Kim Goodwin on Silo-busting, Scenario-driven Design
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First stop in Zurich: Henrici for a snack and a Cafe de Fee (my favourite discovery on last year's visit).